Jackass Steve-O wimps out

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Jackass Steve-O wimps out

Postby Jake » Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:56 pm

'Jackass' Star Steve-O Speaks Out About Hospitalization: 'I Did A Great Deal Of Damage To My Brain By Abusing Drugs'

Glover wrote that his friends "physically forced" him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was placed on a "5150" hold for suicidal behavior. "I had thought of 'bipolar' as a 'good' thing. I rationally deduced, with our time in this life being so limited, it was productive to stick to nothing but extremely high 'highs,' and extremely low 'lows.' Anything but to 'crash on the rocks of mediocrity.' "

Glover said he thought he was "tough" enough to "handle" his chemical imbalance without psychiatric medication, and instead chose to self-medicate, but his "narcotic-induced 'highs' " only made things worse. Now, several days past his initial 72-hour hold (which has been extended into a 14-day stay), the stuntman wrote, "I've figured out that I did a great deal of damage to my brain by abusing drugs, and now that they've all worn off, I'm facing the consequences."

One of those consequences, he said, is that he's realized that his self-destructive behavior "made little-to-no sense" and was "devastating to those who love me the most," meaning his friends and family. "I hope that I haven't disappointed too many of my fans," he wrote. "Actually, ya know what? Anyone that is disappointed by any of these words really doesn't matter to me. I've harmed myself to no end for those people (at the expense of my loved ones), and look where it got me." However, Glover still retains his sense of humor, jokingly calling his psych ward a "loony bin, the "cuckoo's nest" and "insane asylum."


Just kidding. Get well soon, Steve-O!

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