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The 21 Best Songs of 2017

Happy New Year! End of year lists are fun. This is better than that. No it’s not. Etc. We shared almost 200 songs in 2017. Most of those are really good or else we wouldn’t have posted them, right? But these are the 21 that we keep going back to and can’t get enough of. … Continue reading The 21 Best Songs of 2017

21 Essential Songs from Neil Young's Archives Vol. 1

Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963 - 1972)Do you think you might want the Archives, but you don’t feel like re-purchasing music you’ve already bought (multiple times)? Glorious Noise helps you cherry-pick what you actually need.

21 Best SXSW 2009 MP3s

South by Southwest does a great job of letting attendees (and everybody else) do some homework before the shows and preview tracks by showcased bands. Here are a bunch of our faves. • The Asteroid #4 – “These Flowers of Ours” (web, sxsw) • Black Lips – “O Katrina!” (web, sxsw) • The Dollyrots – … Continue reading 21 Best SXSW 2009 MP3s

21 Reasons Why Jay Bennett Should Be Back In Wilco

Jay BennettWe love Wilco but miss the days when they were fun and loose and crazy. We especially miss Jay Bennett and his contribution to what was arguably the best band in America at the time. Here are 21 reasons why Wilco should bring him back.

The 21 Best Beatles Songs Not on One, Red, or Blue

Twickenham Film Studios, London, Sept. 1968The entire Beatles catalog can be overwhelming to new converts, so Glorious Noise has compiled an accessible collection of the best album tracks and a couple of b-sides to get you started.