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Remembering Audiogalaxy

It’s been five years since Audiogalaxy settled with the RIAA, and I still miss it.

Sure, there are still plenty of ways to acquire music, but Audiogalaxy was the best. It had the same “quality control” issues that all user-generated file sharing systems do, but I loved it. My favorite thing about it was the AG Satellite, which I could leave running on my home computer when I went to work. And while I was at work, if I thought of a song I needed, I could add it to my queue via the web interface and the song would usually be waiting for me by the time I got home.

The queue was great because even if there was no one online who had the song you needed, as soon as someone with the song connected, you’d get it. This was great for the really rare shit that only a handful of people cared about. And that’s why I miss those old school filesharing networks: not so I can get the new White Stripes a couple weeks early, but because I was able to eventually find some pre-Monkees Mike Nesmith singles and both sides of the awful Lester Bangs 7-inch, “Let It Blurt” b/w “Live.”

Try finding those on your favorite torrent tracker! (And if you do, let me know, because my copies are shitty 128kbps.)

See also: R.I.P Audiogalaxy by a former Audiogalaxy programmer.

May’s Most Popular GLONO Items

10 (last month: 8). The OC Finale: A Summer Without Summer – Our Season One wrap-up.

9 (5). GLONO Interview: Larry Crane, Archivist of Elliott Smith’s Estate – Interest in New Moon is still strong, but this piece slides four positions.

8 (-). Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula – Lots of people wanted to hear the first new single from Billy and His Hired Hands.

7 (7). What Became of the Likely Lads? Everybody loves the Libertines.

6 (9). Contest: How Long Will Pete Doherty Be Free? This contest ended over a year ago—which reminds me, I don’t think we ever sent out the prizes to the winner… Contact us!

5 (2). The Final OC Finale (Finally) – Perhaps Google still hasn’t discovered this one?

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The Fray Frontman Gets Royal Treatment

Taking a page from King Ralph , The Fray’s frontman may inherit a large English estate from a distant relative.

Isaac Slade, frontman for The Fray, isn’t sure whether he even wants the 150-acre estate that sits 140 miles west of London, but he’s considering it. The current occupant is Sir Benjamin Slade, a 60-year-old aristocrat who may be a distant relative who cannot find a single person to take the $15 million property off his hands.

“All my relatives in England have their own large houses and had no interest in taking on another place,” he said.

The two Slades are reviewing their family trees to confirm a blood relation.

NOTE TO SIR BEN: We will gladly move GLONO HQ to your lovely estate. Give us a ring, won’t you?

Gore Gore Girls – All Grown Up

MP3: Gore Gore Girls – “All Grown Up” from Get The Gore out June 26 on Bloodshot. You should also listen to “Pleasure Unit”, co-written with Runaways manager Kim Fowley.

Amy Surdu lays down a badass guitar solo...

This band has come a long way from the snotty Detroit punks they started as ten years ago, although there’s still a healthy dose of 60s garage punk in their sound. To call them a classic Girl Group is only a small part of the equation. The Gore Gore Girls are a fucking great rock and roll band, and to dump them into any small-minded category does their music a disservice.

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New York Legalizes Scalping

Get ready to pay up, New Yorkers. As if the face value on tickets to see The Police wasn’t enough, New York Governor, Elliot Spitzer, has just thrown in the towel on fighting scalpers by dropping all but the most innocuous limits on ticket brokers and how much they can mark up a ticket price.

Before today, New York limited mark-ups to 45% over face value. That limit has been removed, which means scalpers (or “brokers” as they’re known today) can charge whatever you suckers are willing to shill out to see reformed rock and roll has-beens or overpaid and under performing sports teams.

A few of the original limits remain, including the ban on scalpers selling tickets within 1,500 feet of the larger arenas and within 500 feet of smaller venues. Large-volume brokers must also register with the state. Big fucking deal.

Free marketers think this is great, but they also see no problem with gouging during disasters or jacking consumers who are too dumb to buy warrantees that cover what use to be standard product lifespans.

Once again, the customer eats it.

April’s Most Popular GLONO Items

10 (Last month: 10). Emo Game: I’m All Smart Like That – Holding onto tenth place is our 2002 interview with the silly game’s creator.

9 (-). Contest: How Long Will Pete Doherty Be Free? This contest ended over a year ago—which reminds me, I don’t think we ever sent out the prizes to the winner… Contact us!

8 (9). The OC Finale: A Summer Without Summer – Our Season One wrap-up moves up a position.

7 (-). What Became of the Likely Lads? The interest in a Libertines reunion hit an all time high in April with this news.

6 (-). Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Baby 81 – The highest debut on the chart!

5 (2). GLONO Interview: Larry Crane, Archivist of Elliott Smith’s Estate – Interest in New Moon heats up, but this piece slides three positions.

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The Shins vs. Fundamentalist Christians

We’ve written about Plugged-In before, but it’s been a while. In short, it’s fundie Focus on the Family’s guide to secular pop culture. And it’s frequently hilarious. Their review of Wincing the Night Away by the Shins is a fine example:

Numbness and futility haunt “Australia,” which imagines marriage as a lonely prison. Other songs contain random, disjointed references to sexual intimacy, moral relativism, unhealthy relationships, “pilfered booze” and a dog getting whacked by a locomotive. In general, it seems life is meaningless and beyond our control, giving way to postmodern subjectivity. […]

We’ve reviewed some cryptic discs over the years, but Wincing The Night Away is one of the trippiest. Equally odd is the paradox between the band’s sound and its message. The Shins’ playful, ethereal melodies have a pleasantly experimental, occasionally retro-psychedelic flavor. Yet this act’s enigmatic poetry is full of despair and melancholy. Not worth the effort.

Equally odd is that this is pretty much the same conclusion we came to in the Glorious Noise review of the album

MP3s: “Phantom Limb” and “Australia” (courtesy of Sub Pop).

Question Mark Benefit in Kalamazoo

? FlyerEverybody who’s within driving distance from Kalamazoo, Michigan, should head out to Kraftbrau Brewery on Saturday night for a fantastic fundraising event for Detroit 60s punk, Question Mark, who lost his home, his dogs, and all of his possessions in a terrible fire in January.

Not feeling particularly charitable? No problem: you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of this show. ? & the Mysterians still put on a hell of a show. Doubt it? Come out and see for yourself that there’s more to this band than their classic stomper, “96 Tears.” Seriously, if you’re not impressed, find me and I’ll personally refund your ten bucks.

And as if seeing a legendary garage band (with all the original members!) isn’t enough, GLONO faves the Sinatras are opening up. These guys rarely play out these days, so seize this opportunity!

Details and more info after the jump, or here

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Hats Off to Jenny

When we think of Jenny McCarthy, it isn’t—um, entirely—due to her appearance as Miss October 1993. No, we recall her many turns on various MTV programs, back when MTV actually interrupted its music with shows, like Singled Out. When we think of Jenny McCarthy, presently shilling various books about maternity, occasionally vamping in various forgettable movies (we’d name them, but. . .damn! what was it?), we don’t think of, well, hats.

Evidentially, we are missing something because McCarthy, on May 4, will participate, along with various suites from Chrysler Group, in announcing the grand prize winner of the “Hats Off to the Derby” national hat design contest. The Derby in question, of course, is the Kentucky Derby. To be sure, people are known for wearing hats there. McCarthy is well known for not wearing a whole lot of clothes. But hats?

There is even a more twisted aspect to all of this. According to the news release detailing the award, “The hat had to be inspired by the styling of the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and utilize a portion of the soft top fabric in the design.” It is ugly enough on the road. But on someone’s mellon?

So let’s get this straight: Playboy, MTV, motherhood, horses, hats, cars, and canvas? This may take celebrity to convoluted places it’s never been.

New Beastie Boys Album: The Mix Up

What’s up with the new Beastie Boys album? The NME claims The Mix Up will “hark to the style of the band’s classic albums Check Your Head and Paul’s Boutique.” Contradicting this, they quote Mike D saying, “We play instruments on the whole album, as opposed to sampling.” Paul’s Boutique, of course, was 100% glorious Dust Brotherly samples. So which is it?

To confuse matters further, Mike D tells the Fr0k that “it’s an instrumental album. There are no vocals, no samples.” How does that hark to the style of Paul’s Boutique at all? The only instrumental on Paul’s is the silly “5-Piece Chicken Dinner,” which was actually just a snippet of “Shuckin’ The Corn” from the Deliverance soundtrack.

My theory: the dope who wrote the NME article has never listened to Paul’s Boutique.

More Mike D quotes and the track list after the jump…

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