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Busy Re-Listening to the Beatles

Beatlefest, 1988

Sorry to anybody who’s noticed a lack of posts today. We’re busy listening to the remastered Beatles albums. Mono and stereo. As someone who was a teenager just getting into the Beatles when the enormous wave of hype surrounding the initial release of the Beatles on Compact Disc sucked everybody into the digital world in 1987, this is an exciting time. Simply put, these new remasters blow those CDs out of the water. Digital mastering has come a long way in the past 22 years.

And jeez, we haven’t even opened up our copy of The Beatles: Rock Band yet…

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iTunes Shocker, Round 2: Raising Price Decreases Sales

iTunesBack in April, we looked at some early analysis from Billboard that suggested that raising the price of songs from 99 cents to $1.29 was hurting sales but increasing revenue. In the comments, everyone pointed out that no conclusions could really be drawn from a policy that had only been in place for a matter of days. Well, it’s been a few months now, and the data is in:

Since February, weekly sales of tracks has dropped from the 25 million-per-week range to 21-22 million in July and 20-21 million in August. […] It must be noted, however, that the cause of the drop in track sales – variable pricing and $1.29 at iTunes for most hit songs – has resulted in an increase in wholesale revenue to labels.

So there are about 4 or 5 million fewer songs being sold on iTunes now, but who cares because the labels are making more money! This is exactly the kind of shortsighted bullshit that got the record companies into the mess they’re in. Sure, revenue might be up a little, but there are fewer people buying music. Fewer customers. Labels should be doing everything they can to nurture every single fan who’s willing to fork over cash for digital files. This is a classic example of the major labels shooting themselves in the foot.

When sales decrease 20-30% every two years, how long can this industry even hope to stay afloat?

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POLJUNK: Autotune the News #8: Dragons, Geese and Michael Vick

Cross-post with our National Affairs Desk: POLJUNK. This is so funny we posted it twice!

Video: Auto-Tune the News #8: dragons. geese. Michael Vick. (ft. T-Pain)

More Acoustic Neil Young Coming Soon – Dreamin' Man

Neil Young Archives Performance Series #12: Dreamin' Man

You can criticize Neil Young for a lot of things, but nobody can say that he’s been holding out on us in 2009. A new album, the first volume of the Archives, remastered versions of his first four albums: you’d think that would be enough in one year. You’d be wrong. On his N Y Times, Neil announces his next release:

DREAMIN’ MAN, Neil Young Archives Performance Series #12, will be released on or about Nov. 2nd, 17 years after the original release of Harvest Moon. A closer look at Harvest Moon songs, all performed solo acoustic before the release of Harvest Moon, DREAMIN’ MAN contains intimate live performances recorded in concert halls during 1992.

This was a great period for Neil, and the bootlegs of these shows sounded great. Of course, we already have Unplugged from roughly the same era, but hey…nobody tells Neil what to do.

Most Popular GLONO Items: August 2009

Glorious Noise: a nicer place to be.Once a month we look back on the stuff we wrote that got the most attention. We don’t do any special weighting for items that appeared later in the month, or anything fancy like that. These are simply the things that received the most views last month, according to our stats. If an item ranked last month, its position is in parenthesis.

1. (2) Elliott Smith’s Girlfriend Cut Off (2007)

2. (3) Remastered Beatles Box Sets Available for Pre-Order (July 2009)

3. Billy Ray Cyrus is a Pimp (August 2009)

4. (1) Runaways Movie Planned: Neon Angels (2007)

5. (10) Stone Roses Discuss Remastering Their Debut (June 2009)

See positions 6 through 20 after the jump…

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Amy Winehouse Joins The Specials at V Fest

Still no Jerry Dammers but Amy Winehouse joined the recently reunited ska kings The Specials for a rendition of “You’re Wondering Now” at V Fest. She looks and sounds great and I would absolutely LOVE to see this tour should it hit the USA. What better act for a summer festival?

VIDEO: The Specials & Amy Winehouse at V Fest

VIA Music News Net

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Gibbard and Farrar Team for Kerouac Bio

If someone had asked me what Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Son Volt’s Jay Farrar have in common I might have answered, “They both have unique voices?” As it turns out they have much more in common, including a shared passion for Jack Kerouac and it appears now, co-writing credits on the soundtrack for an upcoming bio on the king of Beat writers.

Gibbard and Farrar were approached by filmmakers in 2007 about writing music for the film One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur (IMDB), due on October 20. According to Farrar, approximately 90% of the soundtrack’s lyrics draw directly from Kerouac’s poems. One wonders how the filmmakers landed on these two as writing partners, a question that isn’t immediately answered by Gibbard.

“I’d never met Jay before, and we found ourselves in a studio with a film crew, just blinking at each other, diving right into recording sessions,” Gibbard told “In that first session, we did 3 or 4 songs together. We had the trepidation of not really knowing each other; getting to know each other in real time as we were recording made for a beautiful recording.”

Album details after the jump…

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iTunes Beats All with 69% Digital Market Share

Two things: One, Digital sales of music is up 15% over last year; Two, iTunes is killing everyone out there, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon.

According to The NPD Group, “Apple iTunes leads in the U.S. with 25 percent of music units (digital or otherwise) sold, which is up from 21 percent in 2008 and 14 percent in 2007.” Walmart comes in second with 14%. CDs are still the dominate medium and account for 65% of all music sold in the first half of the year but digital is gaining fast.

It’s that gaining market that is so interesting and show just how dominate iTunes is in that arena. According to the report iTunes comprised a whopping 69% of the digital sales market, followed by AmazonMP3 with just 8%. Shazam!

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20 Years Ago: Nirvana's Bleach


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana‘s Bleach, Sub Pop is releasing a remastered deluxe edition on November 3. The second disc will contain an unreleased live recording of a complete February 9th, 1990 show at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

Full press release and track listing after the jump…

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Beastie Boys Adam Yauch Cancer Update

Fight for Your Right to HealthcareReceived an email update this morning from Adam Yauch a.k.a. Beastie Boy MCA. He says he’s “rapidly recovering” from his surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his parotid gland. He’s not taking any of the pain medication in an effort to speed the healing process.

In a few weeks, he’ll next start radiation treatments, a few minutes a day, 5 days a week, for about 7 weeks. Get well soon, Yauch!

Read the full statement and see Jay-Z’s “No Sleep till Brooklyn” tribute after the jump…

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