Jem - “They”

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Jem - “They”

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Does anyone know what that sample is that starts out the song "They" by Jem?

Song sampled in Jem's "They" - Bach

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It bothered me too. The song is Bach's "Prelude in F Minor". I got the fact out of a review in, which you'll find here: ... 7368519415

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The start of that song is spooky.

250 y/o samples are easier to clear

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More accurately, it's the Prelude in F minor BWV 881 from The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II.

A WMP version performed on piano is found at: ... )zhang.wma

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I knew it sounded familiar...I believe its a group called "The Swingle Singers" they do interesting choral arrangements of classical songs. I think they are from the late 1970s or early 1980s. My parents used to have some of their records. I think the sample works very well in this song.
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not The Swingle Singers

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I checked out for The Swingle Singers' album Keyboard Classics. Clicked on "Prelude in F minor". but it wasn't the same sample that Jem used. Please tell me if you find it.
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I really like this song.
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