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GLONO Video with Marah

Marah's Dave & Serge BielankoLive at Schubas in Chicago, Philly’s own Marah go “acoustic” and GLONO’s there. Get your soul on with live versions of “The Catfisherman” and “Walt Whitman Bridge” as the brothers Bielanko show you just how loud an acoustic guitar can be.

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GLONO Video With The Blacks

The Blacks: Back from the GraveLegendary Chicago band The Blacks blew open the No Depression scene with gender bending stage shows and genre twisting music. Signed to Bloodshot Records in the late 90s and embraced by critics, it seemed like the band was well on the way to re-imagining country music for larger audiences until it all fell apart among the alcohol soaked costumes and volatile relationships that doomed this bastard son of Hank Williams and Bon Scott. Here, we present a feature article and mini-documentary on the newly reunited band who traveled dark roads and ultimately got lost.

Walking up to the large, blue house on Chicago’s north side where the Blacks were rehearsing for their reunion show at the Empty Bottle, I had to check my notebook and confirm the address. Having been to many, many basement rehearsals, I was confused by the eerie silence that made this residential neighborhood seem darker than it already was. As I came around to the rear basement door, the tell tale signs of a band at work finally came within earshot. Through the cinder block and cement foundation I could hear the mournful wail of Hank Williams, the soulful call and response of the Staples Singers, the thumping bass of Bill Black, and beneath it all the unmistakable backbeat of rock and roll. This was the right spot.

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Glorious Noise Video with Chris Mills

Chris MillsOn his new album Wall to Wall, Chris Mills opens up his orchestral maneuvers and delivers the finest piece of orchestral pop since the demise of the Chamber Strings. In this exclusive GLONO video feature, we caught Mills at the Hideout in Chicago. There are two songs on the clip, including an as yet unreleased beauty.

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Glorious Noise Video with the Deadstring Brothers

Deadstring BrothersThis week’s GLONO video feature stars Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers, recorded live in Chicago last winter. Recently signed to Bloodshot Records, the band is making a name for itself with gritty, explosive live shows and an album that gives more than a passing nod to everyone’s favorite Glimmer Twin party.

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Introducing Glorious Noise Video with Two Cow Garage

Two Cow GarageGlorious Noise, in partnership with Whiskey Bender Productions, is proud to announce a new regular feature: Exclusive GLONO Video. We’re launching this feature with semi-monthly postings of unique, exclusive video content. Today’s featured video is the Cliff Notes version of The Long Way Around, Whiskey Bender’s documentary on GLONO faves, Two Cow Garage.

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