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Glorious Noise Turns Sweet 16

When we first launched Glorious Noise in February 2001 the country had just inaugurated a Republican president who had lost the popular vote after a bitter, draining campaign. My pals and I were not optimistic about the future. We’ve written at length about the origins of this site, about the influence of Vanity Fair’s “Rock … Continue reading Glorious Noise Turns Sweet 16

Glorious Noise is 11 years old today

One year ago for our tenth anniversary, we took a little break. A sabbatical. After six months with nary a peep, we quietly started publishing stuff again. And we’ve been posting stuff fairly regularly since then. The break was nice. It gave us time to migrate from MovableType to WordPress. We also switched hosts from … Continue reading Glorious Noise is 11 years old today

Five Years Ago: 8 Mile-Inspired “Battles” Get Nuts

Five years ago today, the comments page for Johnny’s review of 8 Mile got so out of control that we had to break it off into a separate page because it was crashing our server: Your Comments on 8 Mile Is Worth the Hype. And then the insanity continued on our message boards: Eminem’s 8 … Continue reading Five Years Ago: 8 Mile-Inspired “Battles” Get Nuts

The Black and Orange Ball: GLONO’s Fifth Birthday Party

The party of the centuryGlorious Noise is throwing a party, and you’re invited. We’re celebrating five years in publication and the third release on Glorious Noise Records with a big blowout. October 21 at Martyr’s in Chicago with Healthy White Baby, Riviera and Quasar Wut-Wut.