Barry Manilow's new album to be "guitar-driven pop"

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Barry Manilow's new album to be "guitar-driven pop"

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Remember: GLONO was there ten years ago when Manilow released his last album of original material: Props To My O.G. (Original Geek), November 2001.


Guitar-Driven Pop Album Explores Fame’s Double-Edged Sword


15 MINUTES, the first original album from singer-songwriter Barry Manilow in ten years, is set to be released on June 14th.

Manilow is releasing 15 MINUTES through the independent label STILETTO Entertainment and in partnership with FONTANA, the award-winning independent marketing and sales company of UNIVERSAL Music Group.

More than two years in the making, Manilow teams up once again with lyricist Enoch Anderson for this latest work.

After having recorded six critically acclaimed albums of songs written by the greatest songwriters of all time – from Gershwin to Bacharach, as well as two Platinum Christmas albums, Manilow returns at last to his true passion –songwriting.

Inspired by the Andy Warhol quote that “In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes,” this exciting guitar-driven pop album explores the perils and pinnacles of fame’s double-edged sword.

“Fame and success are something we all strive for, and yet when we get it how do we behave? That question jumps out at us daily from magazine covers, TV news and online gossip sites. In my world of entertainment, I’ve watched perfectly decent and talented people achieve the success they’ve been striving for only to crash and burn as their star rises. It happens in every walk of life, not only in the entertainment field; in sports, in politics and in daily life when the assistant manager gets promoted at the grocery store. It’s something that continues to fascinate us, and for me it represented an interesting musical journey to explore,” explained Manilow.

“There are very few things that you can count on in life, and one of them is Barry Manilow delivering an incredibly soulful, dynamic and reflective album like 15 MINUTES,”stated Ron Spaulding, President of Fontana. “Songs in this collection are quintessential Barry, soaring vocals and true craftsmanship. We’re delighted to be playing a part in the next chapter of his already storied career.”

Making a guest appearance on 15 MINUTES is young Nataly Dawn, lead singer of the white-hot group “Pomplamoose.” Her rendition of “Letter From A Fan” is both innocent and eerie.

Manilow is scheduled to debut 15 MINUTES during a very special QVC® Presents Q Sessions Live broadcast on Thursday, May 26 at 8pm (ET). QVC will be among the first to offer this new album, which will feature a special bonus disc of additional tracks.

15 MINUTES, produced by Manilow and Michael Lloyd is a captivating tale of someone who achieves fame, blows it and begins again. 15 MINUTES is being released by STILETTO Entertainment and distributed by Fontana in association with the Universal Music Group as part of a multi-product partnership.

Track List:
1. 15 Minutes
2. Work The Room
3. Bring On Tomorrow
4. Now It’s For Real
5. Wine Song
6. He’s A Star
7. Written In Stone
8. Letter From A Fan / So Heavy, So High
9. Everybody’s Leavin’
10. Who Needs You?
11. Winner Go Down
12. Slept Through The End Of The World
13. Reflection
14. Trainwreck
15. 15 Minutes (Reprise)
16. Everything’s Gonna Be All Right

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