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New Felines video: Going On

Video: Felines – “Going Out”

Felines – Going Out (Official Music Video)

From Saying It Twice Makes It Real, due later this year on Burger and Crunchy Frog Records. Single out now.

This is a cool, moody song from a band from Copenhagen who clearly digs the Velvet Underground. They approach it with classic Danish minimalism and a sense of brooding paranoia.

Tell me all about it
How you feel
About going out
About being high
Tell me all about it

They should pop over to Berlin and have Anton Newcombe produce their next album.

Felines: fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Via punknews.

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New Escape-ism video: Bodysnatcher

Video: Escape-ism – “Bodysnatcher”

Escape-ism – Bodysnatcher (Official Music Video)

Directed by Alexandra Cabral. From The Lost Record, out September 7 on Merge.

Another minimalist disco jam from the twisted funkbone of Ian Svenonius. The video features the subtle but enticing dance moves of Svenonius and collaborator/director Alexandra Cabral as they get down on the craggy shore of a tropical island…or maybe Big Sur.

Ian Svenonius says, “‘Bodysnatcher’ takes its name from the paranoid classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which cast communist influence as an outer space invasion. The body snatcher is a kind of mythic folk figure who represents the threat or the allure of total romantic or ideological takeover and surrender.”

Body snatch me, baby!

Escape-ism: bandcamp, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Luluc video: Kids

Video: Luluc – “Kids”


Directed by Katie Mitchell. From Sculptor, out now on Sub Pop.

Most songs written by adults about kids are condescending, but Luluc treats their kids with respect.

The teacher who prides:
“Why don’t you come talk to me?
You’ve got such a big chip on your shoulder.”
“No, that’s my armor til I’m older.”

There’s a bit of a “It gets better” message but more important — or at least more visceral — is the “We’re gonna get out of here” message. For me, looking back a few decades, my overwhelming memory of adolescence is the feeling of just wanting to get out: of school, of my dumb hometown, of my house, of my body. Flight.

Luluc gets this.

Luluc: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Imperial Sound video: A Man Like You

Video: The Imperial Sound – “A Man Like You”

The Imperial Sound – A Man Like You (Official Video)

Directed by Melissa Thornley. From The New AM out August 31st on Pravda Records.

The Imperial Sound is a new band made up of a bunch of Chicago music veterans including Frederick Mosher and Kenn Goodman of the New Duncan Imperials, the Service, and Pravda Records. For The New AM they’ve recruited some legendary Chicago singers, like Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Conner. “A Man Like You” features Robert Cornelius of Poi Dog Pondering on lead vocals.

It’s got stax of horns and an irresistibly funky guitar part and the chorus will get stuck in your head. I’ve heard the album and a lot of it is more classic pop and less classic soul than “A Man Like You.” It’s all good though.

Matt “Sal” Favazza of my beloved Krinkles plays drums and contributes vocals.

I first got into the New Duncan Imperials back in college. Songs like “Pensacola 99,” “Feelin’ Sexy,” and “I’m Schizophrenic (No I’m Not)” made it onto many a mixtape. I’ve always been impressed that the guys have managed to keep a small, independent label like Pravda afloat since the 80s.

Pravda’s 1991 compilation 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions! featured early appearances of the Smashing Pumpkins and my pals the Sinatras. And it’s still in print! Buy it now!

Twenty-seven years later and Pravda is still releasing quality material. The Imperial Sound continues that tradition.

The Imperial Sound: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Courtney Barnett video: Charity

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Charity”

Courtney Barnett – Charity

Directed by Ashley Connor. From Tell Me How You Really Feel, out now on Milk, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop.

This is the fifth single/video Courtney Barnett has released from Tell Me How You Really Feel. Keep them coming!

You don’t have to pretend you’re not scared
Everyone else is just as terrified as you.

That about sums up 2018, doesn’t it?

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Low Cut Connie video: Oh Suzanne

Video: Low Cut Connie – “Oh Suzanne”

Low Cut Connie – "OH SUZANNE" (official video)

From Dirty Pictures (Part 2), out now on Contender Records.

Now that their Alex Chilton cover has opened my ears to the charms of Low Cut Connie, I can appreciate what they’re going for in “Oh Suzanne,” a song that I might otherwise blow off as a dumb modern rock throwaway. On closer listen this could almost be an album cut on the Go’s 1999 Sub Pop classic, Whatcha Doin’. So here we’ve got Detroit and Memphis by way of Philadelphia. Works for me.

Low Cut Connie: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Cat Power video: Woman

Video: Cat Power – “Woman” (ft. Lana Del Rey)

Cat Power – Woman (feat. Lana Del Rey) (Official Video)

Directed by Greg Hunt. From Wanderer, due October 5 on Domino Record Co.

Chan Marshall is a badass. This is her first new music since 2012’s Sun and it was worth the wait. “Woman” features everything we love about Cat Power: spooky instrumentation, moody vocals, intimidating lyrics.

The doctor said I was better than ever
Man, you should have seen me
Doctor said I was not my past
He said I was finally free

What more could you ask for? Backing vocals by Lana Del Rey? You got it!

Woman woman woman whoa man!

Cat Power: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Kurt Vile video: Loading Zones

Video: Kurt Vile – “Loading Zones”

Kurt Vile – Loading Zones

Directed by Drew Saracco. New single out now on Matador Records.

Check out Kurt Vile, dodging the Philadelphia meter maids. He parks for free!

Kurt Vile: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 16

Rolling Stone issue #16 had a cover date of August 24, 1968. 24 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of the Band by Elliot M. Landy.

Features: “Friends and Neighbors Just Call Us the Band” by Alfred G. Aronowitz; Howlin’ Wolf by Barry Gifford; The Rolling Stone Round Table with Booker T & the M.G.’s by Jann Wenner; The Newport Folk Festival by Jon Landau.

News: Race Dispute Splits Byrds’ Nest: Gram Parsons Refuses Gigs in South Africa; Tim Hardin Contracts Pleurisy; Kaleidoscope Kollapses in Kash Krisis by Jerry Hopkins; Record Sales Over One Billion in 1967; David Ruffin Leaves Temptations; Bluesbreakers Go Through Changes; Yoko Ono’s Endless Faces; Percy Sledge Has Heart Attack.

Columns: Perspectives by Ralph J. Gleason (“Deathwish of the Hippie Ethic”); Visuals by Thomas Albright (“Light Art”); “Special Report: The French Scene” by Alain Dister.

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New Metric video: Dressed to Suppress

Video: Metric – “Dressed to Suppress”

Metric – Dressed to Suppress – Official Music Video [HD]

Directed by Justin Broadbent. From their new album, due September 21.

And the ones we ignore cry “come to me”
Are the ones we adore cry “give me space, give me space”
And the ones who are cruel cry “beg for me”
Are the ones that possess, they love the chase

Emily Haines said in a press release: “Lyrically, the song explores the maze of conflicts we encounter in our attempts at finding and holding onto love; the absurd mating rituals we routinely perform; and the vast divide between the desires our appearances can imply and the way we actually feel inside. The contrast between the delicate, dreamy opening and the heavy riffs of the verse and chorus match the dramatic emotional shifts we all go through when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, the push and pull of retaining our own identities in love.”

Metric: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.