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Post by Charli »

Another congrats to you of course.

And Derek, I was looking at the site the other day with Esme in my lap. And when she was seeing the photos of Donovan she started getting all excited.

I think she may have been thinking "hmmm future boyfriend perhaps?"

Or it could have been because babies just like pictures of other babies. heheee
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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

Hey lil' puddin'! Welcome to the world!

Congrats, mom & pop!
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Post by D. Phillips »

Thanks, all.
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Post by Johnny Loftus »

You know that that one photo on DKPJR's MySpace where Meg is holding him and he's screaming up at her face? I'm no Photoshop jockey, but someone should really add a speaking bubble with Negative Approach lyrics in it to that one.

Congratulations again, though; you know this.
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Post by Maarten »

i love the pictures!
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Post by steve-o »

The Pixies' "Where is My Mind" was playing when I was born. No lie.
Congratulations, and good job! It's never too early!
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Post by BloodshotBaby »

congrats derek!!

yay babies! (:happybirthday)
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