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Sales: Michael Jackson, again, beats the #1 album

BillboardFor the third week in a row, Michael Jackson has sold more albums than anything on the Billboard 200. His Number Ones collection sold 349,000 copies, while this week’s “No. 1” record, Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night, only sold 316,000.

He can be posthumously comforted by the fact that he’s locked the TOP TWELVE positions on the Catalog Chart:

1. Michael Jackson – “Number Ones” – 349,000 (up 3%)

2. Michael Jackson – “The Essential Michael Jackson” – 149,000 (up 18%)

3. Michael Jackson – “Thriller” – 264,000 (up 41%) [Wait, shouldn’t this be #2 then? -ed.]

4. Michael Jackson – “Off The Wall” – 107,000 (up 108%)

5. Michael Jackson – “Bad” – 97,000 (up 332%)

6. Michael Jackson – “Dangerous” – 67,000 (up 157%).

7. Jackson 5 – “The Ultimate Collection” – 34,000 (up 239%)

8. Jackson 5 – “The Best of Jackson 5: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection” – 17,000 (up 280%)

9. Michael Jackson – “Greatest Hits: HIStory — Volume 1” – 15,000 (up 98%)

10. Michael Jackson – “HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book 1” – 14,000 (up 153%)

11. Michael Jackson – “Invincible” – 14,000 (up 61%)

12. Michael Jackson – “The Ultimate Collection” – 7,000 (down 26%)

According to Billboard, since he died, “consumers have purchased 1.9 million physical MJ albums and 491,000 digital MJ albums.” Amazing.

Top Ten of the non-catalog albums after the jump…

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John Lennon – Watching the Wheels (acoustic demo)

John LennonStream: John Lennon – “Watching the Wheels” acoustic demo (ASX, QTL)

This version of Lennon’s classic Double Fantasy single was originally released on the 2004 Acoustic collection, which caught a lot of flack for containing 9 previously released tracks (out of 16), It’s now being released on the soundtrack to an upcoming Judd Apatow/Adam Sandler/Seth Rogen movie. Just John and a guitar, still working out the song’s lyrics. Fascinating to imagine the different arrangements this song might’ve taken…

John Lennon: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

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Sales: Wilco (the album) Beats Off the Wall

BillboardIn the wake of Michael Jackson posthumously setting all kinds of chart records, Billboard has actually published the Top 25 of its all-encompassing Comprehensive Album Chart as well as the Top 22 of its Catalog Album Chart.

Wilco has the seventh best selling album of the week, which, when you subtract the three Michael Jackson “catalog” albums ahead of it, places it as #4 on the Billboard 200, selling almost twice as many copies as Off the Wall!

The big news though is the Catalog Chart, which MJ sweeps:

1. Michael Jackson – “Number Ones” – 339,000 (up 215%)

2. Michael Jackson – “Thriller” – 187,000 (up 86%)

3. Michael Jackson – “Essential Michael Jackson” – 125,000 (up 23%)

4. Michael Jackson – “Off the Wall” – 51,000 (up 58%)

5. Michael Jackson – “Dangerous” – 26,000 (up 85%)

6. Michael Jackson – “Bad” – 23,000 (up 33%)

7. Jackson 5 – “Ultimate Collection” – 10,000 (down 44%)

8. Michael Jackson – “Ultimate Collection” – 10,000 (down 10%)

9. Michael Jackson – “Invincible” – 8,000 (up 76%)

10. Michael Jackson – “Vol. 1 – Greatest Hits – History” – 7,000 (down 36%)

Top 10 of the non-catalog albums after the jump…

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Most Popular GLONO Items: June 2009

Glorious Noise: a nicer place to be.Once a month we look back on the stuff we wrote that got the most attention. We don’t do any special weighting for items that appeared later in the month, or anything fancy like that. These are simply the things that received the most views last month, according to our stats.

Since we spent a great deal of energy this week whining about how Billboard splits their “catalog” releases apart from their main chart, we’ve decided it would be hypocritical for us not to present our own comprehensive chart. So here it is, the GLONO 20.

1. Elliott Smith’s Girlfriend Cut Off (2007)

2. 21 Reasons Why Jay Bennett Should Be Back In Wilco (February 2009)

3. Axl Rose Won’t Leave His House (June 2009)

4. Neverland Ranch: Ghost Town (2008)

5. 21 Essential Songs from Neil Young’s Archives Vol. 1 (June 2009)

See chart positions 6 through 20 after the jump…

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Michael Jackson once again excluded from Billboard 200

Michael Jackson, looking awesomeTo nobody’s surprise, Michael Jackson has broken Billboard records in the week after his death. More than anything, this week’s sales data once again points out the anachronistic stupidity of the way Billboard separates “catalog” albums from “current” albums in its chart system. The Billboard 200 excludes anything that is more than two years old and that has fallen below position 100 on the Billboard 200. Why? Who knows?

Back in February of 2008, when the 25 anniversary reissue of Thriller would have placed at #2 had it been included in the Billboard 200, Billboard’s “Sr. Director of Charts” Geoff Mayfield told Undercover News that “Sony-BMG stated a strong case and we did consider it… I took to heart their comments and then I took it to retail. The response I got overwhelmingly is that it is a catalogue album and belongs on the catalogue chart.”

That doesn’t really clear it up. Labels want reissues included in the main chart, but retailers don’t? Why would retailers care? The whole thing seems stupid to me. Billboard has a Top Comprehensive Albums list, but nobody ever sees it. It’s not published in the magazine and can only be viewed online with a paid subscription.

It’s just stupid to exclude older titles to the “catalog” ghetto, especially in this era of the long tail. The #1 album this week (Black Eyed Peas’ “The E.N.D.”) only sold 88,000: that’s 13,000 less than the third-best selling Michael Jackson album this week. Insane.

See the top ten of the Billboard Catalog chart after the jump…

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Stone Roses Singles Reissued This Summer

In a run up to the August re-release of their debut album, the Stone Roses will release five singles once a week starting July 6 in Britain. According to the NME, the re-issues will kick off with “Elephant Stone” and be followed by “Made Of Stone” out on July 13, “She Bangs The Drums” (20), “Fools Gold” (27) and “One Love” (August 3).

Each release will come backed with untitled, previously-unreleased recordings by the Manchester legends.

That sounds to me like each will have the standard backwards track that was often included on Roses singles, but here’s hoping for a little more than that.

Two special editions of The Stone Roses’ 1989 debut album, a “collector’s” and “legacy” edition, are set for release on August 10.

stone roses: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Video: Attack Attack! – "Stick Stickly"

The lengths some bands will go to in order to stand out…ENTER: Attack Attack and their awfully hilarious video for “Stick Stickly.” This is apparently the band’s attempt to carve out a brand new sub-genre for themselves; a little something called “Crabcore.” And I have to give them (or their web savvy fans) props for getting a Wikipedia entry on the subject posted (which is more than our fair GLONO can say).

Video: Attack Attack! – “Stick Stickly”

Check out the Wikipedia entry after the jump, it’s hilarious…

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Neil Young Album Tracks Not on the Archives

Neil Young Archives Volume 1 (1963 - 1972)If you were to believe the press surrounding the release of Neil Young‘s epic Archives Vol. 1, you would understandably assume that the set is definitive. USA Today went as far as claiming that the box “compiles every song he wrote and recorded in that period, plus all significant performances.” Well, even a cursory glimpse at the track listings of Neil’s officially released albums would reveal the blatant falacy of this statement. Clearly, the fact checkers have all been downsized.

Fortunately for the completists out there, on the same day that the Archives were released, Neil also quietly released remastered versions of his first four albums to iTunes and Amazon MP3. A spokesman has confirmed that physical releases will follow, eventually, on HDCD and vinyl. Below, we list the album tracks not included on the Archives.

Neil Young

• “The Emperor Of Wyoming” (not included on Archives)

• “If I Could Have Her Tonight” (not included on Archives)

• “String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill” (not included on Archives)

• “I’ve Been Waiting For You” (Archives contains previously unreleased mix)

• “Here We Are In The Years” (Archives contains second version)

• “What Did You Do To My Life” (Archives contains previously unreleased mix)

See what’s missing from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Goldrush, and Harvest after the jump…

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Big Star Bonanza: Box Set, Bonus Tracks, more

Big Star - Keep An Eye On The Sky

For a band who only released two real albums that were both universally ignored at the time, Big Star certainly has a high profile these days. Why? Because they wrote really catchy songs that might not have been en vogue at the time, but have aged very, very well. It doesn’t hurt that everyone from R.E.M. to Okkervil River has covered their songs.

And now they’re getting the reissue treatment. And how. First off, the twofer of #1 Record (1972) and Radio City (1974) is getting remastered and reissued and re-released on June 16 with bonus tracks (single mix of “In the Street” and single edit of “O My Soul”). They’re also being released “on two separate vinyl LPs featuring faithfully reproduced artwork, including the original Ardent Records labels.” So that’s pretty cool.

For fans who don’t really care about remastered audio or alternate mixes, on September 15 Rhino is releasing a four-disc box set of rarities, including “pre-Big Star bands Rock City and Icewater, solo work from Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, and unreleased material from the #1 Record, Radio City and Third/Sister Lover sessions.” The fourth disc contains live material from January 1973 including some covers of the Flying Burrito Brothers, the Kinks, and T.Rex. You can stream the unreleased “Lovely Day” at Rhino’s site.

As if that’s not enough Rhino Handmade is releasing a deluxe edition Chris Bell’s solo album I Am The Cosmos, too.

MP3: Chris Bell – “I Am the Cosmos”

Big Star: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

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Cool Band: 1776

1776 I must admit: I got very, very drunk Saturday night. I went to see a couple of local bands who are somehow associated with the Dandy Warhols and ended up mostly incoherent in the back of a cab stinking of gin and Voodoo Donuts. But just before everything went south (and maybe because of it) I saw my new favorite local band: 1776.

Comprised of four young dudes with tasty vintage gear and excellent hair, 1776 enthusiastically pulls from their influences the best kind of psychedelic rock that is as much MC5 as the Buffalo Springfield. Guitarist and vocalist Nigel Legerwood bangs away on a Danelectro 12-string while bassist Zach Whitton keeps the entire troupe anchored with Rick Danko-inspired bass lines and (again) a fantastic mop of hair.

Portland is home to many-a-psyche rock wannabe band who have probably spent too much time watching Dig! And not enough time listening to The Notorious Bird Brothers (I’m talking to you, The Upsidedown), but 1776 has clearly dug deeper and I’m excited to see how they freak out over time.

MP3: 1776 – “Too Much” (via The Portland Mercury)

1776: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, MySpace