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Ten Songs By Musicians Who Died Too Soon

Great topic of debate here at Matadornights: Ten Songs By Musicians Who Died Too Soon. Their list includes: Elliot Smith “Needle In The Hay” Metallica “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” (featuring the late Cliff Burton) Jeff Buckley “Halleluja (live at Sin-e)” Nirvana “Drain You (live in Seattle, WA, October 31, 1991)” Buddy Holly “Everyday” Chris Bell “I … Continue reading Ten Songs By Musicians Who Died Too Soon

AC/DC – Black Ice

AC/DC - Black IceIf you can overlook the band’s greedy business decisions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how close they come to releasing an album that’s on par with their classics. Especially if you cherry pick the ten best cuts.


One would assume that there aren’t too many people who model their behavior after the band members of AC/DC. OK. There are some. People who “party hard.” People who like to wear hats indoors. People who don’t mind showing off their knobby knees by endlessly wearing shorts. Rock hard. Party hearty. But does anyone make … Continue reading PRNDL