Superbowl Halftime J-Lo and Shakira

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Superbowl Halftime J-Lo and Shakira

Post by Jake »

How about that? I loved it.

I dug the political overtones such as the American/Puerto Rican flag and the snippet of "Born in the USA." I didn't catch it in the moment but I read something this morning about children in cages (at 11:40 in the video), which is pretty fucking badass if it was intentional. But even without the politics, the booty shaking alone was subversive enough for me.

But this was my favorite report about the halftime show: ... 1841420256
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Re: Superbowl Halftime J-Lo and Shakira

Post by sab »

The Onion did a pretty great job covering the Super Bowl, but this takes the cake: ... 1841420031
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Re: Superbowl Halftime J-Lo and Shakira

Post by worpswede »

"She's about my age"
For real: this is exactly what my wife said after asking "How old is Shakira?" after watching the halftime show.
I'd put it after the Prince performance (I doubt that one will ever be topped) but it was definitely one of the best!
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