Sublime Band Members

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D. Phillips
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Sublime Band Members

Post by D. Phillips »

This always gets tricky: Does a band cease tom exist when certain members are no longer involved? And where is that line? The Who is down to two original members. So is Wilco, for that matter. But has Wilco always been Jeff Tweedy & Friends? Is the Who simply Pete Townshend and whomever he decides it is?

Enter Sublime and Brad Nowell's Estate. The late singer's estate says that a planned reunion (or "celebration," as the surving band members describe it) is a violation of copyright since they claim Nowell registered "Sublime" as a copyright under his own name before his death.

Regardless of the legal ramifications, can it really ever be Sublime without Nowell? Is it the Who without Keith Moon and John Entwhistle? Is it Wilco without Ken Coomer, Jay Bennett, LeRoy Bach, et al.?
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Post by Tom4 »

Depends on the band. As you point out, Wilco can get away with it because that's just been Jeff Tweedy's band anyway. Sublime, however, isn't Sublime without Bradley. He was the iconic figure in the band, its best talent, and the guy who wrote almost all the freaking songs. If not for Bradley, Sublime wouldn't have amounted to much more than a bar band.

Sublime was one of those bands that shifted my understanding of music, they got me at an influential age and dominated a few years of life music-wise. I still love them to this day. I was too young to see them before Bradley died. However, I'll never see this "reunion."
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Post by creepy »

I thought they did this shit a couple of years back with Angelo Moore singing.

I just missed out on Sublime. I remember when they came on the scene, but I was busy diving head first into The Velvet Underground, Bedhead, and Pavement to pay any attention. (translation: I was becoming a snob and they were on MTV, so no sale.)
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Post by Sugarcubes Forever »

There is no Black Sabbath without Ozzy!
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Post by gdavis5446 »

Didn't the two dudes left in the band previously make comments that they would not continue as Sublime. That they thought it was cashing in? What happened to that? And what happened to their other band the Long Bech Dub All Stars. It seemed like everyone who was into Sublime was into them as well.
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Post by sab »

Tom4 wrote:As you point out, Wilco can get away with it because that's just been Jeff Tweedy's band anyway.
Not in my twisted mind.
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Post by Jake »

gdavis5446 wrote:Long Bech Dub All Stars.
I think you meant Long Blech Dub All Stars.
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