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Post by jaimoe0 »

Shecky's post last week about the new Decemberists album got me to thinking about those albums that at first, maybe you don't love. Maybe you even are actively hostile to them. Then, over time, the more you hear the artist or album, the more it grows on you. I guess this is similar to the "Nemesis No More" thread, but in a more compact timeline and with just one work. Mine was Cheap Trick's debut album, which I think I bought when I was in 6th or 7th grade after reading a glowing review in Hit Parader. I did not enjoy it at first. I listened to it once through and didn't pick it up again for about six months. Then I listened again and I didn't "not like it." I probably listened to it one or two more times, and then it got pushed to the back of the stack and I didn't listen to it for a loooong time. Like probably a couple of years. When I first heard "Surrender" on the FM radio, I loved it, and I remembered that I had an album by this band. Went and listened again, and I got it! It just all snapped into place. The crunchy melodies. Rick Nielsen's great guitar work. Bun E. Carlos slaying on the drums. Zander's voice. And every song seemed to subvert the pop idiom they were working in in some way. Blown away, and it's been a favorite album of mine ever since. You got a grower?
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Christ, so many...the most notable was probably Guided By Voices' Bee Thousand. My GBV fanboy-ishness has been well documented on the boards, but the first time I heard B1000 it left me cold. Listened a few times, wondered what the fuss was about (the lo-fi thing kind of put me off, to be honest) and forgot about it.

For some reason I pulled it out a few months later and pow! Hit me square in the head.

Seriously, I couldn't even begin to list how many great albums/bands that's happened with.
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Even as big of an Elvis Costello fan as I am, a lot of his albums are growers for me. Same thing with Richard Thompson.
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This was totally not what I thought this thread was going to be about from the title. However, since we're on the topic you could totally run with the metaphor to categorize albums into "growers," "showers," and "fluffers." Observe:

Growers: Wilco Sky Blue Sky
Showers: Wilco Summerteeth
Fluffers: Wilco A Ghost is Born
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Post by Little Timmy »

No-ers: Wilco (The Album)
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Post by jonas »

steve-o wrote:
Growers: Wilco Sky Blue Sky
I was recently relistening and do like SBS more than originally, I must confess.
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