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Christian Mistress – Possession

Christian Mistress – Possession (Relapse) If memory serves, Girlschool was the only band of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal that featured women in the line-up. I bring this up because you cannot get away from the fact that Olympia, Washington’s Christian Mistress conjures up the exact kind of feel that is reserved for … Continue reading Christian Mistress – Possession

Ethan Daniel Davidson – Silvertooth

Ethan Daniel Davidson – Silvertooth (Seedsman Company) If what you read on the internets is true, then we’re raising our musically-inclined youth on a culture of immediate gratification without a hint of what it really takes to barely make a dent in today’s music industry. A quick litmus test may be to introduce every sing-for-your-supper … Continue reading Ethan Daniel Davidson – Silvertooth

Accept – Stalingrad

Accept – Stalingrad (Nuclear Blast) To admit to liking the German heavy metal band Accept requires an understanding that you’ll always end up defending the ridiculous video for the band’s biggest stateside song, 1983’s “Balls To The Wall.” If the image of a short, chubby vocalist with short-cropped blonde hair and a penchant for camouflage … Continue reading Accept – Stalingrad

King Tuff – King Tuff

King Tuff – King Tuff (Sub Pop) Surely, after Witch, Happy Birthday, and now King Tuff, one of Kyle Thomas’ projects will take hold and turn him into Sub Pop’s latest hot commodity. Lord knows they seem to release every single fart that this guy lets go of and they leave it to me to … Continue reading King Tuff – King Tuff

Tennis – Young And Old

Tennis – Young & Old (Fat Possum) Teaming up with the Black Keys’ Patrick Riley in a real Nashville studio, Tennis returns with a sophomore release that retains Cape Dory’s time machine rust while opening up the fidelity a bit to give the band — now a three piece with the inclusion of drummer James … Continue reading Tennis – Young And Old

Magazine – No Thyself

Magazine – No Thyself (Wire-Sound Records) “I don’t give a fuck about you too,” deadpans Howard Devoto on “Final Analysis Waltz” from the first new Magazine album in something like forever. The reality is that no one retires a band after four records only to reprise it over three decades later. And I don’t care … Continue reading Magazine – No Thyself

Boris – New Album

Boris New Album (Sargent House) The title is a joke since this is Boris’ third release in 2011 and since some of the songs have already been previously featured in one of those releases. But New Album may be the most recognizable record out of the bunch as it completely changes direction and will be … Continue reading Boris – New Album

Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist

Jane’s Addiction The Great Escape Artist (Capitol) “You never really change like they say” Perry Farrell says on “End To The Lies” from  Jane’s Addiction’s latest The Great Escape Artist, “You only become more like yourself” like some sage realist speaking from the years of toil his band has endured in the past two decades.  … Continue reading Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist