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Recently around Glorious Noise...

Postby Jake » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:16 am

Links: Poet Ivor Cutler Dead at 83
Legendary poet and musician Ivor Cutler dies. Hearing him read is the best, but his Glasgow Dreamer is an essential read....
Posted March 7, 2006.

Articles: RIAA: Fostering the Climate
The RIAA says its mission is "to foster a business and legal climate that supports and promotes [its] members' creative and financial vitality." How's that?
By Stephen Macaulay, March 7, 2006.

Links: Johnny Cash, Personal File
Johnny Cash's Vault Opens - Revelatory, stripped-down tapes from the early 1970s discovered in archive: "Personal File delivers a Cash even his most devoted fans have never heard before: at the height of his career and vocal power, telling the...
Posted March 3, 2006.

Articles: Arctic Monkeys: Feel Flows
Music obsessives not only listen to music, they analyze it and attach personal relevance to it, creating non-linear relations between genres and artists. So where on your CD rack do you put the Arctic Monkeys?
By Derek Phillips, March 3, 2006.

MP3s: Editors - Munich
"Munich" by the Editors from The Back Room. Via Fingertips....
Posted March 3, 2006.

Links: Chuck Klosterman On NIN in SPIN
Klosterman in Spin: "I sometimes think it would be to my benefit if I never listened to any album until two years have passed since its release date. I suspect I would avoid a lot of crap whose only value...
Posted March 1, 2006.

Links: Hummer vs. Indie Rock Integrity
Bah Hummer - Indie rockers reject big money from the king of gas guzzlers. 50-large would buy a lot of High Life. Would you say no? Via lhb....
Posted March 1, 2006.

Links: Jack White, Billy Childish Feud
Jack White vs. Billy Childish. This could get ugly. Jack's message. Update: Childish strikes back!...
Posted March 1, 2006.

Links: New Morrissey video: You Have Killed Me
New Morrissey video for "You Have Killed Me" off Ringleader of the Tormentors....
Posted February 27, 2006.

Links: New Golden Smog Album in July
Lost Highway has set July 18 as the release date for Another Fine Day, the first release in eight years from Golden Smog....
Posted February 27, 2006.

Links: Loose Fur video - Hey Chicken
New Loose Fur (Tweedy, O'Rourke, Kotche) video for "Hey Chicken" off Born Again in the USA. Cool that Drag City is utilizing YouTube....
Posted February 23, 2006.

MP3s: Work Clothes - Over the Moon
"Over the Moon" by Work Clothes from These Are The Shoes We Wear. Pretty, acoustic pop....
Posted February 23, 2006.

Articles: Help Fight Goliath: Mom vs. RIAA
Patricia Santangelo is the single mother of five who's the first person to stand up to the RIAA in a filesharing case. And she needs our help.
By Jake Brown, February 22, 2006.

Links: Feist - Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)
iTunes has a new Postal Service remix of Feist's "Mushaboom." Even catchier than the original. Via m3....
Posted February 22, 2006.

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