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Stars Discuss Early Digital Release

Even before Arts & Crafts sent out promo copies of the new Stars album to the media, they made it available for download from their digital store. Indie-Pop Band Stars Want You To Steal Their New LP:

“I stole my friend Leslie Feist’s album off the Internet because I was too lazy to go down to the office and pick it up. It’s that easy to steal music off the Internet. And I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I also think there are people who love the band and genuinely want to support the band and have 10 bucks to spare. If you don’t give people the option at least to buy a record, then you can’t blame them for stealing it.”

This clearly makes a lot of sense. But will the strategy backfire? Coolfer expects “practically no press” on the album because of this.

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Google Blocking Video for Big Business

In addition to being a great repository of long lost videos and concert footage, YouTube was always a great place to find embarrassing footage of your favorite stars. There was a wasted Britney sputtering gibberish in a hotel room; there was Hasselhoff sloshed and sorting through a hamburger; Paula Abdul clearly off her rocker on morning news…

But with the sale of YouTube to Google, thus folding it under a massive corporate umbrella, how much longer can we expect these gems that humanize our heroes? Ok, nobody considers Paula Abdul a hero, but you get my drift.

A search today of “Beyonce Falls” leads me to believe our days are numbered. Notice that fan footage of Ms. Knowles face planting at a recent Orlando show has been removed from YouTube by dint of a “copyright claim by Sony BMG.” Copyright to what? Beyonce hitting the floor? The video I attempted to view was all of 13 seconds so I think any claim to the music could be written off as fair use. So why has YouTube caved? Because Big Business helps Big Business.

Party’s over, assholes. Back on you heads.

June’s Most Popular GLONO Items

We’re going to mix it up a little bit this month and just like Billboard, we’re going to break out our “catalog” chart from our “current” chart from now on. Why? Because we’re sick of looking at that goddamn t.A.T.u. piece (which dropped to #2 this month, ho ho).

GLONO Current Chart

10. New White Stripes: Icky Thump

9. American Idol Season 6 Finale

8. New York Legalizes Scalping

7. Fun with Forkast, Round VI

6. Ryan Adams – Two, Everybody Knows

5. Rush – Snakes and Arrows

See the final four, and the new “GLONO Catalog Chart” after the jump…

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Sly Stone Re-Emerges

This is great. Something I never would’ve imagined. Vanity Fair has an 8,000-word feature and interview with Sly Stone by David Kamp: Sly Stone’s Higher Power: Fame & Scandal. It’s a great read, with lots of surprising details.

This snippet reveals that his mind is sharp, and that he’s still as funny and weird as ever:

He doesn’t flinch when I broach the subject of his hunched posture and neck brace, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to break out the M.R.I.’s, either. “I fell off a cliff,” he says. “I was walking in my yard in Beverly Hills, missed my footing, and started doing flips. But you know what? I had a plate of food in my hand. And when I landed, I still had a plate of food in my hand. That’s the God-lovin’ truth. I did not drop a bean.”

I grew up on Sly’s music. I might’ve even been conceived after a Sly and the Family Stone concert (which would explain why I am so funky). I am very happy to hear that he’s well and doing okay. And while the idea of new music from him makes me a little nervous, it’s hard not to be excited by the idea. What if it’s great?

In the end you’ll still be you / One that’s done all the things you set out to do / There’s a cross for you to bear / Things to go through if you’re going anywhere…

Good luck, Sly! And welcome back.

Via percolator.

The Out Route is One Year Old

Congrats to the crew over at the Out Route, who are celebrating the first anniversary of their launch. The sports desk of Glorious Noise, headquartered in New Jersey, has been kicking the shit out of sports coverage for a whole year now.

Like a lot of blogs, they’re having a bit of a crisis of confidence and wondering how to proceed. If you have recommendations on things they can do to make writing about sports more fulfilling, let them know.

In other GLONO subsidiary news, our national affairs desk POLJUNK has been steady ripping it up with the addition of some hot new contributors. Sock it to ’em, fellas.

And one more big announcement: after talking about it for years, we’re finally launching Shiny Metal Boxes, the automotive desk of Glorious Noise. In its inaugural post, GLONO co-founder and current Wall Street Journal car critic, Jeff Sabatini, explains why “the quality of automotive writing today is piss-poor.”

Check it out!

Webjay: R.I.P.

Webjay is closing up shop. Webjay was a neat little service that allowed anyone to create playlists from mp3s already hosted somewhere on the web. It also ranked playlists by popularity and helped people discover new music. Yahoo bought it in 2006, and is shutting it down at the end of this month.

Until then, you can back up and move existing playlists.

Webjay, we hardly knew ye...

We first noticed the site back in 2004, and created a couple of quickie playlists. I backed them up to m3u and xspf (after the jump), so as long as the files remain on the internet they can be played in your favorite software.

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Remembering Audiogalaxy

It’s been five years since Audiogalaxy settled with the RIAA, and I still miss it.

Sure, there are still plenty of ways to acquire music, but Audiogalaxy was the best. It had the same “quality control” issues that all user-generated file sharing systems do, but I loved it. My favorite thing about it was the AG Satellite, which I could leave running on my home computer when I went to work. And while I was at work, if I thought of a song I needed, I could add it to my queue via the web interface and the song would usually be waiting for me by the time I got home.

The queue was great because even if there was no one online who had the song you needed, as soon as someone with the song connected, you’d get it. This was great for the really rare shit that only a handful of people cared about. And that’s why I miss those old school filesharing networks: not so I can get the new White Stripes a couple weeks early, but because I was able to eventually find some pre-Monkees Mike Nesmith singles and both sides of the awful Lester Bangs 7-inch, “Let It Blurt” b/w “Live.”

Try finding those on your favorite torrent tracker! (And if you do, let me know, because my copies are shitty 128kbps.)

See also: R.I.P Audiogalaxy by a former Audiogalaxy programmer.

May’s Most Popular GLONO Items

10 (last month: 8). The OC Finale: A Summer Without Summer – Our Season One wrap-up.

9 (5). GLONO Interview: Larry Crane, Archivist of Elliott Smith’s Estate – Interest in New Moon is still strong, but this piece slides four positions.

8 (-). Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula – Lots of people wanted to hear the first new single from Billy and His Hired Hands.

7 (7). What Became of the Likely Lads? Everybody loves the Libertines.

6 (9). Contest: How Long Will Pete Doherty Be Free? This contest ended over a year ago—which reminds me, I don’t think we ever sent out the prizes to the winner… Contact us!

5 (2). The Final OC Finale (Finally) – Perhaps Google still hasn’t discovered this one?

See the final four after the jump…

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The Fray Frontman Gets Royal Treatment

Taking a page from King Ralph , The Fray’s frontman may inherit a large English estate from a distant relative.

Isaac Slade, frontman for The Fray, isn’t sure whether he even wants the 150-acre estate that sits 140 miles west of London, but he’s considering it. The current occupant is Sir Benjamin Slade, a 60-year-old aristocrat who may be a distant relative who cannot find a single person to take the $15 million property off his hands.

“All my relatives in England have their own large houses and had no interest in taking on another place,” he said.

The two Slades are reviewing their family trees to confirm a blood relation.

NOTE TO SIR BEN: We will gladly move GLONO HQ to your lovely estate. Give us a ring, won’t you?

Gore Gore Girls – All Grown Up

MP3: Gore Gore Girls – “All Grown Up” from Get The Gore out June 26 on Bloodshot. You should also listen to “Pleasure Unit”, co-written with Runaways manager Kim Fowley.

Amy Surdu lays down a badass guitar solo...

This band has come a long way from the snotty Detroit punks they started as ten years ago, although there’s still a healthy dose of 60s garage punk in their sound. To call them a classic Girl Group is only a small part of the equation. The Gore Gore Girls are a fucking great rock and roll band, and to dump them into any small-minded category does their music a disservice.

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