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New Anna Burch video: Party’s Over

Video: Anna Burch -- “Party’s Over”

Anna Burch - Party's Over [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Directed by Anna Burch. From If You’re Dreaming, out April 3 on Polyvinyl.

And this is why you should never get married outside! Nature is scary and unpredictable. Stay inside where you don’t have to worry about monsters stealing your betrothed.

The video’s silly, but the song is great with the same slow-motion clean guitar tones and warm vocals that first attracted us to her with the addition of some twangtastic Rickenbacker 12-string.

When the party is compulsory
I’ll start getting down
Watch you make the rounds
When did I lose your eye?
Feels like I lost my mind
‘Cause I’m so tired

Burch told Nylon, “I wrote ‘Party’s Over’ after a night out that didn’t go my way. I used to live across the street from a wine bar that was sort of the nexus of my social scene in Detroit at the time. The summer was ending and I was ready to be in a committed relationship that made me feel secure. It’s a song of exasperation and longing, and was one of the first I wrote for the new record. It feels closer lyrically to the songs on Quit the Curse, so there’s a sense of continuity from where that record left off.”

I’m still kicking myself for not making it out to her show last summer at the relatively small Pyramid Scheme venue. Hopefully she’ll come back around to this side of the state this summer. She grew up in St. Joe after all!

Anna Burch: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Anna Burch video: Not So Bad

Video: Anna Burch -- “Not So Bad”

Anna Burch - Not So Bad [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Directed by Anna Burch. From If You’re Dreaming, out April 3 on Polyvinyl.

Anna Burch first caught our attention hula-hooping in her “2 Cool 2 Care” video. That whole album, Quit the Curse, was solid, and now she’s back with the first single from her second album. It features the same clean guitar tones and upfront double-tracked vocals that we first fell in love with but the instrumentation here is a little jazzier, i.e., features saxophone.

Burch says it’s “an optimistic love song about retreating into memories to find what you need to feel in control of your own narrative when everything else around you feels precarious.”

She adds, “I wrote ‘Not So Bad’ the day before I left to record, because I felt there was an important piece of the album missing—a hopeful, escapist pop song that dealt more positively with themes the other songs were circling around—and luckily it came together almost immediately. The chord progression felt light and jazzy, and when I started to write the words I remembered my mom bugging me about how melancholic my lyrics tend to be, ‘Surely your life hasn’t all been that bad!'”

The video was dreamily filmed at the Senate Theater in Detroit.

Anna Burch: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Anna Burch video: With You Every Day

Video: Anna Burch -- “With You Every Day”

Anna Burch - With You Every Day [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

From Quit the Curse, out now on Polyvinyl.

I’ve loved Anna Burch ever since I saw her hula hooping in the video for “2 Cool 2 Care.” I recently sent that song to a friend of mine with two daughters who play guitar and drums. Her kids are awesome so I try to forward good new music to her. She wrote back, “If I heard her voice on the radio I would think ‘Jake Brown would love this.’ Immediately. It’s so you.” So I guess I have a type. Cool, smart, conversational, unaffected, deadpan. Anna Burch is all this and more. Pure Michigan.

Anyway, Quit the Curse is my favorite album of the year so far, so check it out if you haven’t heard it. And if you’re not already convinced, “With You Every Day” ought to win you over. It’s an exploration of what happens in a relationship after the giddy honeymoon period wears off.

There’s nothing you want to say
I’m just with you every day
I know it’s better than before
So why, why do I need more?

I know some people who think a chorus consisting of “ahhh ahhh ahhh” is a lazy songwriting move, but I dunno. I think it works sometimes. What else can you do, after all, when there’s nothing more to say?

Anna Burch: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Anna Burch video: Tea-Soaked Letter

Video: Anna Burch -- “Tea-Soaked Letter”

Anna Burch - Tea-Soaked Letter [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

From Quit the Curse, February 2 on Polyvinyl.

There’s no hula hooping in this one, but the song is just as good as Anna Burch’s previous single.

She’s got such an easygoing, effortless delivery, and her rhythm guitar reminds me a bit of early Liz Phair. I swear I listened to this song ten times in a row.

Strange, the ones you love
Could bury your body underground
I woke up too late again
Would you start the coffee, my only friend?

I forgot to fake away that I was feeling
I guess it’s too late now all my cards are showing

No you can’t come up
Who am I kidding? I would drag you up
What was that you said
That I don’t exist inside your head

You said you would communicate better
So what will you send me a tea soaked letter

I feel so alone
When everyone in town is overblown
So I made a scene
I can think of things more embarrassing

Can’t wait to hear the rest of her album!

Anna Burch: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Anna Burch video: 2 Cool 2 Care

Video: Anna Burch -- “2 Cool 2 Care”

Anna Burch - 2 Cool 2 Care [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Single out now on Polyvinyl.

It’s important to know how to hula hoop. It seems impossible at first, but keep trying. You’ll get it. Don’t try to go too fast or else you’ll just look like spaz. Another tip: learn on a good quality, heavier hoop. You can still buy it at the grocery store but just don’t get the super cheap lightest ones, because they’re harder to do. The heft of the hoop helps keep the momentum, and that’s key.

Anna Burch is a solid hula hooper and this video is evidence of that. She grew up in St. Joe (West Michigan, represent!) and lives in Detroit. She’s been in a bunch of bands I’ve never heard, but now she’s gone solo. Back in January she told the Metro Times that her solo debut (working title: Quit the Curse) had been “all recorded” but she was frustrated with the results and intended to “lay down new tracks” with producer Collin Dupuis in February. The full-length results are due in early 2018.

Burch sings “2 Cool 2 Care” as if it doesn’t bother her that her boyfriend is an asshole.

Slamming all your drinks, you don’t have to think about me
You’ve got all your friends, used up all their meds, honey

She says, “I like you best when you’re a mess.” But the extended bridge reveals she knows the deal.

I don’t even fantasize about what life would be like
If I were to find a one true love
The kind they said I should be dreaming of

Dare to dream, Anna! Ditch that prick and go find yourself a grownup who knows how to treat you properly.

This is a great song, and it would be just as good if its video didn’t feature hula hooping. But it does, so how lucky are we?

Anna Burch: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.