New Alex Lahey video: I Love You Like a Brother

Video: Alex Lahey – “I Love You Like a Brother”

Alex Lahey – I Love You Like a Brother (Official Video)

From I Love You Like A Brother, out now on Dead Oceans.

I’m an only child so I don’t totally get the whole sibling thing. But it looks like Melbourne’s Alex Lahey gets along really well her little brother.

You don’t like sports and I don’t like dresses
Luckily for us, our parents got the message
Always say “No” to combat my yeses
You know me better than I give you credit

The video combines old footage of them as kids with current scenes of them hanging out and goofing off together like, I suppose, only siblings do.

This is just the second Alex Lahey song I’ve heard (after “Every Day’s The Weekend”), but based on these two songs I think I’m going to have to check out the album. She’s obviously awesome.

Alex Lahey: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Willie Nelson video: Me and You

Video: Willie Nelson – “Me and You”

Willie Nelson – Me and You

From Last Man Standing, out April 27 on Sony Legacy.

Willie Nelson is such a national treasure that he can release two videos that are exactly the same for two different songs and that’s fine. The director wasn’t even like, “Hey Willie, let’s try a different flannel for this one.” Who cares?

Turn the sound down on my TV
I just can’t listen any more
It’s like I’m in some foreign country
That I’ve never seen before

Even more than the previous single, this one sounds like classic Willie. You put Mickey Raphael’s harmonica together in a studio with Willie and Trigger, and it’s going to have a distinct sound. And it’s a sound that has soothed me all my life. My dad loved Willie and Waylon and the boys and this music will always conjure up the seventies to me. Hazy sunlight shining through velvet curtains, cigarette smoke hanging in the air of my living room. Me, playing with Hot Wheels and Legos on the green shag carpet. Records stacked on the turntable. Forty years later and I can still smell and feel everything about it.

Willie Nelson has seen a lot over the years. I love the fact that he’s holding an iPhone at the start of this video. “The world has gone out of its mind except for me and you.” His mind is clearly still as sharp as his voice and his guitar picking.

Willie Nelson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Belly video: Shiny One

Video: Belly – “Shiny One”

Belly – Shiny One

From Dove, due May 4.

In 1993, Belly recorded two of the best songs of the decade (“Feed the Tree” and “Gepetto”), and now they’re back with their first album in 23 years.

We’ve got the Breeders and L7 back in action and now Belly. Who’s next? The Sundays? The Primitives? Elastica? Bring it on. Especially if it’s going to sound this good.

Don’t forget who you come from, son
Don’t imagine that you don’t owe me
Don’t forget

I love how Belly demands respect. Back in the day they were all, “Take your hat off, boy, when you’re talking to me.” And it’s good to see they haven’t lost any of that attitude.

I hate to be all “I <3 the 90s” because I try hard to fight my nostalgic tendencies, but hot damn there were a bunch of badass alternagirls in my twenties! Watching the old videos makes me miss the era of bright orange hair, pale skin, and dark lipstick. And Tanya Donelly rocked that look better than anybody. I never thought I’d long for the baggy clothes of the XL90s, but there’s been time enough now that it’s not repulsive to me anymore.

Drummer Chris Gorman came up with the idea for the new video after purchasing a crow mask for a Halloween party: “When it became clear that we were calling the album DOVE and the suggestion that we produce our own video the masks were my first and only idea. I sent a brief pitch to the band saying ‘hey guys, what if we shoot a video and we all have bird heads?’ The response was overwhelmingly affirmative. I purchased 3 more heads.”

Belly: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Jonathan Wilson video: There’s a Light

Video: Jonathan Wilson – “There’s a Light”

Jonathan Wilson – "There's a Light" [Official Music Video]

Directed by Grant James. From Rare Birds, out now on Bella Union.

This song is a lot better than the last one we covered. It still has a bit of that End of the Innocence sheen that hampered the recent War on Drugs stuff, but at least “There’s a Light” is catchy. And you can’t go wrong with pedal steel.

There is inspiration
In everyone you meet
Every human being on the street
They all sing a special song
And when you sing along
You are this for them
One note will start the feeling

That might sound like a bunch of hippie drivel, but maybe that’s exactly what we need right now. In a time when the forces of power are emphasizing and manipulating all the differences between everybody, it’s more and more important to focus on what we have in common.

Hey man, it’s overdue.

Note: This video was filmed with “obsolete Japanese Broadcast video cameras.” And all the visual effects were “generated through analog feedback processing.” Cool.

Jonathan Wilson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Courtney Barnett video: Need A Little Time

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Need A Little Time”

Courtney Barnett – Need A Little Time

Directed by Danny Cohen. From Tell Me How You Really Feel, out on May 18 on Milk, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop.

It would be fun to compile a playlist of all the songs about how hard it is to be a rock star. Start with Seger’s “Turn the Page,” obviously. Throw in “Across the Sea” by Weezer and pretty much the entire In Utero album. I’m sure the struggle is real, but it always kind of makes you roll your eyes a little.

Courtney Barnett tackles the subject from a different angle. She’s addressing the artist/fan relationship in the era of social media.

I don’t know a lot about you but
You seem to know a lot about me so
I take a little time out, I take a little time out

Barnett understand what would drive a celebrity to go off the rails and act crazy.

Shave your head to see how it feels
Emotionally it’s not that different
But to the hand it’s beautiful

You seem to have the weight of the world
Upon your bony shoulders well hold on
You need a little time out

I’ve always stuck up for Britney Spears who notoriously went bald in 2007 and has been under conservatorship ever since. People have always been unnecessarily mean to her. I think Courtney Barnett agrees.

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Jess Williamson video: I See The White

Video: Jess Williamson – “I See The White”

Jess Williamson – I See The White [Official Video]

Directed by Eli Welbourne. From Cosmic Wink, due May 11 on Mexican Summer.

A cool, moody song about the brevity of existence. Williamson was inspired by the aging of her dog, Frankie. “I noticed the graying of the fur around her eyes, and I realized that she was a physical manifestation of the passing of time, and it was heartbreaking. It’s so easy to act like we have all the time in the world, to feel immortal or invincible.”

She explained to Stereogum:

This song is a love song and it’s also kind of me throwing a tantrum. It’s begging for answers and making a few demands too. I get it, life is short but our souls live on, right? So, I’m gonna need my sweetheart to come too, okay? And maybe my dog. Is that so much to ask? Musically, I wanted this song to feel joyful and pretty, because why shouldn’t we celebrate love alongside the tough questions? Life is wild and beautiful and sad and ecstatic all at once, and I wanted this song to be the same way. We might as well dance and sing and have fun with the time we have because we’re here and then we’re gone, and nothing lasts forever…or does it?

We shall see…

Jess Williamson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Of Montreal video: Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption

Video: of Montreal – “Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption”

of Montreal – Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Directed by Christina Eleni Schneider. From White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood, out now on Polyvinyl.

Sometimes I worry about Kevin Barnes. I realize it’s not right to try to read too much into the personal life of an artist based on their creative work, but yowza. I hope he’s well. And maybe he is. Perhaps he just thinks serious mental disorders make an interesting lyrical subject matter for disco jams. And maybe he’s right. What do I know?

Barnes explained the origins of this song:

Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption started out as a song I wrote for Janelle Monáe last summer called Fucked In Your Driveway. We worked on it together one magical day in her laboratory at Wondaland but nothing really happened with it, so I reworked it into something very different for my own album. Lyrically I pulled inspiration from Multiverse Theory, the writings of Wilhelm Reich and the economist Guy Standing, Eastern European party culture, and Bluets by Maggie Nelson, as well as my burgeoning new love affair with a woman of mystery and magic. We shot the video in Atlanta at an art/performance space called RowdyDowdy one chilly winter day this January.

I’d love to hear the Janelle Monae version! Maybe some day. In the meantime you can catch Of Montreal on tour this spring.

Of Montreal: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Jessica Lea Mayfield video: Offa My Hands

Video: Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Offa My Hands”

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Offa My Hands (Official Video)

From Sorry Is Gone, out now on ATO.

Last time we saw Jessica Lea Mayfield, she was zipping around the desert in a Camaro. Now she’s painting dead fish and contemplating murder.

Making a mess is easy
When you think you know it all
Cause every now and then you make me break a little law

And, of course, after you commit a crime you have to be sure to clean up the evidence: “Gotta wash you offa my hands / Every single DNA strand.” Remember, folks: you have the right to remain silent. Never talk to the cops without a lawyer.

Jessica Lea Mayfield: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Father John Misty song: Mr. Tillman

Audio: Father John Misty – “Mr. Tillman”

Father John Misty – "Mr. Tillman" [Official Audio]

Sub Pop did not respond to our inquiry about whether this was a standalone single, or if it is a preview of the fourth FJM album. So who knows? Not sure anybody even cares about albums anymore. Regardless: new Father John Misty.

“Mr. Tillman” is another entry in Mr. Tillman’s collection of self-referential, image hyperconscious, persona-mocking songs.

Mr. Tillman, good to see you again
There’s a few outstanding charges just before we check you in
Let’s see here, you left your passport in the mini fridge
And a message with the desk says here the picture isn’t his
And oh just a reminder about our policy
Don’t leave your mattress in the rain if you sleep on the balcony

I’m happy to see he’s being funny again. I prefer these kinds of themes over his “the world is stupid and I need to overcompensate for my lack of education” songs. Degenerate wastoids are far more entertaining than self-righteous street preachers.

Ordinarily, we haven’t been posting audio-only streams, and we probably wouldn’t have posted this one except that the final minute of this video features some hilarious green screen footage of Tillman bumbling around some stock photo stills. And if that isn’t enough for you he’s provided the uncut silent footage for you to remix your own video. Which several people already have…to varying degrees of imagination and artfulness.

Father John Misty: web, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Automne video: Soeurs de Coeur

Video: Automne – “Sœurs de cœur”

Sœurs de cœur – Automne

Directed by Joséphine Lajeat. From the Automne EP, due March 23.

Paris has style. I mean, come on. Look at this video. Who has house parties where everybody is so elegant and chic? Not in a trendy or pretentious or stuffy way, but just totally stylish. Wine, pistachios, tarot cards, chaises longues, cigarettes… So damn cool.

Full disclosure: Autumne’s guitarist, Perry Leopard, is a friend. I’ve hung out with him in divy little bars in outer arrondissements far off the tourist track. We’ve listened to his pals play blues and jazz to an audience of a dozen locals drinking 1664s. We also went and saw the remains of the MC5 together at the Élysée Montmartre. Perry’s a great guy, an Alabama native who’s called Paris home for many years, and a fine connoisseur of rock and roll.

And now, he’s involved in a new project with classically trained Parisian cellist Automne Lajeat. They’ve been woodshedding and playing gigs together for about a year along with drummer Thomas Gromb and guitarist David Haddad. They’re planning on recording a full-length album to be released early next year.

My français is très rusty so Perry helped translate the lyrics for me. The chorus (“à mes potes, à mes copines, à mes sanguines, à mes sœurs de cœur”) roughly means “to my homies, to my blood sisters.” And “sanguines” has a double entendre: a “sanguin” is someone who easily gets carried away.

“Sœurs de cœur” is a celebration of friendship, and the video features our women friends, who are poets, theater technicians, photographers, musicians, and painters. The director, Joséphine Lajeat, is Automne’s younger sister, and she and her director of photography, Joanna Cognard, have been a movie-making team for a while. They made Automne’s previous videos for “Lovecrafter” (words are a Patti Smith poem) and “Nedjma.” Their most recent film of their own is a short called Pouce, in which Automne and I have bit parts.

Even if you can’t understand the words, you get the feel of what Automne is singing about. She sounds brave and defiant. The song is arranged beautifully: subtle but dramatic with brooding cello and gnarly guitars and spooky background vocals, building up to the climax: “Aux optimistes, aux féministes!”

Automne: web, facebook, youtube.

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