New Regrettes video: California Friends

Video: The Regrettes – “California Friends”

California Friends

Directed by Claire Marie Vogel. Single out now on Warner Bros.

So this is the first Regrettes video without bassist Sage Chavis since she left the band in September. It features their new drummer but was apparently filmed before they found a new bass player.

Chavis’ vocals are clearly audible on the recording though. She confirmed this on twitter and added, “We recorded some songs a long while back.” So who knows how many more songs are out there?

It’ll be interesting to see what’s next with the Regrettes. Lydia Night has proven to be a gifted songwriter and a captivating bandleader. She also seems super cool, having recently written an emotional op-ed for Billboard magazine about why she’s voting. (Spoiler: because she’s scared and angry.)

But it’s always a little nerve wracking when a band you love shakes up its lineup. You have to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.

The Regrettes: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Ian Brown song: First World Problems

Video: Ian Brown – “First World Problems”

Ian Brown – First World Problems

From Ripples, due March 1 on Virgin EMI. Single out now on Black Koi.

In June, 2017 Ian Brown teased an audience at what is to date, the Stone Roses’ last show. As things at Hampden Park in Glasgow came to a close, Brown reportedly said, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened.”

Nobody from the band has commented on if the band has broken up again, let alone why, but by looking at the first video from Brown’s new album we can venture a guess: “I don’t need ’em.”

Cruising around on a low-rider bike to a clavichord-driven jam, Ian Brown stops by the riverside to occasionally noodle out the various bits of the song. First a three-note guitar solo, then the heavily Mani-like bass line, and finally a quick shot of Ian behind the kit. It all ends in dramatic fashion as Brown tosses a guitar into the river, perhaps a not-too-subtle message for John Squire?

All things considered, it’s a cool song. But I can’t help wondering how it would sound with the backing of his bandmates. It seems tailor made for Squire’s wah funk guitar work, and maybe somewhere in the vaults is a version of just that? Given the unpredictability of the Roses, we may never know. Or we might? Who knows?

In the meantime, go for a ride with the Monkey King and let’s hope the rest of the album is this cool.

Ian Brown: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 21

Rolling Stone issue #21 had a cover date of November 9, 1968. 32 pages. 35 cents.

Issue #21 features the first byline of Greil Marcus, reviewing the latest record by the Who. In what almost seems like a parody of a Greil Marcus piece its lede is: “This is not so much a review as a complaint.” Classic!

Marcus would appear in the masthead as “Review Editor”–a brand new position–in July of 1969 (issue #38) and continue contributing to the magazine throughout the 70s and then sporadically ever since. In September of this year, Rolling Stone became the new home of his “Real Life Rock Top Ten” column, which Marcus has been writing for various outlets since 1986.

Features: “Is this any way to run the army? – Stoned?” by Charles Perry; “Monterey Jazz Festival” by John Burks; “Muddy Waters” by Pete Welding.

News: Beatles to Appear Live and John in the Nude; ‘Tom Dooley’ Millionaire Busted for Grass; Motown Sues Producers of Supremes’ Hits; Two Papas, One Mama Sued by Dunhill; Traffic Split; Spencer Davis Group Split.

Columns: Jon Landau on Little Richard; John Grissim, Jr. on Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver. No Random Notes, no Thomas Albright, and no Ralph J. Gleason, but they’ll all be back in issue 22.

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New Lower Leisure Class video: 7 x 7 = 49

Video: The Lower Leisure Class – “7 x 7 = 49”

From Stories from the Lower Leisure Class, due November 9 on Leppotone.

One of the luckiest things to ever happen to me was when Jake decided to go to Kalamazoo College. As his ne’er-do-well pal, I was not really in contention for higher education upon high school graduation and so was pulling for Old Man Brown to choose the University of Chicago and the hi-jinks a big city promises.

But K was the perfect choice. Not only because it provided a safe atmosphere in which we could explore and ultimately reject our hobo interests (in the confines of a mini-Harvard), but because Kalamazoo in the early 90s had an amazing music scene. At the center of it all (for my pals and I), was Leppotone Electrical Recordings, a consortium of local bands who pulled together into a musical co-op to share expenses and promote their scene. I’ve written about my beloved Sinatras at length, and two of them (or three when you count sometimes fourth member, Nathan McLaughlin) make up the latest Leppotone creation, The Lower Leisure Class. And it’s so good.

I’ve mentioned many times that I am a nostalgic fellow and one of the reasons I relate so well to The Sinatras’ music is their hinting at the edges of nostalgia while not being complete sad bastards. Songwriter Ron Casebeer often brings me to tears, even when in the middle of a thrash, and “7 x 7” is classic Casebeer.

“I’ve got a good feeling I ain’t had in such a long time…”

God, I just know I’ll be yelling this out through a choked up throat when they release this album this Friday, November 9, at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe.

I owe so much to Kalamazoo and the bands and people I met there. They not only inspired me to write my own music, but to also get my shit together and finally get through college so I could have a decent job that allows me to continue to make music to this day. If anyone should be singing “I need you, I need you, I need you,” it’s me.

The Lower Leisure Class: web, twitter, fb, bandcamp.

New Denée & Ty Segall video: Pleasure Seeker

Video: The C.I.A. – “Pleasure Seeker”

The C.I.A. – Pleasure Seeker

Directed by Denée & Ty Segall. From their self titled debut, due in December on In The Red.

Who needs guitars when you have two basses? Not the C.I.A., a new group featuring Ty Segall on one bass, his wife Denée on vocals, Emmett Kelly on another bass, and R.E. Carlos on drums.

Nothing much left in this world to live for
I think I know how we could waste some time…

Denée writes, “In a world filled with so much anger and chaos we must find a way to escape, at least every once and a while, to an alternate reality where only pleasure exists. This realm is different for everyone and can be conjured in many ways. It can be found by walking the dog, indulging in a decadent meal with friends, or stepping out into the void and sitting in silence under the moon. I endorse and participate in all of these methods. However, there is one technique that soars above the rest. Pleasure Seeker speaks of the ultimate release. The one which is absolutely essential to life itself. Love – in any and all of the forms it inhabits. Tender or eccentric, self or shared. Each one of us seeks a pure kind of intimacy. Carnal comfort binds us all. Seek, and you shall find.”

Right on.

The C.I.A.: web, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Vote Blue!

After the election of 2016 we made a conscious decision to keep Glorious Noise focused on sharing good new music with our readers. Everybody involved with this site is still engaged politically, and you can always follow @poljunk, our national affairs desk, but it’s important to be able to step away from the constant stream of outrageous shit going on in the world and enjoy a modicum of peace and happiness.

We’ve shared a cool new video or an interesting article just about every weekday since then.

But now’s the time for action.

Today’s Republican Party is a disgrace to the ideals this country was founded on. The United States of America needs you to elect Democrats to keep the current administration in check. That’s the only way to temper this insanity.

I’ve heard people I respect say this is the most important election of our lifetime. That might be true, although we wouldn’t be in this wretched mess if voters hadn’t been so fucking stupid last time.

After 2016, who’s to say Americans even deserve democracy?

Nevertheless, here we are. The ballots are set. If you don’t love the Democrats on your ballot, tough shit. Work harder in the primaries next time and help your perfect candidate win the nomination. Elections are no place for naive idealism. American politics are a numbers game and majority rules.

Elect Dems or else the bad guys win. Hyperbole? Barely. Republicans are perpetrating some genuinely evil stuff lately. Like overt racism, blatant corruption, and literally locking children in cages.

If you care about healthcare, the environment, gun violence, equal rights for everybody, facts, not locking children in cages, fair elections, justice, and the general welfare of the population, you need to get out and vote for Democrats.

Do it! Vote.

Cover image: “The American Dream” by Tom Benton, 1968.

New Neko Case video: Last Lion of Albion

Video: Neko Case – “Last Lion of Albion”

Neko Case – "Last Lion of Albion"

Directed by Laura Plansker. From Hell-On, out now on Anti.

After releasing a couple of short little one-minute spots (“Hell-On”, “Bad Luck” and “Curse of the I-5 Corridor”), Neko Case has finally released a full-length video from her latest album, Hell-On. I originally thought these shorts were teasers for real videos, but Case insisted that these were the whole thing: “They are commercials for commercials.”

“Last Lion of Albion” features our eponymous hero roaming the earth and gazing at the heavens.

Last lion of Albion
They’ll use you for centuries to come
They’ll steal your patents for the sun
And you’ll feel extinction
When you see your face on their money

Case told Spin: “It’s just one of those things that when you’re somewhere and you’re looking at a flag, you’re thinking, How did that image get on that flag? There’s a lot of lions associated with England, and yet lions are completely extinct in England. It makes you feel sad inside, and then you realize how every culture everywhere has that, and I was just kind of meditating on that thought.”

Neko Case: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Morrissey video: Back on the Chain Gang

Video: Morrissey – “Back on the Chain Gang”

Morrissey – Back on the Chain Gang (Official Video)

Single out November 23. Also on upcoming double-vinyl reissue of Low in High School.

I’m something of a Morrissey apologist but this is not a great cover. Moz’s clunky guitar player doesn’t nail the fluidity of the Pretenders’ original lead guitar line. That part was created by Rockpile’s Billy Bremner, who Chrissie Hynde and producer Chris Thomas brought into the studio a month after James Honeyman-Scott died of a drug overdose. I had always assumed it was Honeyman-Scott playing on this single, but nope.

It still boggles my mind that Morrissey is so faithful to his thoroughly mediocre backing musicians. He’s stuck by guitarists Boz Boorer and Jesse Tobias since 1991 and 2005, respectfully. Those guys might not be able to play Bremner’s lead guitar part properly, but I can think of somebody who could

So it goes.

Morrissey told Rolling Stone: “I think the original can safely be counted as a pop classic, and as always with the Pretenders, of the brain as well as the loins. Chrissie is always ready to do something before anyone expects it, and for me that’s a well-developed artist. Chrissie is one of my longest and enduring friendships. I don’t have many. Chrissie is the funniest person in the world, yet she has absolutely no sense of humor. We have been in many absurd situations – all her fault, of course. I know she’d marry me tomorrow, but she’s already had 11 husbands and she’s always being spotted digging in the garden at midnight.”

And that’s why I still love this guy. On his curious decision to pose with a guitar he explained, “I wanted people to see that I can play as well as Jeff Beck. I wanted them to, but they never will!”

Classic Moz. I still wish he, Noel Gallagher, and Russell Brand would be the judges for a singing competition. It would be the greatest television experience of all time.

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New Sharon Van Etten video: Comeback Kid

Video: Sharon Van Etten – “Comeback Kid”

Sharon Van Etten – Comeback Kid

Directed by Jonathan William Turner. From Remind Me Tomorrow, due January 18 on Jagjaguwar.

Growing up is weird. There comes a point where you barely recognize the person you used to be. It’s easy to be dismissive of your former self’s personality and character by claiming immaturity. But if you think back, it didn’t feel that way at the time. You were a fully formed human being as a teenager. But as you get older you change. Experiences and education affect the way you think and feel about things. And age wreaks havoc on your physical appearance. You’re different than you used to be. Are you the same person? Sure, partially. But not 100%. And that’s weird, isn’t it?

Haven’t we all dreamed of going back in time and having a conversation with our 16-year-old self?

Sharon Van Etten gets this.

Come back, kid!
Let me look at you!

She says, “As the lyrics for ‘Comeback Kid’ unfolded, I realized I was talking about many selves: the kid, the adult, the sibling, the friend, the neighbor. I imagined a projector streaming over me of memories, unclear if they are mine or someone else’s, confronted by the disorientation of time and perspective. Jonathan William Turner helped me to convey these struggles of self, forgiveness, and living in the now.”

She told NPR, “Believe it or not, ‘Comeback Kid’ started off as a piano ballad. My homage to Bruce Springsteen, talking about formative years. It is talking about my young adult years, when I returned home in my early 20s after having an early crisis. My family took me in with open arms, nursed me back to health. I tried to explain all the complicated relationships with returning home and the many selves you face, the kid that never goes away, but strives to be the independent adult. I feel like this song encompasses my influences from past and present, as well as represents a moment in time that changed my life and helped me move on to be who I am today. It is complex and sometimes hard to face, but I face it and I’m stronger now. And as I look at my son, I hope he knows he can always turn to me, too.”

The director says, “The visuals draw from Sharon’s personal archive of photos and videos as the narrative of the song looks back on her past. The elements are then reactivated by an undercurrent of abstract animations. These sequences are also used to frame and obscure her performance, suggesting the fractured identity of someone looking at their past, but also confidently facing the future. Sharon is both audience and projectionist of her memories.”

Sharon Van Etten: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Gerard Way video: Baby You’re A Haunted House

Video: Gerard Way – “Baby You’re A Haunted House”

Gerard Way – Baby You're A Haunted House [Official Lyric Video]

Directed by Claire Marie Vogel. Single out now on Reprise.

I didn’t realize that this was the guy from My Chemical Romance until after I heard it. I just knew that Claire Marie Vogel (who has worked with my favorite band the Regrettes) directed the video. It’s a good dumb garage song with crunchy guitars that sound like early Weezer and lyrics that fit the season.


Gerard Way: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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