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Techdirt vs. ASCAP (Round 2)

Piracy is not theft

Six months ago, we linked to a Techdirt article wherein Blaise Alleyne challenged the premises of ASCAP’s “Bill of Rights” for Songwriters. One of our regular commenters immediately rebutted Alleyne’s arguments (“That post is BS and uses disingenuous comparisons to make untenable points.”). It took him a while, but Alleyne finally responded:

The problem with the copyright crutch is that digital audio files are an infinite good. The price naturally tends toward zero because the supply is infinite. Musicians and music fans alike would be much better off leveraging the infinite value of digital music (i.e. spreading thread music as far and wide as possible), and capitalize on the scarcities associated with their music (e.g. physical goods like CDs, concert tickets, access to the musician, the ability to create new music, etc.).

ASCAP is stuck trying to enforce artificial scarcity on music through draconian copyright measures. Good luck with that. Musicians would be better off not to get sucked into the sinking ship, but to leverage the economics of abundance to their advantage.

I’m linking it to here so it doesn’t just get lost in the itty bitty comments section…

Play Christmas songs with Weezer on your iPhone

Christmas With Weezer

As if Weezer fans need to get any nerdier.

Weezer and the programmers of popular iPhone application Tap Tap Revenge have teamed up to create “Christmas With Weezer” featuring six Christmas classics recorded exclusively for the game (“Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, “First Noel”, “Hark The Herald Angel Sings”, “O Holy Night”, “Silent Night”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”) and two bonus tracks (“Pork And Beans”, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”). Players “tap and shake their devices to the tunes of the music” in the iPhone equivalent of Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

“Christmas with Weezer” will be available for $4.99 in “a couple of days.” More Weezer news at Karl’s Corner.

Full press release after the jump…

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Most Popular GLONO Items: Nov. 2008

Current Chart

1. Review: Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy (November)

2. Review: The Sound of the Smiths (November)

3. Fun with Forkcast, Round 11 (November)

4. MP3: Third Eye Blind – “Non-Dairy Creamer” (November)

5. Review: Julian Koster – The Singing Saw at Christmastime (November)

6. A Hard Day’s Night: Finding The Beatles Lost Chord (November)

7. Review: AC/DC – Black Ice (November)

8. (1) Jeff Mangum, Astra Taylor Married (January)

9. 2008 Albums Sold – Year To Date (November)

10. (4) Fun with Forkcast, Round 10 (September)

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Whatever happened to the Chicago Alternative Class of 1993?

Chicago Sun-Times pop music critic Jim DeRogatis takes a look back to the promising music scene in Chicago in the mid-90s: The curse of alternative nostalgia: What the heck happened to the Class of ’93? For those of you too young to remember or too otherwise occupied to give a shit at the time, the Class of ’93 included Urge Overkill, Liz Phair, Veruca Salt, and Smashing Pumpkins. DeRo checks back after a decade and a half to see where they are now:

“Alternative to what?” we may once again ask, and finally the answer is obvious: “Absolutely nothing.” Like so many rock bands before them, 15 years down the road, the most promising members of the Class of ’93 are treading dangerously close to that sad but true scene in “Spinal Tap” where the aging metal legends find themselves playing at the state fair.

Of course, this is the same conclusion that famously grouchy Steve Albini came to, well, fifteen years ago in his fantastic letter-to-the-editor of the Chicago Reader in January 1994, Three Pandering Sluts and Their Music Press Stooge:

In your rush to pat these three pandering sluts on the heinie, you miss what has been obvious to the “bullshit” crowd all along: These are not “alternative” artists any more than their historical precursors. They are by, of and for the mainstream. Liz Phair is Rickie Lee Jones (more talked about than heard, a persona completely unrooted in substance, and a fucking chore to listen to), Smashing Pumpkins are REO Speedwagon (stylistically appropriate for the current college party scene, but ultimately insignificant) and Urge Overkill are Oingo Boingo (Weiners in suits playing frat party rock, trying to tap a goofy trend that doesn’t even exist). You only think they are noteworthy now because some paid publicist has told you they are, and you, fulfilling your obligation as part of the publicity engine that drives the music industry, spurt about them on cue.

Does rockcrit get any better than the phrase, “Weiners in suits playing frat party rock”? I’m going to incorporate that phrase into my everyday language.

Top Ten Most Popular GLONO Items: Oct. 2008

We abandoned our GLONO charts a while ago after spambots started compromising the data. Turns out that some spammers really love the Neil Young album, Living with War. Who knew?

Our methodology remains the same: If it’s from the current year (2008), it’s current. If it’s older than that, it’s catalog. Spambots are not filtered from the results, but trust us, they really love Neil Young.

Current Chart

1. Jeff Mangum, Astra Taylor Married (January)

2. Beatles From Above (May)

3. MP3: Bob Dylan – Dreamin’ of You (October)

4. Fun with Forkcast, Round 10 (September)

5. Review: The Clash – Live At Shea Stadium (October)

6. My Bloody Valentine: Live in Chicago (September)

7. Apple Genius? Not So Much (October)

8. Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster Play Engine (October)

9. Todd Rundgren: A Wizard, A True Bore (October)

10. Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Live in Chicago (October)

See the Catalog Chart after the jump…

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Satanic Messiah EP Available Now

The Mountain Goats - Satanic Messiah EPLast month, we told you about the Mountain Goats’ plans to put out a new double-7″ EP in a “hi-gloss UV gatefold sleeve […] in a limited edition of 666 copies” as a tour only release. Well, the digital download is available now in AAC (256kbps), MP3 (320kbps), AIFF, and FLAC formats. You can pay whatever you think is fair.

All files are available at no cost to the listener; you need not give us your email address or anything. Donations, however, through either PayPal or Google Checkout, are greatly appreciated, and, lest there be any question, are earnestly desired; neither the recording nor the mastering were free, and this site exists as something of an experiment. If you choose to accept these songs, please stop by the collection plate and sow your faith-seed, which, like a grain of mustard, et cetera.

Track list:

1. Sarcofago Live

2. Wizard Buys a Hat

3. Satanic Messiah

4. Gojam Province 1968

This is an exciting time for music fans. Hopefully, the experiment will prove that even bands that don’t have the major label cultivated fanbases of Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead can pull this off with a base of dedicated fans who give a shit about the livelihood of their favorite musicians…

Okkervil River's carbon neutral tour

We released our review of The Stand Ins earlier today, but we just saw the press release about Okkervil River‘s current tour. Their goal is to make the national tour “completely carbon neutral” by encouraging fans not to drive to their shows. According to an uncited statistic in the press release, “80% of a tour’s CO2 emissions are created by fans commuting to the show.”

The band hopes to cover the remaining 20% by selling stickers for $2 which will be used to “offset 300 pounds of CO2 emissions.” Interesting idea. If they were super hardcore, they’d bike themselves from show to show, lugging their gear behind them in one of those Burley trailers.

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Springsteen to Rock Super Bowl XLIII

Six years ago yesterday on Glorious Noise, Johnny Loftus compared the NFL season to a world tour by your favorite rock band. Specifically, he explored the similarities between Bruce Springsteen and the Chicago Bears:

Brian Urlacher is not Bruce Springsteen. While the Chicago Bears’ leading tackler and unassuming team leader was a free safety, wide receiver, AND punt returner at New Mexico, Urlacher could not at press time sell out the United Center based on his strength as a songwriter, singer, and bandleader. Nevertheless, Urlacher’s weekly onfield heroics and meat and potatoes demeanor are a rallying point for many Chicagoland football fans. And while he’s never sold out the UC, Urlacher’s passion between the goalpoasts is a big reason why so many Chicagoans make the trip to downstate Champagne for Bears home games, played away while Soldier Field is on the DL. He gives them something to believe in, and please don’t make any Poison bits here. Because the NFL’s highly-paid heroes are, for many Americans, as singularly heroic as a rock and roller like Bruce Springsteen.

I guess we were a little ahead of our time because the National Football League has announced that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will play the halftime slot at the Super Bowl on February 1 in Tampa Bay.

Is Loftus some kind of crazy prophet or something? GLONOstradamus, baby!

Napster Bought by Best Buy: Why?

NapsterI guess I do not understand big business. Best Buy To Buy Napster For $121 Million. Why? What the fuck can Napster possibly offer to anybody? The kitty’s been dead since 2001. Or shortly thereafter.

Looking at the details, it’s obvious that $121 billion is a bit of an exaggeration: “Included in the deal is approximately $67 million in cash and short term investments held by Napster, meaning the net price of the deal would be $54 million, the companies said.” Still $54 million dollars? What for? Oh wait: “The companies said the proposed acquisition includes Napster’s approximately 700,000 subscribers, its Web-based customer service and mobile capabilities.”

700,000 subscribers? Are you kidding me? There are 700,000 people who think think spending $12.95 a month to stream tracks is a good deal? Wow. I guess I do not understand people.