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New Tom Waits Video: Hell Broke Luce

Video: Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”

After some intriguing teaser images, Tom Waits has released his a new video for a song from his 2011 album Bad As Me a day earlier than expected. Directed By Matt Mahurin. Still no word on a tour to promote the album.

As a bonus, here’s a couple of videos from Waits’ recent forays in late night television last month.

Video: Tom Waits – Jimmy Fallon interview

Video: Tom Waits – “Raised Right Man” (live on Jimmy Fallon)

Video: Tom Waits – David Letterman interview

Video: Tom Waits – “Chicago” (live on David Letterman)

Marissa from The O.C. chases Noel Gallagher all over town in her underwear

Video: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Everybody’s On The Run”

You can tell a lot about people by their choice of shoes and undergarments. In Noel Gallagher’s latest video, our star-crossed heroes bond over a shared love of suede trainers and leopard print skivvies. And, naturally, Noel drives the cab.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is out now on Mercury (UMG).

Kids Pay Tribute to Adam Yauch in Sabotage Remake

Like any good Gen-Xer I have been sharing my love for the Beastie Boys with my son. It’s become more focused and poignant with Adam Yauch’s passing and so when I see stuff like this I can’t help but smile and feel good knowing there are other cool-ass kids out there learning about the band. I love this video and you just know MCA would too.

Via Kill Rock Stars

New Jack White video: Sixteen Saltines

Video: Jack White: “Sixteen Saltines”

A creepy video for Jack’s second single off his debut solo album, Blunderbuss.

And in case you missed it, here’s the first video.

Video: Jack White – “Love Interruption”

Blunderbuss is out April 24.

Teegarden & Van Winkle Live on Detroit TV

Way back when we first kicked off this whole shit show I posted an article on my recent record buying finds, including a pick-up of an album for which I knew some personal, detailed history but had never actually heard or seen. One of my longest-running musical collaborator’s father had engineered this album (among many others in the late 60s Detroit scene) and he’d told us stories about his adventures with the jazz-rock duo Teegarden & Van Winkle.

Jim Cassily was always good for a story and his eyes would gleam with more than a hint of mischief when he told these particular tales. He loved that his son was in a band as well and clearly revelled in sharing his own exploits as a musician and engineer. Whether it was the early days with Bob Seger or his later life discovery of Irish folk musicians, Cassily was an enthusiast. None of those stories quite got the excited treatment of his days with friends Dave Teegarden and Skip Van Winkle though. To hear him tell it, we had missed the Detroit equivalent of Traffic. Finding that record in 2001 confirmed the musical prowess he credited to the band and now this video clip bolsters his claims that these guys would get “out there.”

Dig this awesome clip of pure Detroit freak-out, live on TV.

VIDEO: Teegarden & Van Winkle Live on Detroit TV

*Note: That dapper man with the ascot (or whatever that is around his neck) is Jim himself, running sound and feeling groovy.

Jonathan Richman recites poem about playing clubs at 60

Stream: Jonathan Richman – “My Music (For MOJO Magazine)”

This is so good. MOJO magazine shared this fantastic poem and here’s the back story:

“The preposterously youthful 60-year-old is currently touring the UK, and while MOJO’s requests for an interview met with the usual polite refusal, Richman offered to interview himself in the form of a poem.”

It starts out like this:

So Jonathan, does it feel at all strange to be sixty years old,
Singing in clubs now for forty odd years,
Playing for students a third your age?
Yes, it feel strange.
Yes, it feel strange.
My face keeps on changing, but the public stays 20.

I once almost got into a fight with a guy over Jonathan Richman. I was young and earnest and couldn’t believe that any decent human being could have heard but not like Jonathan Richman. It didn’t come to blows, thank goodness, but that’s mostly because it was morning, I was hungover, and I was staying at this guy’s apartment for the weekend. I’ve gotten considerably less rigid regarding my prerequisites for decent humanity, but I still think that if you don’t like Jonathan Richman you’re probably an asshole.

Jonathan Richman’s latest album, O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth, was released in 2010.

New Wilco video starring Popeye

Video: Wilco – “Dawned On Me”

I usually hate animated videos but this one was pretty fun. It’s apparently “the first hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in more than 30 years.” Which is odd, because who knew that there have been any Popeye cartoons made in the past 30 years?

Even if you’re not impressed by the primitive animation and silly storyline (Olive Oyl picks Tweedy over Popeye and Bluto? Come on!), “Dawned On Me” is one of the highlights of Wilco’s The Whole Love. Sonically similar to “Kamera” off Yankee Hotel Foxtrot with an added layer of Nels Cline dental drill guitar, it’s one of the sweetest love songs Tweedy’s written in years. “I can’t help it if I fall in / love with you again, I’m calling / just to let you know / it dawned on me.”

Dads across America will be putting this on mixes for our wives.

More info: (for real)

Wooderson recommends doing what feels right (for once in your life)

Video: Butch Walker And The Black Widows – “Synthesizers”

“To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the filming and inception of [Dazed and Confused],” Butch Walker says, “we brought a little someone from the film back to be the life of the party for our new video for the song ‘Synthesizers.’ The song lyrics really relate to just about anyone who has a hard time moving on with the changes that life throws at you.”

This video made my day.

Butch Walker’s The Spade is out now. Here’s another song from it:

Summer Of ’89 by Butch Walker

Butch Walker: Web, Twitter, FB.

Watch Howlin’ Wolf get heckled by, berate Son House

Video: Howlin’ Wolf Defines the Blues, “Meet Me In The Bottom”

Howlin' Wolf explains the blues

This is something else! Wolf is patiently trying to explain what the Blues really are, while he’s repeatedly heckled (off-mic, unfortunately) by an apparently loaded Son House. After not too long Wolf has had enough and rips into House.

“You had a chance with your life but you ain’t done nothing with it… See now you don’t love but one thing and that’s some whiskey.” You can hear House arguing something to the effect of “I wants her! Now she ain’t whiskey.”

Wolf then goes into the story behind “Meet Me In The Bottom” and plays a killer version of it. The sax in this jam is so tight, you won’t believe it. I guarantee that sax player had ladies knocking on his door after the show. So cool.

I’ve been getting into Howlin’ Wolf lately, having recently gotten a hold of Smokestack Lightning: The Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960. It’s a great collection.

Found this video via the Hound Blog’s excellent Son House post.

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Watch a new video starring Liz Phair

This is a mildly amusing song about a guy who suspects that his wife (played in the video by Liz Phair) is getting some service from a non-authorized dealer. The punchline is silly, but Liz looks great throughout.

Will Forte steals the show, of course.