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Pete Doherty Solo Album Details Revealed

Pete Doherty Phones It In The NME claims to have the first copy of Pete Doherty‘s as-yet-unnamed solo album and they’ve posted details of what’s inside. What does it sound like? “Well, like Gorillaz. And The Coral. And The La’s. And Blur. And Bob Dylan.” OK.

The album apparently features a lot of work from the recently reunited Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and veers from plaintive acoustic ballads and musings on what it is to be British, to “Gorrillaz-esque” dance and drone numbers. Production credit goes to Stephen Street and the album was recorded at London’s Olympic Studios, according to Spin.

The album is currently slated to drop on March 9 in the UK with no US release date yet scheduled.

Tracklisting after the jump…

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Johnny Marr Joins Wilco for Radiohead Cover

I sometimes obsess over bands. Two of my heaviest obsessions were focused on The Smiths and Wilco. So, if I had been in the audience when Johnny Marr joined the members of Wilco, Liam Finn, and Radiohead‘s Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway on a cover of “Fake Plastic Trees” I may have pissed my pants and screamed like a little girl. Instead, I am watching the video in my office. Check it out.

Video: 7 Worlds Collide – “Fake Plastic Trees”

Via Pitchfork.

7 Worlds Collide: MySpace, YouTube, wiki.

Most Popular GLONO Items: Dec. 2008

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3. The 21 Best Beatles Songs Not on One, Red, or Blue (December)

4. (3) Fun with Forkcast, Round 11 (November)

5. (8) Jeff Mangum, Astra Taylor Married (January)

6. Review: Neil Young – Sugar Mountain-Live At Canterbury House 1968 (December)

7. Good Night Chicago: A Brief History (December)

8. Play Christmas songs with Weezer on your iPhone (December)

9. (4) MP3: Third Eye Blind – “Non-Dairy Creamer” (November)

10. Have Yourself A Zenyatta Mondatta Christmas (December)

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Ron Asheton, Dead at 60

The Ann Arbor News reports that Stooges’ guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead in his home this morning.

This is sad news for anyone who gives a shit about real, American punk rock: Asheton pretty much invented it on The Stooges and Fun House. If you don’t know those two albums, then you do not care about music. I love the New York Dolls and the MC5 as much as the next guy, but those bands just look like Rolling Stones wannabes compared to the Neanderthal stomp of Asheton’s work with the Stooges. The Stooges invented punk rock.

I’m glad I got the chance to see Asheton in action a couple years ago at Lollapalooza. Back then I said the show “proved once and for all that punk would have been equally important and influential had it never crossed the Atlantic Ocean.” It’s still true.

Ron Asheton, Lollapalooza 2007

Photo by Alan M. Paterson for Glorious Noise.

Via Rolling Stone.

MP3: The Stooges – “My Idea of Fun” from The Weirdness, recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini.

New project from the Rentals: Songs About Time

The Rentals - Songs About TimeMatt Sharp and the Rentals have a new multimedia project they’re calling Songs About Time, billed as “one year in photography, film and music.” According to the site, the band will record and release three new digital mini-albums over 2009 with the first appearing in April, and the next two in July and October. Each mini-album will sell for “around ten dollars” exclusively from the band’s music store (driven by Topspin, by the way, who are cool people).

The project also includes a daily photo diary and weekly short films about the writing and recording of the music.

There will be a limited edition deluxe box set for sale “that encompasses the film, music and photography that we have created over the year.” The set will be individually numbered and signed by the Rentals and includes 180 gram vinyl, original artwork, compact discs featuring all the music as well as the complete original score from the film soundtrack, and other goodies to be revealed in April. The first 365 people to purchase the limited edition deluxe box set will receive extras including backstage passes to upcoming Rentals shows.

Give them your email address and they will send you a link to download a new MP3 “within a day or two.” Haven’t gotten ours yet but we’ll be sure to let you know how it is when we do.

Top-Selling Albums of 2008

Overall album sales are down again this year, but here are the Top-Selling Albums Of ’08, according to Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan:

1. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III – 2.88 million

2. Coldplay – Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends – 2.15 million

3. Taylor Swift – Fearless – 2.11 million

4. Kid Rock – Rock N Roll Jesus – 2 million

5. AC/DC – Black Ice – 1.92 million

6. Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift – 1.6 million

7. Metallica – Death Magnetic – 1.57 million

8. T.I. – Paper Trail – 1.52 million

9. Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static – 1.5 million

10. Beyonce – I Am … Sasha Fierce – 1.46 million


• It’s the first time the best selling album of the year has sold less than 3 million since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991.

• In 2008, there were 428.4 million albums sold, down 14.4% compared to 500.5 million in 2007.

• Digital downloads of albums: 65.79 million albums this year (15.4% of the overall album market), compared to 50.01 million (10% of the album market) in 2007.

• Physical CD albums made up 360.6 million albums this year (84% of the market), compared to 449.18 million (90% of overall album sales) in 2007. That’s a 19.7% drop in CD sales.

• Vinyl albums sold 1.8 million, more than any other year since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991.

More data: Digital Boosts 2008 Sales To New Mark.

Previously: 2007, 2006.

Keef Dishes on Some of His Faves

Guitar World has a great little interview with Keith Richards discussing his favorite Stones’ songs and how they came about. There’s nothing surprising on the songlist itself, but some of Keith’s commentary on them is really interesting.

Selected gems include:

Satisfaction – When I wrote the song, I didn’t think of that particular riff as the big guitar riff…I actually thought of that guitar line as a horn riff. The way Otis Redding ended up doing it is probably closer to my original conception for the song….And two weeks later I hear it on the radio. I said, “No, that was just a demo!” They said, “No, it’s a hit.” At least Otis got it right. Our version was a demo for Otis.

Mother’s Little Helper – The main riff is a 12-string with a slide on it. It’s played slightly Orientalish. This was even before sitars were used in rock music. It just needed something to make it twang, ’cause otherwise the song was quite vaudeville in a way.

Jumping Jack Flash – “Jumping Jack Flash” comes from this guy, Jack Dyer, who was my gardener—an old English yokel. Mick and I were in my house down in the south of England…On the record, I played a Gibson Hummingbird [acoustic] tuned to either open E or open D with a capo. And then I added another [acoustic] guitar over the top, but tuned to Nashville tuning [tuned like a 12-string guitar without the lower octave strings]. I learned that from somebody in George Jones‘ band, in San Antonio in ’63. We happened to be playing the World Teen Fair together. This guy in a Stetson and cowboy boots showed me how to do it, with the different strings, to get that high ring. I was picking up tips.

Street Fighting Man – On “Street Fighting Man,” there’s one six-string and one five-string acoustic. They’re both in open tunings, but then there’s a lot of capo work. There are lots of layers of guitars on “Street Fighting Man,” so it’s difficult to say what you’re hearing on there. ‘Cause I tried eight different guitars, and which ones were used in the final version I couldn’t say.

Gimmie Shelter – Some guy crashed out at my pad for a couple of days, then suddenly split in a hurry and left that guitar behind, like, “take care of this for me.” I certainly did. At the very last note of the take, the whole neck fell off. You can hear it on the original track. That guitar had just that one little quality for that specific thing. In a way, it was quite poetic that it died at the end of the track.

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – We thought we’d finished. We were just rambling and they kept the tape rolling. It was only when we heard the playback we realized: “Oh they kept it going. Okay, fade it out there… no wait, a little bit more, a bit more…” Basically, we realized we had two bits of music: there’s the song and there’s the jam.

Start Me Up – …on a break I just played that guitar riff, not even really thinking much about it; we did a take rocking away and then went back to work and did another 15 reggae takes. Five years later, Mick discovered that one rock take in the middle of the tape and realized how good it was. The fact that I missed “Start Me Up” for five years is one of my disappointments. It just went straight over my head. But you can’t catch everything.

Lots more in the full article.

Dirty Pretty Things Bid Adieu

We’ve been gaga for all things Libertines for a long time now. To the point of being apologists for that degenerate druggy, Pete Doherty. So, it’s with mixed feelings that we approach the news that ex-Libertine Carl Barat‘s band, Dirty Pretty Things, is no more. Their debut album was solid (if not mind blowing or as reckless as the Libs) and live they killed. The rumor will surely ramp up now putting Pete and Carl back together again, but for now let’s bid a fond farewell to DPT. Godspeed, boys!

Photos from one of the last shows: Dirty Pretty Things – Live in London

Our exclusive interview and day out in Chicago with the band: GLONO Video with Dirty Pretty Things

DPT’s Carl Barat and Anthony Rossomando in a touching goodbye immediately after their last show. From their last NME interview as bandmates.

Dirty Pretty Things – The Final Bow

GLONO on Facebook

Hey everybody, we’d like to invite all Facebook users out there to join the GLONO Blog Network. Why? As with most issues concerning social networking tools, the question is really: why not? It’s fun. Get connected…or something…

There’s also a Facebook group for People who love Glorious Noise. Why not, right?

Coming soon: GLONO Second Life Headquarters. Just kidding: I don’t even know what than means. It’s hard enough managing my first life.

Neil Young Archives Update

Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972 (10 Disc)Some new info on Neil Young‘s Archives. First of all, they’ve been pushed back from January 27 to February 24, 2009. You can pre-order them on Amazon (Blu-Ray, DVD).

And Thrasher’s Wheat set up a Q&A with the Archives team that answers a lot of questions. Here’s what we know:

• There will be 128 audio tracks. Including 48 unreleased tracks. This 48 is comprised of 15 unreleased songs and instrumentals, 24 unreleased versions, 8 unreleased mixes, and 1 unreleased “montage” (whatever that means).

• The 80 previously released tracks include Live At The Fillmore East and Live At Massey Hall, but not Live at Canterbury House.

• 20 special feature videos, film clips and film trailers, 55 extra audio tracks of interviews, radio spots and concert raps.

• No Mynah Birds.

• There will be Blu-Ray downloads available to those who have purchased the Blu-Ray set and have a BD-Live compatible player…connected to the Internet.

MP3: Neil Young = “#1 Hit Song” (courtesy of Warner/Reprise)