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Riot Fest 2016: I Remember Halloween

I was never a punk. In high school I was a trendy little femme who liked the Smiths and sixties music. Duckie was my fashion icon. The only punk rock I listened to was the Dead Milkmen. The king of the punks at my school was a senior named Alex who came to class one … Continue reading Riot Fest 2016: I Remember Halloween

Andrew WK Live in Chicago: Ten Years After

Andrew WK at Riviera Theatre Chicago, March 25, 2012 All of the dudes were there, and that was just on stage. Flanked by four wild-haired guitarists, plus a drummer and his black leotard-clad wife, Andrew WK stood in a party line of his own making and flailed, writhed, pumped his fists to the rager soundtrack … Continue reading Andrew WK Live in Chicago: Ten Years After

Lee "Scratch" Perry – Pum Pum

MP3: Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Pum Pum “ from Repentence, out now on Narnack Records. This is Perry’s collaboration with Andrew W.K. For real. Video: Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Pum Pum”

More on Andrew W.K.

(At the risk of GloNo becoming “The Internet’s 2nd Biggest Andrew W.K. Site”) Because I’m sure that some of you haven’t actually read it, the following is taken verbatim from Andrew W.K.’s web site: “The future is so bright – at times I feel the need to cover my eyes with my hands for fear … Continue reading More on Andrew W.K.

Andrew WK: Crazy in the Coconut

Andrew WK’s Joke Won’t Last You’re nuts. Have you seen the video for “Party Hard?” It’s insane. Are you driving a Camaro? Do you have your white leather high-tops and acid-washed jeans? Better have a fresh can of Skoal on you too as I’m sure it’ll be a long night. — Phil Wise, via e-mail, … Continue reading Andrew WK: Crazy in the Coconut