RIP Les Paul

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miss carol
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RIP Les Paul

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See you later, innovator!
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My first two guitars were Gibson Les Pauls.

A sad day.
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Talk about changing the face of music. Goodbye, Les!
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Yeah, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who's made as big an impact on modern recorded music as Les. He invented one of two guitars that more or less defines what an electric guitar sounds like (the other being a Fender), and he also pioneered multi-track recording. Both of those things are ginormous, and together it's unbelievable. Both of those things also suggest tech nerd, but he was by all accounts a hard livin', fun havin', playing-a-show-every-week-till-he-dies kind of guy. At the age of 94. That's some sort of amazing, that's what that is.
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Apparently he still had a regular gig at a blues club in NYC. That's so awesome. I know what I want to be doing when I'm 94...

So long, you bad ass old man.
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