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Autopsy results: Michael Jackson was healthy

Michael Jackson, 2009The Associated Press has obtained a copy of Michael Jackson‘s autopsy report, and the doctor who reviewed it for the AP says, “His overall health was fine” (Variety, Billboard). Nevertheless, there are some interesting tidbits in the report.

The good:

• Jackson weighed 136 pounds, which is “in the acceptable range for a 5-foot-9 man.” I.e., not skeletal.

• His heart was strong, and his kidneys and “most other major organs were normal.”

• Aside from two sedatives and the propofol that caused his death, the only substances found in his system were Lidocaine, which he probably used to numb injection sites and ephedrine, which doctors probably administered to attempt to resuscitate him. The AP reports that “No other drugs – legal or otherwise – were detected, nor was any alcohol.”

The bad:

• His lungs were “chronically inflamed and had reduced capacity that might have left him short of breath.”

• MJ had “arthritis in the lower spine and some fingers, and mild plaque buildup in his leg arteries.”

• Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide caused by “acute propofol intoxication,” with the other sedatives listed as a contributing factor.

The weird:

• Jackson had “several tattoos, all them cosmetic, including dark tattoos in the areas of both eyebrows and under his eyes, and a pink tattoo around his lips.” He also had “what appeared to be a tattoo” across his the top of his head where his “short and tightly curled” hair was receeding.

• He had multiple scars on his face and body. The AP’s doctor said that most of the scars “appeared to be from plastic surgery.”

• There was “depigmentation of his skin around his chest, abdomen, face and arms.” Which seems to confirm his claims of vitiligo.

Most Popular GLONO Items: September 2009

Glorious Noise: a nicer place to be.Once a month we look back on the stuff we wrote that got the most attention. We don’t do any special weighting for items that appeared later in the month, or anything fancy like that. These are simply the things that received the most views last month, according to our stats. If an item ranked last month, its position is in parenthesis.

1. Rhino Records: 1973 – 2009 (Updated) (Sept 2009)

2. Beatles Remasters Finally Coming (April 2009)

3. (2) Remastered Beatles Box Sets Available for Pre-Order (July 2009)

4. Fun with Forkcast, Round 17 (Sept 2009)

5. (1) Elliott Smith’s Girlfriend Cut Off (2007)

See positions 6 through 20 after the jump…

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Cool Band: Spindrift

Spindrift.jpg I caught these guys when they closed out a night of psych rock at Dante’s in Portland. What started out as a love fest for local heroes the Dandy Warhols (who had just hosted the bands on the bill to an apparent desert bacchanal) turned into a loud and trippy homage to spaghetti westerns and West Coast freakiness.

With a flair for the cinematic (the band has its own full length feature film, The Legend of God’s Gun), these Los Angelenos make no attempt to hide their penchant for Ennio Morricone hero worship, and God Bless ’em for it. There’s an undercurrent of violence gurgling under the surface that is too often the focus of modern psych bands, but Spindrift understands that it’s often what’s off-screen that is most frightening.

MP3: Spin Drift – “Beauty”

VIDEO: The Legend of God’s Gun (Director’s Cut Trailer)

Spindrift: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

GLONO Twitter Roundup

In what may become an ongoing feature, below are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Spotify-employed Pirate Bay appeal judge ruled to have conflict of interest. Judgement unanimous, cannot be reversed. about 1 hour ago

# RT @jgrossnas: How the Tape Recorder Killed Journalism about 18 hours ago

# RT @xxofMontrealxx: Kevin Barnes interviews Hall and Oates for Under the Radar! Check it out here: about 18 hours ago

# DJ AM’s tox report showed cocaine, OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Benadryl, and Levamisole: accidental OD. about 19 hours ago

# Ian Brown planning soundtrack album with Johnny Marr, Mani, and Paul Ryder. about 19 hours ago

Lots more after the jump…

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Bloodshot artists in serious accident

This just in from Bloodshot Records:

One of the members of the Bloodshot family, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, was in a terrible van accident yesterday in Indiana, on their way to a show in Cincinnati in support of their new record.

Without getting into too much detail, the van blew a tire and then rolled several times, eventually coming to a rest upside down on the median. The band was transported to the Jasper County Hospital in Rensselaer, IN.

More info, including how you can help, after the jump…

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Johnny Marr’s Five Fave Singles (ft. Johnny Marr)

In a recent interview with Evening News 24, Johnny Marr admitted that he really likes the music he’s made over the years.

“I really loved the Modest Mouse album. I like a lot of Smiths records. I like Dusk by The The. I like some of the Electronic singles. It’s all part of the same life to. If I owned a jukebox, which I don’t, I could probably fill it with 45s out there that I’ve played on and enjoy.”

Here are the five singles featuring his own work he said he would put in that jukebox.

Video: Electronic – “Get The Message”

Electronic: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Check out the other four singles after the jump…

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Jay Farrar recording Mermaid Avenue Vol. 6

The Austin Chronicle reports that Jay Farrar is working on the next volume of unpublished lyrics from the Woody Guthrie Archives. Farrar, along with Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Anders Parker (Varnaline), and Will Johnson (Centro-matic), recorded the album in New York in March, and it “is currently in the mixing stage.”

“Jay sent me a priority mail package full of the lyrics, and I opened it at 4:30 in the afternoon,” Johnson recalls. “Within 17 minutes, I had already documented this one called ‘Chorine My Sheba Queen’ to the recording machine. That speaks far more about the song than anything I did. The lyrics struck me in a way that the music sounded automatic. It made such sense to my soul and my spirit. It’s got an empty and regretful tone but in a very beautiful way. I just latched onto it.”

The Guardian claims that this is “the third Mermaid Avenue collection,” but that’s not accurate. It would be at least the sixth seeing how the Klezmatics have released two albums in the series (Happy Joyous Hanukkah and Wonder Wheel), and Jonatha Brooke recently released another (The Works). Fact checking is hard!

Regardless, it still feels odd that Farrar would invite the inevitable accusations of following in the footsteps of his former bass player in Uncle Tupelo. Then again, I never would’ve thought he’d record with the guy from Death Cab either…

MP3: Jonatha Brooke – “All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me” (lyrics by Woody Guthrie)

Jay Farrar: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Woody Guthrie: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Jonatha Brooke: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Via lhb.

Courtney Love Attacked in New York

Courtney Love at Narciso Rodriguez, September 14, 2009In a series of posts to Twitter, Courtney Love claims she was attacked on the street in New York Wednesday night. We’ve only corrected punctuation and obvious spelling mistakes and typos:

tonight after Proenza and the party at the boom boom room i left Jefferson (rather handsome) and was attacked by a very scary man 1. he threw me against the wall of a building on greene street, grabbed my ([Vera] wang) purse, dumped its contents in street, held me by my neck, crushed 2 the stuff in my purse with his heel. he wore good shoes sorta prada, was a little guidoish but white collar, assassin more, i was shit scared 3. he rubbed up against me while he had me by the neck and he actually was so strong he LIFTED me off the street. he then said, 4 “Courtney” — called me by name — “You’d better fucking keep your fucking mouth shut. no one’s ever going to believe your cunt ass, you have 48 hrs” 5. he then kicked me in my stomach (he was in amazing shape, didn’t look big, was insanely strong, and his eyes were dead dead) and i doubled over 6. he kicked me in my head and said, “48 fucking hours you fucking whore, no more from you shut your fucking face from now on” 7. well so i clutched my stomach lying on greene street half in the gutter and half out, obviously he was there due to my twats [Twitter posts] and texts 8. i just crawled and ran home to the Mercer losing my laboutins on the way, i forgot we were in NYC where Weitzman doesn’t own the cops 9.

We’ve given Courtney plenty of shit over the years, but if that’s even remotely true, that’s seriously fucked up.

It’s easy to dismiss Courtney because of her typos and ranting tone, but the conspiracy theorist in me really wants to believe that she’s uncovered a huge case of identity theft and multi-billion dollar mortgage fraud. I can’t quite follow everything she’s talking about, but the gist seems to be that a group of powerful people have been using Kurt Cobain‘s social security number to finance and re-finance lots of non-existent property all over the country. And she names names of the conspirators: her former boyfriend and producer Jim Barber, accountant Lisa Ferguson, and attorney Howard Weitzman.

After we requested information for a follow-up, Courtney blocked us from her Twitter feed. Which is a bummer. If she gives any updates, please let us know.

Courtney Love: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

MP3: Courtney Love – “Penny Royal Tea”

Image via zimbio.

Video of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero

In case anyone’s confused about why Dave Grohl, Krist Noveselic, and now reportedly Courtney Love (who approved the deal) would care about the use of Kurt Cobain‘s likeness in Guitar Hero need look no further than this video:

Video: Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5

Love has threatened to sue Activision for allowing Cobain to be used in Guitar Hero 5 to sing songs by other artists, which baffles Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig who told the NME that Cobain’s estate (controlled by Courtney Love) was fully aware of the terms of the contract to license Cobain’s likeness and that she “cashed the check.”

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The Beatles sold a lot of albums last week

The BeatlesThe Beatles‘ catalog sold 626,000 units in the U.S. last week, according to Billboard. Five of the top ten best selling albums of the week are Beatles albums. Of course, you won’t find them on the Billboard 200, because that chart anachronistically excludes albums that were released over 18 months ago, and remastered reissues don’t count. So yeah, the Beatles got Michael Jacksoned.

But here are the Top Comprehensive Albums, which includes both catalog and current releases:

1. Jay-Z – “The Blueprint 3” – 476,000

2. Miley Cyrus – “The Time Of Our Lives” – 120,000

3. The Beatles – “Abbey Road” – 89,000

4. Whitney Houston – “I Look To You,” – 88,000

5. The Beatles – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – 74,000

6. Raekwon – “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2” – 68,000

7. The Beatles – “The White Album” – 60,000

8. The Beatles – “Rubber Soul” – 58,000

9. Brooks and Dunn – “#1s … And Then Some” – 55,000

10. The Beatles – “Revolver” – 46,000

Keep reading to find out how all 16 new Beatles releases sold last week, and to see the top ten of the Billboard 200.

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