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I'm not above Miller High Life, but I usually stick with the Belgians or a good stout. I'm lucky in the sense that: 1) There are a lot of really good Virginia beers, and 2) I live in an area where most bars have a pretty extensive selection of beer aside from the typical Bud/Miller/Heineken selection. I'm actually a lot like a deer in headlights when I get in those bars it happens so rarely. But if any of you ever get to Virginia look for Legend Brown or Starr Hill Porter. That's one of the best porters I've ever had.

High ABV doesn't sway me at all really. I actually prefer not to drink a beer that makes me all buzzy after one or two pints. But the Jefferson Reserve Oak Barrel Stout is almost 10% ABV, and that stuff goes down like smooth chocolate milk. Good stuff.

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creepy wrote:. Weihenstephaner, Hoegarden, .
It was a few years ago but Franziskaner was 28 bucks a case and Hoegarden was 40 bucks. To me there wasn't much difference between Hoegarden and Franziskaner except the 12 bucks I saved. And it's cool that there's a picture on the bottle of Franzis Kaner the monk who supposedly created the recipe. Weihenstephaner is the best beer I ever tasted. I get sixers for 10-99. I've never seen a case of it.

As far as the ABV issue I'm a fat fuck who likes to eat a meal after the first three or four beers. So there goes a lot of the buzz with your good quality 5 ABV beers. But I'm probably twice the size of you little indie rock fellers. Or maybe you don't get the beer munchies like me. I know guys who drink a whole case of light beer on saturday and don't eat at all.

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Sven Killer Robot Spacema wrote:Weihenstephaner is the best beer I ever tasted. I get sixers for 10-99. I've never seen a case of it.
Word. Even at 10.99/6-pack I was sorely depressed when it mysteriously left my town. Nearly drove me to drink!

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