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Postby rmcard » Tue Jun 11, 2002 4:28 pm

Picked up their album last week and caught their show last night. I have really enjoyed them as a nice change of pace. Good music to relax to... particularly the haunting "New Slang". They opened for Mecury Rev... I wasn't expecting much from Mercury Rev, but man, what a joke. Bunch of posturing wannabe rock stars playing stoner space rock. The guy has the nerve to make "wing flapping" motions when he sings about flying and he actually put his hand above his eyes to shield them from an imaginary sun while singing "looking out..."
complete joke.

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Postby madness » Tue Jun 11, 2002 5:25 pm

Yeah, the Shins are a great band. Playing at Shubas' summer bash this year.

Anyway, I saw Mercury Rev when they opened for Wilco last November and I thought they were awesome. Jonathan Donahue's voice is an acquired taste, I'll grant you.

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Postby Joshua » Tue Jun 11, 2002 5:25 pm

Thanks for the info... I got a mix disc with 'New Slang' on it a few weeks back and I've been wondering if the rest of their material could possibly hold up to the standard it sets. It's an amazing song.

What album did you pick up?

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Postby Jake » Tue Jun 11, 2002 5:33 pm

There's one other great song on that album, and a handful of good ones.

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Postby rmcard » Tue Jun 11, 2002 6:50 pm

I agree with that assessment - 2 great songs (New Slang being the best) a handful of good songs and maybe one or two that I skip. Lots of potential, though.

After seeing the purity of the Shins, it was hard to buy Mercury Rev... I like the lead singer's voice (is it altered, though?) but it was painful to see them in person... one guy had one of those "lounge lizard" rayon shirts that ageing meatheads wear to bars and sunglasses (at night). It was less about their music and more about their psuedo-rock star posturing that turned me off. Its hard to pull that off playing to 100 people.

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Postby rmcard » Tue Jun 11, 2002 6:53 pm

Oh, Inverted World is the album.

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Postby jaimoe0 » Fri Jun 14, 2002 2:14 am

I really like "Inverted World." Lots of potential here. When I first heard it, it reminded me of Zumpano, to the point that I thought this must be the Zumpano lead singer's new band. No, that would be New Pornographers, I'm told. Speaking of Zumpano, seek out "Look What the Rookie Did." If you hate it, feel free to flame me.

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Postby ryanking » Fri Jun 14, 2002 8:16 am

I gotta throw this in, I really dig "Look What the Rookie Did", the stuff has got a real organic warm feel, and the songs are great, very eloquent phrasing like the Zombies. I really love it! When I was in college, the CD was going around one of the dorms on like word of mouth.

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Postby D. Phillips » Fri Jun 14, 2002 10:40 am

You are on a real Zombies kick.

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shins documentary.

Postby wowee_zowee » Sat Aug 17, 2002 6:08 pm

I recently watched the Shins tour documentary from 2001; it was fairly boring with silly editing effects, all the while following the band on a small tour out West. There's a music video which follows the tour coverage, but I can't remember which song it was for. It's worth watching if you're a Shins fan.

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