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Re: GloNo Recs That Still Get Heavy Rotation

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:15 pm
by D. Phillips
worpswede wrote:I still listen to Bennett era Wilco just felt the need to qualify this. It's the post YHF output that hasn't stood up on repeated listenings for me and I used to be a bit more tolerant of the band. I can't believe that Tweedy views his most recent work as anything comperable with that era of the band. I wonder how that feels. And it's a shame that we won't be able to test the theory.
True story: I heard a few tracks off of the father/son Tweedy project and enjoyed what I heard. I went to a record store and was amazed that they were charging $20 for the band's debut album. I moved on. They also played at a small theatre in the area with ticket prices again seeming to be a bit high, particularly for a band with only one long player of material. I moved on from that too.
I often look back on my love of rock and roll and think, "Why did I stop following this band?" after spending so many years under their spell. With Wilco/Jeff Tweedy, the fade-away has been pretty clearly documented.

I made a playlist of all the Wilco/Tweedy songs post-YHF I like. It's called The Art of Almost Being Wilco. Most of it is the acoustic stuff, which means I am probably an old man now.