Lisa Marie Marries Nicolas Cage this weekend. Yuck!

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Lisa Marie Marries Nicolas Cage this weekend. Yuck!

Postby Sugarcubes Forever » Mon Aug 12, 2002 11:50 am

Too fucking weird, man.


08/12/2002 - Updated 08:25 AM ET

Report: Cage, Presley married Saturday in Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) — Elvis Presley's Hawaiian Wedding Song would have been an appropriate tune for his daughter this weekend. A published report says Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot Saturday with actor Nicolas Cage in a ceremony at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows on the Big Island.

Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley at a film premiere in 2001.
By Kevork Djansezian, AP

Hotel officials did not return telephone messages left Sunday by the Associated Press.

But hotel staff members told The Honolulu Advertiser the ceremony took place on the lawn in front of the Eva Parker Woods Cottage, a historic building that has been restored and turned into a museum.

The ceremony was attended by Presley's mother, Priscilla Presley, and Cage's son from a previous marriage, staff members said.

Presley, 34, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, previously was married to Michael Jackson.

Cage, 38, won an academy award for 1995's Leaving Las Vegas, also starred in this year's Windtalkers, parts of which were filmed in Hawaii. His other movies include Captain Correlli's Mandolin, The Family Man and Gone in 60 Seconds.

The couple is expected to stay in Hawaii for several weeks.

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Postby jaimoe0 » Mon Aug 12, 2002 5:52 pm

I didn't even know he'd divorced Patricia Arquette! Finally we can be together.

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Postby wowee_zowee » Thu Aug 15, 2002 7:15 pm

Nick Cage (a.k.a. "Coppola") marrying Lisa Marie is news to me. I heard that he went all out when he was pursuing Patricia Arquette; she actually made a list of things that her Ideal Husband would do for her (including finding the original letters of JD Salinger to his lady). He succeeded obviously. I wonder if Lisa Marie had any odd courting requests; maybe erasing the fact that she was intimate with one of the scariest muthas ever, Michael Jackson, from everyone's mind...


Postby Guest » Fri Aug 16, 2002 1:10 pm

Remember "Wild at Heart" when Nick Cage played the Elvis obsessed muderer? The King came to him in a dream at the end of the film but I don't remember Him offering his daughter to Cage. Maybe it's in the director's cut.

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Postby D. Phillips » Fri Aug 16, 2002 1:12 pm

The above was my post. I forgot to login.

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