@ConanOBrien on Twitter: Boo fucking hoo.

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@ConanOBrien on Twitter: Boo fucking hoo.

Post by Jake »

Conan O'Brien is on Twitter now and here's his first post:
Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.
Here's his bio:
I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.
The dude undeniably got screwed by NBC and Jay Leno. No question. And he's undeniably hilarious.

But come on. "Somebody help me." Yeah, I'll help you. Help you spend the millions of dollars you've earned for talking to celebrities and telling jokes.

I liked his shows. I even watched them sometimes. But how bad can he expect us to feel for him? Really? Even in the last couple of weeks of his "Tonight Show" run, when he was really socking it to NBC -- which was totally awesome -- his "pity me" shtick started to get a little grating. Yes, you got a bum deal. You got fucked. But have some dignity. It's one thing to lambaste NBC and Leno for being shortsighted, incompetent buffoons -- that shit's funny. But to repeatedly solicit sympathy from your viewers is just fucking lame.

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Post by DJMurphy »

I'm sure part of the "poor poor pitiful me" act is schtick; Howard Stern played that particular song on the jukebox until the record itself cried out for mercy. The other part of it is, honestly, Conan does not have a guaranteed meal ticket at whichever network he lands at, not like he had it at NBC before he got buggered (or buggered himself, it could be argued). Truth is, he could put on EXACTLY the same show he was doing on Late Night, and he could still tank. Why? I could give you a thousand and one reasons, but most of them probably wouldn't be Conan's fault.

So while I agree that the pity is a bit much, a) he's entitled to be even a little afraid of what lies ahead, and b) hopefully he'll stop whining and keep us laughing, already!!

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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

Yeah, I think it's just Conan trying to be funny. I read an article by him a while back when the whole Leno kerflapple started. His first words were "Don't feel sorry for me. I'm doing all right."

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Post by steve-o »

Yet another example of the problem with trying to convey sarcasm in writing.
C'mon man, there's no way he's serious. This is more an issue with his deadpan kind of humor not translating well to text than it is him genuinely wanting sympathy. I think its kind of funny.

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Post by Jake »

I realize he's trying to be funny. It's the same shtick he was doing the last couple weeks of the show. If you think it's funny, that's cool. I don't. I don't want to hear about how "pathetic" his life is now that he's unemployed. That makes we want to punch him. I also realize that making people want to punch him is part of his shtick, too. But come on.

I'm sure the 9.3 million other Americans out of work right now get a big kick out of it though! "Ho ho, Conan's just like me! Jobless and fucking around on Twitter! Crazy Irish bastard!"

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Post by Sven Killer Robot Spacema »

Conan wrote for The Simpsons during the glory years of the early 90's. It's nice to see a smart guy have success. Havig said that it is 32 million dollars to go sit on his ass for a guy who lost a lot of viewers after Jay was forced out of 11:30. 32 million dollars. And please don't quote post-blowup ratings when people tuned in to see the train wreck. There are a lot of brilliant talented people waiting tables. Maybe some of you are too young to remember Letterman in the 80's. That show wobbled into wonderful weirdsville with Chris Elliot and an unbelievable staff of writers. Conan was weird and funny and smart in the 12:30 college kid /young professional time slot too. But he was no 80's Letterman. Letterman influenced a whole generation of wiseass humor. Why NBC pushed Conan so hard and forced Jay out is God's own private mystery.. The job of the "Tonight Show" host is to appeal to the lowest common denominator and put asses in the seats. What you or I like is irrelevant. We think Jay is a dolt and Conan is a genius. Jay will have the CSI/Nickelback crowd watching again in no time. By the way i was just thinking of that Letterman skit from the 80's where he would mock catch phrases and have the audience choose a new one. "The pelted us with rocks and garbage" won. But my favorite was the little girl who comes out and says "I'm a little cupcake....BAKED BY THE DEVIL!"

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Post by jonas »

I approve of this thread title. The moment I started seeing people write dumb shit like "I'm with Coco" I decided I'd had enough nonsense and tuned out. 99.9% of the people in this country would be delighted to have his "raw deal".

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Post by quasarwutwut »

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Post by sab »

Fuck any and every TV "personality." I've basically tuned out celebrities entirely. There are so many more interesting things to do in the world than waste time on this crap.

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Post by D. Phillips »

"If you think it's funny, that's cool. I don't."

Stop following him then.

This is part of what he has always done. His act is self-deprecating and incredibly self-referential and he has always made fun of the position in which he's found himself. I find it odd that those who seemingly don't care about Conan O'Brien and his pseudo sad sack predicament can't stop commenting on it.

The I'm with Coco bit, of which I was a participant, had more to do with a "I'm mad as hell" statement on our own feelings of disillusionment than it had to do with sympathizing for a millionaire. Here was a guy from our generation (or close to it) finally hosting the Tonight Show--which despite arguments to the contrary is still a cultural clarion (see our never ending discussion of it for proof)--getting shafted yet again by a Boomer who can't let go. Yes, it's silly to cry for him and Conan himself acknowledged that in his last broadcast. But that's not what most of the uproar was about and I am surprised I have to point it out as I thought it was fairly obvious. Maybe I'm just a fanboy who's been duped by Coco's evil genius media savvy?

And QWW: That commercial makes me want to punch someone in the balls. You're up first.

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