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Posted: Thu May 16, 2002 5:45 pm
by MJB
Anyone going to check out Elf Power at the Abbey on 5/24? I may have to miss it. Also has anyone checked out their new album. I've been on a whole Elephant 6 kick for the past 3 months and can't stop.

Posted: Thu May 16, 2002 5:53 pm
by helen
Unfortunately, I have a wedding that night and can't go to the show...BUT the Salteens on Saturday night (5/25) at the Abbey and Kleenex Girl Wonder and Aden on Sunday (5/26) at Schubas are all in a similar vein and also part of that indiepop fest.

Posted: Fri May 17, 2002 12:44 pm
by madness
I heard one track from Elf Power's album on the radio the other night. I liked it!

I'll be going to see +/- and the Mink Lungs at the Abbey on the 25th.