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The RIAA Doesn’t Always Win

Home taping is killing music.Sometimes it seems like every single sucker who gets hassled by the RIAA for filesharing rolls over and pays the $3,750 settlement to put the whole mess behind them. A lot of them do. But more and more people are refusing to be coerced into accepting that deal.

And lately, when people fight it, they seem to be winning. Recently, a dude had his lawyer send a letter threatening to countersue for malicious prosecution, and the record company just dropped the suit.

And the latest update in lawsuit against Patti Santangelo (remember her from last year? Help Fight Goliath: Mom vs. RIAA) is that the RIAA is trying to drop its case against her without paying her legal bills. The judge refused to allow the RIAA to drop the case without prejudice, so they’ll either have to drop it with prejudice and pay her bills, or take it trial and surely lose.

Follow all this crazy legal shit on Recording Industry vs The People.

White Stripes Icky Thump Details Emerge

Reports from CMJ and Billboard reveal some interesting details about the upcoming White Stripes album, Icky Thump, due in mid-June via Third Man/Warner Bros.

Update: Release date = June 19, 2007. Also: cover art.

For those of you with attention spans too short to read the articles:

• There is no piano…

• “Conquest” is set to a hot tango rhythm, featuring a trumpeter that White discovered playing a Mexican restaurant…

• Bagpipes and a rollicking Scottish dance structure are applied to “Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn,” capped by the refrain of “lai-de-lai-de-li-oh.”

• “St. Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)” is a spoken-word piece performed by Meg.

• Several tracks are punctuated with synths and Wurlitzer…

• Clocks in at 48 minutes.

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Buried in the Stars

What do the following have in common?

Bonnie Raitt and Britney Spears

Alice Cooper and Aretha Franklin

Elvis Presley and Engelbert Humperdinck

Carlos Santana and Celine Dion

Lefty Frizzell and Lawrence Welk

John Lennon and Johnny Mathis

Jimi Hendrix and Janet Jackson

Robert Goulet and Rod Stewart

Mitch Miller and Motley Crue

Olivia Newton-John and Ozzy Osbourne

Tom Petty and Tony Orlando

All of these—and many others—all have their “stars” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This week they were joined by The Doors. Which puts them in the company of the likes of Liberace and Anne Murray.

By the way, if you’ve got a sufficiently convincing story and $25K, you, too, may be able to secure your own star. Yes, a bit more than that outfit that will name a star after you and put it in a book in the patent office, but just imagine. Dogs, bums and other creatures will get to urinate all over you at will. But then again, not all of us are Kenny G, Kenny Loggins or Kenny Rodgers [sic].

We miss you, Dr. Thompson

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson killed himself two years ago today. We miss him a lot, especially as the presidential race is starting to warm up. While it’s depressing to think we’ll never be able to read his thoughts on Barack vs. Hillary, there’s still a lot of stuff coming up to keep a fan busy.

His widow, Anita, maintains a blog from Owl Farm and is preparing a collection of interviews and memories in a book called The Gonzo Way. Editor Douglas Brinkley is finishing up the third volume of Thompson’s letters, and illustrator Ralph Steadman recently released The Joke’s Over: Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson and Me.

And if that’s not enough Gonzo for you, check out a 1978 BBC documentary, Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision, after the jump…

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Elliott Smith Rarities Comp from KRS

New Moon, a new Elliott Smith compilation of recordings made for Kill Rock Stars between 1995 and 1997, is due May 8, according to Billboard. His albums for KRS, Elliott Smith and Either/Or, are two of the best albums of the 90s.

Mediocre quality versions of many of these songs have been traded around by fans for years, and mp3s had been available at Elliott Smith: B-Sides & Other Songs, but the songs appearing on New Moon have recently been removed “by request.” Fair enough. It will be great to finally get to hear this material in the fidelity it deserves.

Tracklisting after the jump…

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Where’s Mulder When You Need Him?

Gee, I wonder how this happens? Let’s see. . .CBS is broadcasting the Grammy Awards (Notice: “Grammy” is a registered trademark, so if you have a propensity to refer to an aged maternal relative with that term, beware, you may invoke the wrath of a SWAT team of lawyers) Sunday February 11, and on the preceding Friday, on the CBS “Hit Drama” (ipse dixit) “Ghost Whisperer” (admit it: You watch it for Jennifer Love Hewitt with the sound off), Mary J. Blige, who is nominated for a slew of Grammys (or is that “Grammies”?), is appearing (as “the coach of a high-ranked high school cheerleading team whose members are being disabled, one by one, by seemingly freak accidents in the days preceding their big cheerleading competition”). Funny how that works out, eh? On a hit CBS show one night and then a CBS Grammy presentation a couple later. Almost spooky. Of course, who is going to ponder that when there are Jennifer and high school cheerleaders and freakish accidents. . .?

Pitchfork’s MP3 Blog: Forkcast

Pitchfork first created an MP3 page back in the autumn of 2001. But until a couple weeks ago when they rebranded it as Forkast, the mp3 page was strictly an ad revenue channel, just like the free CD that comes with Magnet magazine. Bands and labels paid Pitchfork to post their mp3s. The small print at the bottom of the page disclaimed: “Paid promotion. No critical endorsement of these songs by Pitchfork should be assumed.”

Who knows how bands and labels get their mp3s posted on the new Forkast, but so far they’ve given out some pretty interesting tracks. We’ll try to give a regular round-up of the best stuff that isn’t available elsewhere, or at least the stuff we think you ought to hear.

Bright Eyes: “Tourist Trap” from the Four Winds EP, due March 6 on Saddle Creek.

Charlie Louvin [ft. Jeff Tweedy]: “The Great Atomic Power” from Charlie Louvin, due Feb 20 on Tompkins Square.

Andrew Bird: “Heretics” from Armchair Apocrypha, due March 20 on Fat Possum.

Pay for Play: Buy Ad, Get Reviewed

This is so wrong. Percolator reprints an email exchange between a record label and Amplifier magazine wherein Joe Joyce, Publisher & Dir. Advertising (!) of Amplifier, comes right out and says, “if you’re never going to advertise with us I can’t justify the cost of covering your releases.”

This might be unfortunately common, but it still breaks the #1 rule of reputable publications: the wall of separation between editorial and advertising.

Pot/kettle disclosure: Here at GLONO, we do not have a separate advertising staff. But we never allow advertisers to influence our content. And since we launched our record label, we’ve placed ads in several publications including Magnet, the Fork, and Chromewaves, none of whom ever reviewed our releases.

Via Wired.

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on Asian Women

Goddamn you half-Japanese girls...On Rivers Cuomo’s MySpace blog, he keeps a running tally of his disagreements over published articles about himself and his band, Weezer: Clarifications, Corrections, and Supplemental Materials. Right now, he’s taking issue with Wikipedia’s Rivers Cuomo entry and its claim regarding his “affinity for Asian women.” Apparently, he doesn’t fully understand that Wikipedia is composed of user-created (and edited) content, which means that he is able to make corrections himself as opposed to asking others to do it for him.

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V2 Gets Dropped by Parent Co.

V2 Records has been “restructured.” Its parent company, Sheridan Square, fired V2’s 35 employees on January 12 and “will no longer issue new music” other than gospel. It will retain V2’s catalog which includes albums by the White Stripes, Grandaddy, Isobel Campbell, Jim White, Moby, Mercury Rev, and the Raconteurs.


V2 Records was started in 1996 by Richard Branson after he sold his Virign Records to EMI for a billion dollars. In November, 2005, Branson sold V2 “to create a relationship that keeps the V2 imprint in business.” Huh. Kept it in business for just over a year. Nice.

Think Branson will start a new label called V3? And what’s going to happen with the new Mooney Suzuki album, Have Mercy, that was supposed to be released on January 30?