New Torres video: Three Futures

Video: TORRES – “Three Futures”

TORRES – Three Futures (Official Video)

From Three Futures, out September 29 on 4AD.

In the last video from Torres we saw our hero walking around your Aunt Phyllis’ basement with a guitar. This new video is set upstairs in the same house, and this time Torres’ Mackenzie Scott is cast as three separate characters: the foxy housewife, the grumpy husband, and (once again) the cool guitar player. I.e., the participants in the love triangle described in the chorus where the narrator describes her three potential futures: “One alone and one with you / And one with the love I knew I’d choose.” It’s a new twist on the classic cheatin’ breakup song.

While the lyrics don’t offer much hope for the jilted lover, at least the video features a happy ending!

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New Run The Jewels video: Don’t Get Captured

Video: Run The Jewels – “Don’t Get Captured”

Run The Jewels – Don't Get Captured (Official Music Video From RTJ3)

Claymation El-P and Killer Mike sock it to the capitalist skeleton Man in the latest video from RTJ3. I’m hoping this ride is coming soon to Disney World. I’d totally use a Fast Pass on that!

Good day from the house of the haunted
Get a job, get a house, get a coffin
Don’t stray from the path, remain where you at
That maximizes our profit

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Who’s Left?

When I saw that the Who had recently performed a couple of classics on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon I immediately forwarded the link to Stephen Macaulay. Mac has a long history with the Who, dating back to seeing them at Cobo Hall in Detroit when he and the band were all scruffy young guys. He’s been quite vocal over the years on his disappointment over what they have become. -ed.

Video: The Who: “I Can See for Miles” (live on the Tonight Show)

The Who: I Can See for Miles

Imagine listening to “I Can See for Miles” with your eyes closed. Wouldn’t you imagine that this was a good cover band, but something sounds slightly off on the lead vocals, as though the singer was trying too hard or having too difficult a time?

And then you open your eyes and watch.

It’s him.

But what the hell is Daltrey doing with that acoustic guitar? Does he really think that Pete and Simon can’t handle it? Or is it that he doesn’t quite have the confident moves anymore and so the guitar becomes a prop that keeps him from having to make those moves. Plus, with Pete teasing and doing the windmills is physically distracting.

(There is no crutch for the vocal cords, however, at least not, apparently, in this venue.)

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New Tristen video: Got Some

Video: Tristen – “Got Some”

Tristen – Got Some

From Sneaker Waves, out now on Modern Outsider Records.

Last month Tristen’s song “Glass Jar” totally took me by surprise with its jingle-jangle guitars and cool backing vocals from Jenny Lewis. I like this new song even better, and the video’s more fun as well. Who doesn’t love a slumber party? Pillow fights, negligee, talking to boys on the phone! Good clean fun.

“I think you’re pretty cool but as a general rule / I’m gonna hang back here in the atmosphere.”

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New Thunderbirds Are Now video: Outsiders

Video: Thunderbirds Are Now! – “Outsiders”

Thunderbirds Are Now! "Outsiders" Music Video

Mostly dormant for ten years Livonia, Michigan’s Thunderbirds Are Now! just released two new songs to benefit the ACLU. This is one of them.

“We are the outsiders that you don’t represent / Not my chosen leader, not my president.” I suppose times like these don’t really call for subtlety, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s fine to be hit over the head with a message as long as it’s got a good beat and a catchy melody. The band reworked the lyrics to a couple of older, unfinished songs and recorded them at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor in one day. Good for them.

You can get both new songs on Bandcamp.

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New Sloan Peterson video: Rats

Video: Sloan Peterson – “Rats”

Sloan Peterson – Rats (Official Video)

Why are Australians so cool? Courtney Barnett, Nick Cave, Men at Work, Crocodile Dundee, Olivia Newton John, Bon Scott. You know? It’s crazy.

And there might be one more for that list: Sloan Peterson. That’s not her real name, of course. Sloane Peterson was Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend. This Sloan Peterson looks like a 1990s Calvin Klein ad and sounds like she’d stick you with a switchblade.

I’m a sucker for any song with chugging guitars and an “ooh ooh wee ooh” intro. It’s little surfy, sort of Pixies-ish, maybe via early Weezer. “No future, no mind / You’re not one of a kind.” Her voice is squeaky but serious. “I’m by your side / And I love you dearly.” She wrote it “for any one who has ever struggled with crippling anxiety, or the feeling of being alone. I wrote It when I was 17, a super hyperactive crazy teenager trying to start over in a new city by myself.”

The single is out now on Mirror Records. Her debut EP is due September 8.

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New Broken Social Scene video: Vanity Pail Kids

Video: Broken Social Scene – “Vanity Pail Kids”

Broken Social Scene – Vanity Pail Kids (Official Video)

Let me pitch this concept to you: We open with a toilet in a recording studio scatting (get it?) and beat boxing, but his/her baghead record producer just isn’t feeling it.  They decide to take a break and go to the bar where a gang of other bagheads are dancing and drinking the night away. Our hero, the toilet, spies a sink from across the room and is lovestruck. They dream of explosions and a weird Kabuki princess, who tries the toilet on for size before he/she sets off for the desert to meet some wise urinals who tell him/her to chill and just accept the poo/pee humans have to offer. Our hero, the toilet, then hitches a ride with the urinals’ man-about-town, Bud, back to the city, but not before Bud takes a piss in our hero, the toilet. By the end, we’re back in the studio with baghead producer really digging on our hero, the toilet’s improved scat (get it?) performance.

Produced by Joe Chiccarelli with Nyles Spencer and mixed by Shawn Everett, Hug Of Thunder is out now on Arts & Crafts. Buy the physical album or the digital album.

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Tour dates after the jump.

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New Triptides video: Invitation

Video: Triptides – “Invitation”

Triptides – Invitation (official videoclip)

From Afterglow, out now on Requiem Pour Un Twister.

I’ve gotta admit: I liked this band a lot better before I found out they weren’t French. Don’t get me wrong, their sound is spot on mid-60s folk-psych, which I love. Think the Banana Splits. But if you’re going to go this far to get the correct tones, you also need to get the right haircuts. You can away with it, I suppose, if you’re European because what do they know? But dudes, if you’re from Los Angeles via Indiana you’ve had plenty of opportunity to figure out the look. Get your act together. Bass player shouldn’t remind me of Rolf from Sound of Music. Rest of the band looks like the Wonderstuff. That’s just wrong.

That said, I like the song. But it’d still be better if they were French.

Triptides: twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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1972: When Rolling Stone ran full-page ads for bongs

I was flipping through the July 6, 1972 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (RS-113) when on page 33 I saw a full-page ad that caught my attention.

“The Toker is scientifically designed to change harsh smoke into a mild aerated form that doesn’t irritate your throat or lungs (there’s no coughing). It’s also designed to cause you to draw the smoke deeper than you would using conventional methods of smoking. Since the smoke is mild, you can hold it longer. Which means it works faster. Let’s you reduce the amount of smoking mixture you use by about half! And, removes almost all smoking odors (so, there’s no paranoia).”

I mean, come on. This is ridiculous on about a million levels.

But hey, “If you don’t dig it, no hassle. You’ll get your money back!” Which is good because $15 in 1972 had the same buying power as $88.11 in 2017.

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New Wilder Maker video: Only Child

Video: Wilder Maker – “Only Child”

Wilder Maker – Only Child

From the New Streets 7″, out now on Saddle Creek.

I like this song. It’s got cool guitar tones and an easy listening, lite rock vibe that works nicely with the boy/girl vocals and lyrics about “ice cream on the porch swing” and staying up too late, “the world on my screen.”

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