Hardcore Punker stabbed

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Hardcore Punker stabbed

Postby trainwreck2 » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:18 am

I know this isnt related to the musical styles for most folks on here but Jack is an old friend from my punkier days...just found this out...stepped in to stop some crusty trainhopper punks from screwing crap up and he gets stabbed...
Jack Control, Lead vocalist of hardcore punk bands Severed Head of State and World Burns to Death, Long time force in the Texas Punk Scene and behind Mind Control Records, was stabbed and seriously wounded in an altercation at a show in Austin, Texas on Saturday January 28th.
There was a large show on the North Loop in Austin-An earlier show at a Record Store had featured J-Church, Army of Jesus and Storm The Tower and a later show was with Manikin at the Pizza Parlor a few doors down. At the end of the night some random trainhopper kids got rowdy. One guy went on a rampage and kicked in the glass doors of the venue, and then tried to kick in the windows of the anarchist bookstore next door and windows of cars parked on the street. When confronted by the people running the show, Including members of World Burns to Death and Signal Lost, a big mess of a brawl broke out. Jack Stepped in to stop a guy from Hitting Jasmine from Signal Lost and one of the trainhoppers came from behind and stabbed jack in the gut just below the ribs.
Jack's wounds required over three hours of surgery and he lost 4 pints of blood. Jack has stabilized and will recover, but is still in ICU at Brackenridge hospital. The person who stabbed Jack (who goes by the name of " Bingo") fled, but was arrested nearby. He is currently in police custody and being charged for attempted murder.
Jack has no medical insurance and will face a monolithic amount of medical and legal bills, as well as missed time from work as a result of this. A pay pal account has been established at [email protected] for anyone willing to donate funds to help Jack with his expenses.
People wishing to run charity Auctions on Auction sites such as Ebay, Yahoo or DIY auction to raise pay pal funds for Jack please put “ Jack Control” in the item title and description. People wanting to buy benefit items can search for them by putting " Jack Control" in the search box. A benefit show will be held in Austin on February 9th at Emo's 603 Red River http://www.emosaustin.com/ with Signal Lost, Camp X-Ray, Army Of Jesus, Iron Age and Modern Needs performing. Further benefits are in the works and anyone wishing to organize an benefit event around the country contact Ashley at [email protected] or Timmy Hefner at [email protected]. Immediate Pay Pal donations can be made at the link on the frontpage of this site. http://www.hardcoreholocaust.com

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