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New Breeders videos: Wait in the Car

Video: The Breeders – “Wait in the Car” New single, out now on 4AD. Good morning! The Breeders are back with their Last Splash lineup (the Deal twins, Jim Macpherson, and Josephine Wiggs). Pretty exciting. Last Splash is still a great album and its production is so weird and trippy. Not much evidence that any … Continue reading New Breeders videos: Wait in the Car

New Torres video: Three Futures

Video: TORRES – “Three Futures” From Three Futures, out September 29 on 4AD. In the last video from Torres we saw our hero walking around your Aunt Phyllis’ basement with a guitar. This new video is set upstairs in the same house, and this time Torres’ Mackenzie Scott is cast as three separate characters: the … Continue reading New Torres video: Three Futures

New National video: Guilty Party

Video: The National – “Guilty Party” From Sleep Well Beast, out September 8 on 4AD. I never really got the National until I heard the song “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” Now I like them, and I can no longer even hear the Joy Division references that turned me off when Boxer first brought them to my attention.

New Torres Video: Skim

Video: TORRES – “Skim” This song is cool and the video is creepy. Mackenzie Scott is hanging out in your Aunt Phyllis’ house (complete with pool table and intercom!) and getting groped by disembodied arms while she walks around playing the guitar. Eventually she gets down with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and another, more scantily clad … Continue reading New Torres Video: Skim