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Around the GLONO empire...

Postby Jake » Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:32 am

Links: Michael Jackson and his anti-gravity shoes
Michael Jackson's patent from 1993 on "Methods and Means for Creating Anti Gravity Illusion."...
Posted June 13, 2006.

Links: George Bush: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Video of George W. Bush performing U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday....
Posted June 10, 2006.

Contest: Gram Parsons CD and DVD Contest
June 9, 2006.

Features: Introducing Glorious Noise Video with Two Cow Garage
Glorious Noise is proud to announce a new regular feature: Exclusive GLONO Video. Today’s featured video is the extended trailer of The Long Way Around, Whiskey Bender’s documentary on GLONO faves, Two Cow Garage.
By Derek Phillips, June 9, 2006.

Links: Carl Barat Interview
The Telegraph interviews former Libertine Carl Barat: "There's no real causes any more. If you want to stand and be counted with a passion, there's little opportunity to do so; everything's so grey and diffuse. But a rock and roll...
Posted June 9, 2006.

Links: Supernova
Supernova: a Rock and Roll David vs. Goliath story - The new season of RockStar will feature has-beens Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro, Gilby Clarke, and Jason Newsted looking for a singer for their new band they're calling Supernova. Too bad...
Posted June 8, 2006.

Articles: An Open Letter To The Walkmen
All too rarely, a live rock and roll show can transport us out of the crushing reality of our daily lives and take us into an alternate universe filled with energy, volume, and beauty. On a Friday night in Milwaukee, the Walkmen did just that.
By Sarah Horne, June 7, 2006.

MP3s: Field Music - You're So Pretty
"You're So Pretty" by Field Music from Field Music (Memphis Industries). Saw their video for "You're Not Supposed To" (QT) on Subterranean. Contains a former member of the Futureheads. More mp3s on their site....
Posted June 7, 2006.

Articles: Billy Preston - Dead at 59
Lots of people have made the claim of "the Fifth Beatle" and many more have been appointed the title. But only one man truly deserves to claim that role: Billy Preston.
By Derek Phillips, June 6, 2006.

Links: New Beck Album Due Fall 2006
Beck's got a new album ready for fall release. According to a 5/24/2006 posting on, "Beck has just completed his new album, which he's been in the studio working on with producer Nigel Godrich."...
Posted June 6, 2006.

Links: Hail Satan! 06/06/06! Devilish MP3s!
On this most evil day (6/6/06), WFMU's Beware of the Blog shares a hell of a lot of faith-based, 666-themed MP3s and videos. Hail Satan!...
Posted June 6, 2006.

Links: New York Times vs.
New York Times looks into the legality of "So great is the official level of concern about AllofMP3 that United States trade negotiators warned that the Web site could jeopardize Russia's long-sought entry into the World Trade Organization." The...
Posted June 5, 2006.

MP3s: Envelopes - Sister In Love
"Sister In Love" by Envelopes, from Demon (Brille). Saw this homemade video (QT) on Subterranean last week and loved it. Lo-fi Swedish goodness....
Posted June 5, 2006.

Links: Best Albums of All Time: NME and Guinness
British voters have chosen "the best albums of all time." Not surprisingly, there are only two American bands in the Top 20: Nirvana (Nevermind) and the Strokes (Is This It)....
Posted June 2, 2006.

MP3s: Futureheads - Skip To The End
"Skip To The End" and "Worry About It Later" by the Futureheads from News And Tributes out June 13, 2006. Also: video for "Skip To The End" (QT)....
Posted June 2, 2006.

MP3s: Bottle Rockets - Mountain to Climb
"Mountain to Climb" by the Bottle Rockets from Zoysia, out 06/06/06 on Bloodshot....
Posted June 1, 2006.

MP3s: Art Brut - Good Weekend
"Good Weekend" by Art Brut from Bang Bang Rock & Roll. This isn't new but it's still good. The American release (on Downtown) contains three tracks unavailable on the UK version....
Posted June 1, 2006.

Go to POLJUNK for these stories and more![/url]</center>

Settling In
Before the war, we had some assurances this would be a quick victory with rose pedal parades and dancing Iraqis as a finale. There was General Richard Myers who said this would be a, “a short, short conflict" against an...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 12, 2006.

Friday Video - Olbermann Smacks Coulter
Not to become a complete shill for the Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but when he has excellent commentaries two weeks in a row putting the screws to a couple of our favorite douchebags, what can we do? This time, Olbermann...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 9, 2006.

Peeping Tom - Daschle Weighs His Options In NH
Because Democrats can’t crowd the field enough this year, we have yet another possible candidate for the 2008 Presidential nomination. He’s a guy you know and love from the heady days of 2004, let’s give a warm welcome to...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 8, 2006.

Zarqawi Dead, Insurgency Not
The death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is certainly reason for celebration for those who were disgusted and horrified by his relentless bloodlust. This is the man who masterminded some of the most atrocious bombing attacks in Iraq of the...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 8, 2006.

A Portrait of the Secretary in Repose
A painting of Rummy by Iraqi artist Muayad Muhsin is expected to be the main attraction in an exhibition opening in Baghdad on Monday. The painting, which shows Rummy kicked back in a lounger with his army boots on...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 7, 2006.

Busby Loses, But So Does the RNC
Everyone’s talking about the 50th district race out in California. It might sound like a bombastic musical number, but the Busby-Bilbray race was the most watched in this mid-term primary season. Anticipation was high for the mostly unknown Democratic candidate...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 7, 2006.

Save Fair Use: Oppose the Section 115 Reform Act
Urgent: 24 Hours to Save Internet Fair Use The entertainment industry has sneaked language into an obscure copyright bill that could smash Internet fair use. The law implies that licenses from copyright holders are needed for every digital copy made...
Posted by Jake Brown, June 6, 2006.

Stephen Colbert's Commencement Address
Stephen Colbert gave the commencement address at Knox College on Saturday. He wasn't totally "in character" for this speech, but it's still pretty great: First of all, I’m facing a little bit of a conundrum here. My name is Stephen...
Posted by Jake Brown, June 5, 2006.

GOP Runs the Only Horse They Have Left: Gay Marriage
Facing an angry base who KNOWS they’ve been sold out on everything Conservatism used to stand for—fiscal responsibility, military isolationism, border security, limited federal government, etc.—Bush and some Senate Republicans are trotting out the only horse they can still run:...
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 5, 2006.

Friday Video - Olbermann Smacks Down O'Reilly
For a while now, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann has been in a mostly hilarious and harmless feud with Fox's chief blowhard Bill O'Reilly. It's usually Keith showing a clip in which O'Reilly mistates or misrepresents "facts" to support his asinine arguments....
Posted by Derek Phillips, June 2, 2006.

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
Rolling Stone: Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Sources and Commentary Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and ROLLING STONE spent four months investigating the 2004 election in Ohio. To assemble a conservative estimate of the number of voters in the state who...
Posted by Jake Brown, June 1, 2006.

Snowman Accidentally Turns up Heat in Iraq
IN an attempt to defend the Vice President’s famous “Last Throes” statement made one year ago, Tony “The Snowman” Snow just made did the impossible: he made the violence in Iraq seem worse....
Posted by Derek Phillips, May 31, 2006.

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