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Ted Nugent: Chicago Bands Too White

Andy Warhol, Ted Nugent, Truman CapoteEverybody knows that Ted Nugent is a madman. To suggest that his attitudes about race are complex is putting it mildly. And generously. Way back in 2003, we liberated a hilarious 1994 interview Bob Mack conducted with the Nuge for Grand Royal magazine.

Recently, the Nuge talked to the Detroit Free Press about some career milestones, including his time in Chicago during the winter of 1965:

“When my family moved to Chicago, I was heartbroken, but it helped create a fire in me. The Cellar was where everybody played, and the Shadows of Knight were the big bad dudes of town. The Chicago bands played well, but really white. It was too ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’; it lacked Detroit attack. Within weeks, my first edition of the Amboy Dukes owned that scene. We wiped the stage with the Shadows of Knight, because we played with the power drive so prevalent at the battles of the bands and BMF dances back in Michigan. That competitive spirit was in my blood.”

The Chicago bands were too white? Apparently, he’s changed his tune a little. Back in 1994, he waxed lyrically about “a REAL America with workin’ hard, playin’ hard WHITE motherfuckin’ shitkickers.”

Then again, in the next breath he defended his statement that he was “a bigger n—– than Russell Simmons will ever be” by claiming: “I meant that I’ve got SOUL, that I don’t resort to fuckin’ electronic drumbeats. And I listen to James Brown and Wilson Pickett and Sam and Dave. THOSE are n—–s! Those are fuckin’ GENUINE, SPIRITED African Americans.” So who knows how Ted really feels.

MP3: Bob Mack vs. Ted Nugent

Don't Fuck with Gus Black

I am sometimes teased by my rock snob friends for having, what is to them, an unusually high number of movie soundtracks in my collection. I won’t apologize for it though. Sure, most soundtracks are weak revenue streams for otherwise forgettable films and too often don’t even include the ONE song from the movie that touched your heart. But I have also found some gems in the better soundtracks.

Several years ago I heard a song on the Scream soundtrack that captured my imagination and found its way onto countless mixes for months thereafter. Gus‘ version of Blue Oyster Cult‘s suicide classic “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is everything a good cover should be. In fact, it transcends the original and turns what might otherwise be a melodramatic goof into a haunting whisper of self destruction.

Well, old Gus has clearly not lightened up with age. Now rebranded as Gus Black, his media team has been hounding me with requests for coverage. I didn’t realize it was the same Gus from Reaper or I might have listened sooner. Just the same, his new gear is creepier than any of that. Part Leonard Cohen, part David Koresh, Gus Black walks the same line that almost turned Charlie Manson into a folk singer.

Apparently his greatest claim to fame has been hijacked by dopey H.I.M fans who have created fan videos to “Don’t Fear the Reaper” credited to the really, really bad goth rockers.


When asked about H.I.M getting the credit for his cover, Black replied, “it’s amazing…thank god for retarded H.I.M. fans…they have helped spread my music to more people than I could have done on my own.”

Great, great stuff and he gives the impression that he might be the best guy in the world to have a drink with…until he’s not anymore.

Today is Not the Day to Fuck with Gus Black Out now on iTunes.

Video: Gus Black – “Little Prince Town”

Gus Black: Web, MySpace, Wiki, eMusic.

R. Kelly Acquitted

Apparently, video evidence of the crime, a weak defense, incredible media scrutiny, and really dopey looking hair braids aren’t enough to convict a guy of buggery in Chicago. Six years after being charged with making and starring in a child porn video, R&B superstar R. Kelly was found not guilty today by a Cook County jury. Both Kelly and the alleged victim denied appearing in the video and neither testified in the case.

It seems the whole defense was built around a mole. No, not a mole like a snitch or the subterranean rodent, but a skin discoloration. Never mind that the prosecution had a witness who testified to being involved in a three-way with Kelly and the victim, and could identify both Kelly and the victim in the video, the blurry tape apparently didn’t have high enough resolution so the guy was sprung.

According to the AP, “the prosecution’s star witness was a woman who said she engaged in three-way sex with Kelly and the alleged victim. Defense attorneys argued the man on the tape didn’t have a large mole on his back; Kelly has such a mole.”

And here’s a bit of GLONO trivia: Jake and I were at the WXRT studio when the Sun-Times’ pop critic Jim DeRogatis received word that Kelly was about to be arrested. Jake was asked to talk to Kot and DeRo on Sound Opinions about our posting of Jack and Meg White‘s marriage license and divorce certificate, and how that blew the lid off their whole brother-sister story. DeRo stumbled in late, arms full of fast food, huffing and puffing about the big story that was about to break the following day. He wouldn’t give any details, but the next day his reporting on the arrest broke and so began this whole mess.

Somewhere, Fatty Arbuckle is spinning in his grave.

[NOTE: This post has been edited for clarity and accuracy–.ed]

MGMT – Electric Feel Music Video

Another outstanding video from our new favorite band. You can’t watch this shit and tell me those kids aren’t wacked out on drugs. And what’s that!?!?! The bear from Chucky Cheese in a cameo? Oh, hell yes.

MGMT – “Electric Feel” Music Video

MGMT – Electric Feel

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Slick Rick Free, Pardoned

Don't treat no girly well until you're sure of the scoop.That’s right, folks. Slick Rick has been pardoned! Rick’s recommendation to “Treat her like a prostitute” was apparently taken too literally by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, whose forced resignation landed the current governor his job.

Governor David A. Paterson announced today that he has granted Ricky Walters a full and unconditional pardon of his 1991 attempted murder and weapon convictions, in order to allow Walters to seek relief from deportation from the federal immigration courts. Mr. Walters, who was born in the United Kingdom, was lawfully admitted to the United States at age 11, and he was raised in the Bronx. At the time of his crimes, Mr. Walters was a newly-famous hip-hop artist known as “Slick Rick,” who has since been credited with being a pioneer in the development of hip-hop as a mainstream musical genre. Walters was incarcerated for six years, and was released from prison in 1997.

“Mr. Walters has fully served the sentence imposed upon him for his convictions, had an exemplary disciplinary record while in prison and on parole, and has been living without incident in the community for more than 10 years,” said Governor Paterson. “In that time, he has volunteered at youth outreach programs to counsel youth against violence, and has become a symbol of rehabilitation for many young people. Given these demonstrated rehabilitative efforts, I urge federal immigration officials to once again grant Mr. Walters relief from deportation, so that he is not separated from his many family members who are United States citizens, including his two teenage children.”

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Sonic Youth: Starbucks is for Squares

Naughty Starbucks logoSonic Youth has a new limited-edition compilation coming out on June 10. It’s called Hits Are for Squares and it will be sold exclusively at select big city Starbucks stores. The track list was selected by a bunch of famous fans, and Billboard has revealed the selections.

Of course the first thing we must determine is: Who is hardcore and who’s a poser? I.e., who picked the accessible “hits” and who picked the weird old noisy stuff? For what it’s worth, Radiohead selected “Kool Thing” and Chloe Sevigny selected “World Looks Red” from 1983’s Confusion Is Sex.

Criticize the rest of the picks after the jump…

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Tell like it is, G.

DuendeAlmost twelve years ago, some friends and I were having an e-mail discussion about Neil Young when one of our other friends made some ridiculous comment about how we shouldn’t waste his time on such an awful singer and terrible songwriter like Neil. I spazzed, of course, but my man George’s response was genius. Check it out after the jump…

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eMusic Loses the Stones

Mick JaggerHope you snatched them while you had the chance. A few weeks ago, we told you about eMusic’s coup of landing the ABKCO catalog. It seemed too good to be true, and unfortunately it was. Alert GLONO reader Baltimucho pointed out that now when you search for the Rolling Stones, you get the following response: “Due to events outside of our control, we no longer carry the Rolling Stones catalogue on eMusic. We are sorry to see it go, but hope to get them back in the future.”

Ars Technica looked into it:

All ABKCO would say is that eMusic “executed an excellent promotional campaign” but that the label “has decided that at this point in time we wish to further evaluate this area of the digital marketplace.”

eMusic, for its part, expressed frustration. “Unfortunately, during this time of transition in the music industry, customers are often caught in the middle as traditional music companies determine how to adjust to new opportunities in the marketplace,” it said in a statement.

This sucks, obviously, in general. But it sucks even more for people who put off downloading as much Stones stuff as they wanted, assuming it would still be there next month.

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Free Pete Doherty

I can't go back in. I'm innocent!The title’s not a call to action but a statement of fact: Pete’s free today, having served 29 days of a 14-week jail sentence for breaking probation. And from the sounds of it, prison life has it’s ups and downs when you’re Pete Doherty.

“I got trouble from the start, from the inmates and the guards, mainly shouting at night really,” Pete told the NME. “Some people were saying ‘Keep your head down’, the other half were saying ‘Keep your chin up’. So I was a bit like a nodding dog – I didn’t know whether to keep my chin up or keep my head down. It was 18-day early release – I can’t complain really.”

Doherty also claims to have been drug free during his time in the Joint.

“I managed to stay clean. I got my certificate. I was going to Sellotape it to the wall, but they wouldn’t give me any Sellotape,” he said. “Did I take heroin inside? Complete rubbish.”

Still, Pete’s upbeat. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Update: The Guardian has video of Pete waiting for his manager to pick him up.

Dirty Pretty Things news after the jump…

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