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Billy Corgan vs. Pavement

Ha ha ha. Sole remaining Pumpkin Billy Corgan just shot off a series of tweets dissing Pavement, calling them sell outs who “represent the death of the alternative dream.” So awesome.

“Just found out SP is playing with Pavement in Brazil. It’s gonna be 1 of those New Orleans type funerals. I say that because they represent the death of the alternative dream, and we follow with the affirmation of life. Funny how those who pointed the big finger of ‘sell out’ are the biggest offenders now…yawn. They have no love. By the way, we’ll be the band up there NEW songs because we have the love xx.”

Does Billy really believe in “the alternative dream”? Or is he just being ironic? Whatever.

When asked for comment, Stephen Malkmus replied, “I don’t understand what they mean and I could really give a fuck.”

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The Captain, Sean Carasov, Dead at 48

He sold merch for the Specials and the Clash. He was the tour manager for the Beastie Boys at the beginning of their career. He got A Tribe Called Quest a record deal. But the first I ever heard of the Captain was in a column he wrote—”In Defense of the Mullet”—in the second issue of Grand Royal magazine, published in 1995. His irreverence at the time was striking.

To me the Mullet is as American as pick-ups with rifle racks, tractor pulls, Wal-Mart, wet t-shirt contests, slapping your girl upside the head with a frying pan and living in the woods. In fact, I think it’s time the Mullet became the official cut of the U.S. Armed Forces. Fuck the crew cut. Crew cuts are soft. You won’t see no Mullet on Christopher Street. The Mullet is the white man’s jheri curl. Hell, maybe I will get me a Mullet after all. A Mullet, an El Camino with Nitros, a six of Coors, an eight ball of meth and just ride.

No surprise that his ever increasingly righteous editors at Grand Royal (the Beastie Boys) felt the need to tame his prose and censored his freeform “Beefs” column. Reading it again today, it’s kind of amazing they printed it at all, considering the shit he throws around about “Baba Yauch,” pistol whippings, “fat women in stretchy pants,” etc. Check it out and have your mind blown (click for larger, legible images).



While I hadn’t followed the Captain in the 15 years since then, it turns out he became a major contributor to 4Chan and Encyclopaedia Dramatica, and even stirred up a bunch of trouble with the Church of Scientology, who allegedly poisoned his cat and got him arrested on charges of “Criminal Threats” (which were eventually dropped). He took his own life on Saturday, October 30.

The official word from the Beasties camp: “what the fuck captain !?! we love you and miss you.”

The End of the Loudness Wars?

Band on the RunThis is exciting news for audiophiles. While the general earbudder might not give a shit about audio quality or dynamic range, people who really enjoy listening—and listening hard!—to music are going to be surprised by the following note from Abbey Road’s Allan Rouse regarding Paul McCartney’s remastered reissue of Band on the Run.

As is common with releases using Topspin’s tools, customers have a number of options, including CD only, deluxe CD package, vinyl, MP3 download, etc. This time, you can also purchase a High Resolution (24bit 96kHz) download for $19.99. The really cool thing about this is you get both limited and unlimited versions of the audio. For non-audiophiles, “limited” audio is a little louder, while the “unlimited” version will “sound quieter, but retain the dynamic range of the original master recording.” The fact that they’re giving people both may signal a real turning point in the Loudness Wars. Let’s hope so anyway…

Read Rouse’s full explanation below…

Paul McCartney: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, web.

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GLONO Video: Unboxing Hank Williams

Video: Unboxing Hank Williams

I haven’t even listened to any of it yet, but I had to share this with you. As I repeatedly say in the video above, this is the coolest packaging on a box set I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to dig into the 15 CDs and DVD. Amazing.

Full review to follow, but very briefly: Throughout 1951, Nashville radio station WSM broadcast a 15-minute segment where Hank Williams and his band would tell some jokes and play a couple songs; this box contains all 70 of the surviving segments. Since most of these were recorded to acetate, the sound quality is apparently as good as many studio recordings. I can’t wait to find out for myself if that’s true.

More info:

Hank Williams: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Rock Hall Nominates Donovan, Diamond

Every year we throw a hissyfit, but there are actually a bunch of cool bands among this year’s list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, including first-timers Donovan, Dr. John, Alice Cooper, and Neil Diamond. And Tom Waits! Of course, then there’s Bon Jovi. Who sucked 25 years ago and continues to blow today. I saw them live at Soldier Field this summer (free tickets…with Kid Rock…) and was shocked by just how lame they were. And frankly…how gay Jon Bon Jovi seemed in person. He not only sports Jack Wagner’s haircut from 1984, but the dude was rockin’ the “Frisco Jones” dance moves! That’s not rock and roll. Not even close.

The list of previous nominees: Darlene Love, LL Cool J, Donna Summer, Beastie Boys, J. Geils Band, Tom Waits, Chuck Willis, Chic, and Joe Tex. I can’t imagine Waits getting in, but it’s fun to imagine his acceptance speech.

Update: Billboard was wrong. Tom Waits hadn’t been nominated previously.

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Pinkerton Deluxe Reissue Details

Night Snow at Kambara

It’s been over a year since we first heard about Weezer‘s expanded Pinkerton reissue. Back then, we made a guess at the track list. Turns out we were pretty close, since the official track list has been announced with the release date of November 2.

We’re only getting one version of “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly,” and we’re not getting the radio remix of “Pink Triangle” or the Pixies cover, “Velouria.” Known Songs from the Black Hole songs “Blast Off!” and “Superfriend” are also left out, but there are a couple of songs we hadn’t heard of a year ago: “Getting Up And Leaving” and “Tragic Girl.”

Full track list below…

Weezer: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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Band On The Run Deluxe Reissue Coming

Paul McCartney by Linda McCartney

Paul McCartney and Wings‘ 1973 classic album Band on the Run is getting the deluxe remastered resissue treatment and will be released November 2 on Concord. You’ll be able to pick it up in a variety of formats including standard single CD, special edition (2 CD/1 DVD), deluxe edition (3 CD/1 DVD), and vinyl edition (with MP3 download). The remastering was done by the same team at Abbey Road that remastered the Beatles catalog.

Full press release below…

Paul McCartney: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, web, facebook, myspace.

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