Who should reunite? Who will never?

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Who should reunite? Who will never?

Post by DJMurphy »

I think the following bands really ought to give a serious thought to a reunion of some sort. They don't even have to call it the original band; they can say so and so celebrate the band:
The Loud Family
The Replacements (I'd love to see Tommy and Paul onstage together again)
Richard and Linda Thompson
Triple Fast Action

I don't think there's a chance in hell these bands will ever reunite (and maybe that's for the best), despite how much I might want to see it:
Husker Du
Uncle Tupelo

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Re: Who should reunite? Who will never?

Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

I would pay big money to see Husker Du live, even if they sucked. Never got the chance when they were still a band.

As for the Mats, I still say unless they raise Bob from the dead they shouldn't do it.

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