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Beastie Boys Adam Yauch Cancer Update

Fight for Your Right to HealthcareReceived an email update this morning from Adam Yauch a.k.a. Beastie Boy MCA. He says he’s “rapidly recovering” from his surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his parotid gland. He’s not taking any of the pain medication in an effort to speed the healing process.

In a few weeks, he’ll next start radiation treatments, a few minutes a day, 5 days a week, for about 7 weeks. Get well soon, Yauch!

Read the full statement and see Jay-Z’s “No Sleep till Brooklyn” tribute after the jump…

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Most Popular GLONO Items: July 2009

Glorious Noise: a nicer place to be.Once a month we look back on the stuff we wrote that got the most attention. We don’t do any special weighting for items that appeared later in the month, or anything fancy like that. These are simply the things that received the most views last month, according to our stats. If an item ranked last month, its position is in parenthesis.

1. (10) Runaways Movie Planned: Neon Angels (2007)

2. (1) Elliott Smith’s Girlfriend Cut Off (2007)

3. Remastered Beatles Box Sets Available for Pre-Order (July 2009)

4. (4) Neverland Ranch: Ghost Town (2008)

5. Rothbury 2009 (July 2009)

See positions 6 through 20 after the jump…

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Senate Urges Review of Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger

Yep, elections have consequences and after years of hyper capitalism and oversight-free marketeerism, the Big Wigs in Washington are starting to think bigger isn’t always better for the consumer.

This week Rolling Stone reports that lawmakers have asked the Department of Justice to review the merger between live event ticketing mega-giant Ticketmaster and event promoter Live Nation.

The proposed merger would find Ticketmaster, the nation’s biggest ticketing service and owners of Front Line Management and secondary ticketing site TicketsNow, joining up with Live Nation, America’s biggest concert producer. Live Nation, which also owns dozens of amphitheatres and has inked 360 deals with artists like Madonna and Jay-Z, launched their own ticketing service late last year in a move that was expected to create competition in the ticketing market. Instead, the two companies quickly began talks to merge, announcing plans to create a joint company called Live Nation Ticketmaster in February 2009.

For some reason, Senators think that an expansion of an already shitty ticketing service with the nation’s largest concert promoter might be a bad thing for music fans. Go figure…

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7 Worlds Collide Album Details

7 Worlds CollideTwo of GLONO’s worlds collide as Johnny Marr and Jeff Tweedy team up for the upcoming 7 Worlds Collide album, The Sun Came Out. In case you haven’t heard about it, this is the project that Crowded House founder Neil Finn started to raise money for charity. Recorded in New Zealand during everybody’s “Christmas holiday,” Finn gathered an impressive collection of musicians to work on the double album due September 29 via Sony Music.

In addition to Marr and Tweedy, Wilco‘s Glenn Kotche, John Stirratt, and Pat Sansone play on most of the tracks. Radiohead‘s Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway contribute to several songs as well. Check out who plays and sings on each of 24 songs after the jump…

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Sub Pop Looks Back and Offers Discounts

Sub Pop I like this. Sub Pop has a new feature on their site called For the Record that has staffers dig through the back catalog and write up something on the records that move them. This week’s feature is Beachwood Sparks Once We Were Trees, originally released on October 10, 2001.

Once we were Trees was my introduction to much of the country music that I would come to love. Before Beachwood Sparks, I didn’t have a sense of why or Grievous Angel were such revered records, to me they sounded like twangy earaches. It wasn’t an easy sell, in fact, it took a few years following the release of this record to get into a lot of those records, but I attribute OWWT to my love of John Phillips, Graham Parsons [sic], Townes Van Zandt, and The Byrds. They were also an introduction to a family of bands that I’ve come to love quite dearly, including: The Tyde, All Night Radio, Further, Mystic Chords of Memory, and Summer Hits (for more info: The Calming Seas). I owe a lot to this record.

I love the idea of pushing back stock in a way that is relevant to your readers and your business. They clearly have copies of this album laying around that they’d like to unload, but instead of just having a fire sale that slashes the prices of these mostly forgotten releases, we get a little context for why we should buy these records. Oh, and there is a discount: Pick it up through Thursday, July 30 here for $6 on CD/LP or $4 digitally.

MP3: Beachwood Sparks – “Confusion Is Nothing New”

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Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

The Jaguar ClubFor a while now, Brooklyn has been a hotbed of cooler than thou indie bands and freaky neo-hippies; I don’t know what is going on over there. Maybe that little borough has an unusually high unemployment rate that allows these kids to lounge about making records and scouring vintage shops. Whatever…keep the good jams coming.

The Jaguar Club is our latest find and they indeed hail from Brooklyn but exhibit more of an association with mid-80s Manchester than the neo-funk or synth driven palette of their neighbors. There’s more than a bit of the Smiths lurking in the corners of their basement and the minimalist approach to recording would make our friends in MGMT quiver at the thought of being so exposed. Singer/guitarist Will Popadic’s vocal styling won’t be for everyone. The band’s one-sheet cites Morrissey and Interpol‘s Paul Banks as inspirations and neither exhibit a dynamic range but each (especially our beloved Moz) offer a distinct personality that our newbie is still trying to find. But check them out and let’s see how they develop on their debut self-released LP And We Wake Up Slowly, out on September 1.

MP3: The Jaguar Club – “Sleepwalking”

Tour dates after the jump…

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Riviera Songs in A&E's The Cleaner

Surprise! We were told that the episode featuring Riviera songs was to air next week. As it turns out, it aired last night, July 21.

Luckily for you rabid Riviera fans, A&E posts video clips of the show on their website. If you skip to clip #5 you can see the final two scenes of the show that use the songs “Golden Lies” and “Friends in California.”

The episode will re-air on Monday, July 27 at 10:00pm Central.

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Beastie Boys Cancel Summer Dates, Yauch With Cancer

The Beastie Boys have canceled their summer dates and pushed back the release of their upcoming album indefinitely. In a video message on Adam Yauch announced that he’d been diagnosed with a localized form of cancer in his parotid gland and in one lymph node. Yauch says that a complete scan of his body shows the cancer has not spread.

Beastie Boys – Adam Yauch Announcement

The Beastie Boys were scheduled to headline one night of this year’s Lollapalooza. Earlier this year Adam Yauch (a.k.a. MCA) told, “[The new album’s] a pretty weird record,” Yauch said, adding that unlike 2007’s all-instrumental The Mix-Up, the new LP will feature “a lot of rhyming and playing and sampling — all combined.”

Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to MCA.

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Cool Band: Adam and Darcie

MP3: Adam and Darcie – “Hands/ Mind” from California Trail, out July 24 on Village Ten, and July 20 overseas on Indiecater Records.

Lovely, orchestral pop by a husband/wife duo from Utah. What’s not to like? I hear a lot of middle-period Elliott Smith in “Hands/ Mind,” which makes me both happy and sad, like a good song should. “I am waiting for my hands to catch up with my mind / I’m running out of time / I’m running out of time…”

One more: Adam and Darcie – “National Forest”

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Sales: Michael Jackson, again, beats the #1 album

BillboardFor the third week in a row, Michael Jackson has sold more albums than anything on the Billboard 200. His Number Ones collection sold 349,000 copies, while this week’s “No. 1” record, Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night, only sold 316,000.

He can be posthumously comforted by the fact that he’s locked the TOP TWELVE positions on the Catalog Chart:

1. Michael Jackson – “Number Ones” – 349,000 (up 3%)

2. Michael Jackson – “The Essential Michael Jackson” – 149,000 (up 18%)

3. Michael Jackson – “Thriller” – 264,000 (up 41%) [Wait, shouldn’t this be #2 then? -ed.]

4. Michael Jackson – “Off The Wall” – 107,000 (up 108%)

5. Michael Jackson – “Bad” – 97,000 (up 332%)

6. Michael Jackson – “Dangerous” – 67,000 (up 157%).

7. Jackson 5 – “The Ultimate Collection” – 34,000 (up 239%)

8. Jackson 5 – “The Best of Jackson 5: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection” – 17,000 (up 280%)

9. Michael Jackson – “Greatest Hits: HIStory — Volume 1” – 15,000 (up 98%)

10. Michael Jackson – “HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book 1” – 14,000 (up 153%)

11. Michael Jackson – “Invincible” – 14,000 (up 61%)

12. Michael Jackson – “The Ultimate Collection” – 7,000 (down 26%)

According to Billboard, since he died, “consumers have purchased 1.9 million physical MJ albums and 491,000 digital MJ albums.” Amazing.

Top Ten of the non-catalog albums after the jump…

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