Unlike big corporations that are only interested in producing discs that promise to leverage their trading multiples—meaning they don't give a rat's ass about the music; it's all about the money—Glorious Noise Records is based on a simple belief:

The Music Matters

We are fans. We are listeners. We are musicians. We are consumers. We are, well, perhaps, like you.

We work day jobs so we can afford to buy music (when we're not downloading the free stuff). To afford to go to clubs. To attend concerts. And when the music sucks, we're not happy. We're pissed. Like you.

Glorious Noise Records is an outgrowth of a music website we've been running (cleverly called "Glorious Noise"). There's plenty of music that we like—[fill in whatever]—but there's not enough. And we know of bands that deserve a wider audience. So we decided to do something about it. Voila: Glorious Noise Records. (OK. It's not so much abracadabra but a lot of scut work. But we think it's worth it.)

Maybe you'll not like what Glorious Noise Records produces. We're not for everyone. Maybe you'll find it to be more than satisfying—maybe life-changing.

We can guarantee one thing: What you hear is music brought to you by people who care more about it than about becoming rich.

If the music matters to you, check out Glorious Noise Records. Because better music matters.

Glorious Noise Records - Better music matters.