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New video from The The: We Can’t Stop What’s Coming

Video: The The – “We Can’t Stop What’s Coming”

THE THE – We Can't Stop What's Coming – from the film The Inertia Variations

This song was released in the UK for Record Store Day as a 7″ single. It features Matt Johnson, Zeke Manyika, Johnny Marr, James Eller, Meja Kullersten, Chris Whitten and Iain Berryman.

The basic track was recorded live for one of Johnson’s “Radio Cineola” broadcasts a year ago. Overdubs by Johnny Marr and other former members of The The were added more recently.

Much of the video was filmed at the original broadcast session, and it will be included in the new documentary film The Inertia Variations, directed by Johanna St Michaels. I’m really hoping this is only the beginning of new material from The The.

The The: web, twitter, fb, amazon, apple, wiki.

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New Liam Gallagher video: Wall Of Glass

Video: Liam Gallagher – “Wall Of Glass”

Liam Gallagher – Wall Of Glass (Official Video)

I am an unapologetic fan of Oasis. I like a little attitude in my rock and roll and the Gallagher brothers deliver that by the truckload. Noel’s clearly the funnier of the two (and funnier than pretty much everyone), but the younger Liam wins on pure shit-eating grin attitude. His stance alone tells you all you need to know about him, and it’s that trademark posture that takes center stage in the new video, “Wall of Glass” for his debut solo track.

Because he’s Liam Fucking Gallagher, there’s no need for a plot or a narrative in this stylized video full of blinking lights, seedy hotel lobbies and a hall of mirrors. What does it mean? Nothing! The director knows what he has to work with and just sets our kid up in different situations in which to be snotty. And let’s be clear: he delivers.

More importantly, this is the best track Liam Gallagher has released since “The Shock of the Lightning” from Oasis’ final album, Dig Out your Soul in 2008. There were a number of tracks I liked from Liam’s first venture out sans The Chief, Beady Eye, but this track has the right combo of hooks and instrumentation to cut through the noise that makes for a great Gallagher Bros. track.

“Wall Of Glass” is the first track to preview his forthcoming album As You Were, due in October on Parlophone/Warner Brothers.

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The Kills cover Rihanna

Video: The Kills – “Desperado” (Rihanna Cover)

The Kills – Desperado (Rihanna Cover) (Non-Electric)

From the Echo Home – Non-Electric EP, out June 2 on Domino Records with a limited edition 10” vinyl release due August 18.

Let’s count the number of acoustic covers of hip hop songs that don’t suck. Zero? Sounds about right.

Remember downloading the Gourd’s version of “Gin and Juice” in the earliest days of filesharing? We all got a good chuckle out of that one. Jonathan Coulton made “Baby Got Back” sound like a John Denver outtake. But the worst of this genre is Dynamite Hack’s “Boyz In The Hood”. There’s always a sense of “ha ha ha aren’t we cute? aren’t we funny? get it? because we’re not gangster at all!” which ends up kind of gross. Or maybe I’m a humorless grump.

Acoustic covers of pop songs, on the other hand, can strip away the glossy production to reveal the solid bones of the songwriting underneath. I still like Travis’ earnest cover of “Baby One More Time” which made me realize how sad that song really is (“my loneliness is killing me”).

This Rihanna cover is somewhere in between. It’s not jokey at all, but it doesn’t really shed any additional light on the original. It sounds cool, and Alison Mosshart’s voice is smoky and menacing as ever. Which is good enough for an acoustic b-side.

The Kills: web, twitter, fb, amazon, wiki.

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New Strand of Oaks video: Everything

Video: Strand of Oaks – “Everything”

Strand Of Oaks – Everything (Official Video)

From Hard Love, out now on Dead Oceans.

I never even heard of these guys until someone turned me on to this in-depth Stereogum feature by Ryan Leas where the author hangs out with Tim Showalter over a couple of years and watches the formation and evolution of the new album. It’s well written and worth reading even if you have no interest in the band. I didn’t, but the story is great, and it inspired me to check out the record.

And I’m glad I did.

It’s a good, psychedelic rock album about growing up and trying to get by in this world without being a selfish asshole. Which is something I think a lot of dudes have struggled with. I know I have. Still do.

The video is trippy. Be careful what you ingest out there, kids.

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New Coco Hames video: I Don’t Wanna Go

Video: Coco Hames – “I Don’t Wanna Go”

Coco Hames – I Don't Wanna Go (Official Music Video)

From Coco Hames, out now on Merge Records.

A charming slice of Memphis garage pop from the former frontwoman of the Ettes. “Doesn’t matter what they say / ’cause I’m gonna get my way / if I don’t wanna go.” Right on.

Coco Hames: twitter, fb, amazon, wiki.

New Phoenix video: J-Boy

Video: Phoenix – “J-Boy”

Phoenix – J-Boy

I have a real soft spot for electro-pop. There’s something about the lilting melodies and crystalline synths that brings me back to summers riding around on Honda Sprees jumping from one pool party to another. Except I didn’t have a Spree and I was rarely invited to pool parties as an awkward dope in junior high. But I could imagine the soundtrack and wax nostalgic, even at the time.

French popsters proved to be masters of the genre with 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, an album so packed with perfect break-up/make-up songs that it became the soundtrack to bachelorette parties for two years.

And now the band is back with more of the same on their new album, Ti Amo. And like me, they’re in a nostalgic mood with a video homage to Italian variety shows from the 80s. I tweeted yesterday—largely in response to Ryan Adams’ continued obsession with glossy production—“If we’re going to emulate the 80s, can it least be The Smiths?” I guess not, but this is at least hummable and I can afford my own Spree now.

Ti Amo is due June 9 on Glassnote Records. Pre-order now.

Phoenix: web, twitter, fb, amazon, wiki.

New Pizza Tramp video: My Back’s [email protected] F*&ked

Video: Pizza Tramp – “My Back’s [email protected] F*&ked”

Pizza Tramp – My Back's [email protected] F*&ked (Official Video)

From Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan, due May 29 on Bandcamp.

Chronic back pain is an affliction that affects millions. Pizza Tramp tackles the subject unflinchingly. Who can’t relate?

Pizzatramp: web, fb, amazon, wiki.

Via Punknews.

New Como Mamas video: Count Your Blessings

Video: The Como Mamas – “Count Your Blessings”

The Como Mamas "Count Your Blessings"

From Move Upstairs, out now on Daptone Records.

There are times when — even if you don’t believe in anything — gospel music is exactly what you need. The Como Mamas will fill a void in your heart that you didn’t even know was there.

The Como Mamas are Ester Mae Smith, Angela Taylor, and Della Daniels, and I want them to adopt me. (I am an orphan after all.) They’re backed up by the “Glorifiers Band,” who are essentially a subset of the Dap-Kings: Homer Steinweiss, Bosco Mann, and Thomas Brenneck. This is music that stirs your soul and makes you feel good.

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New Elf Power video: Halloween Out Walking

Video: Elf Power – “Halloween Out Walking”

Elf Power – Halloween out Walking

From Twitching in Time, out now on Orange Twin Records.

Hard to believe these Elephant Sixers have been going at it for over twenty years now. Good for them, though, as long as they keep making good psychedelic folk music like this. The video answers the age-old question: What would happen if you bring a Wubble to a baseball diamond? I’m rather shocked it didn’t just immediately pop the instant it touched the gravel.

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New Banditos video: Fine Fine Day

Video: Banditos – “Fine Fine Day”

Banditos "Fine Fine Day" (Official Music Video)

Someday soon we won’t need mindbending chemicals to reach altered states. We’ll just be able to plug in to the hub and start drooling. At least that’s the future painted by these psychedelic Southern rock Banditos. Dudes, invite us over to your garage and plug us in! Looks fun.

From Visionland, out June 23 on Bloodshot Records.

Banditos: web, twitter, fb, amazon, wiki.