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Wayne Coyne vs. Arcade Fire

In his ongoing quest to call out every asshole in the music industry, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne tears into Arcade Fire for Rolling Stone: “Whenever I’ve been around them, I’ve found that they not only treated their crew like shit, they treated the audience like shit. They treated everybody in their vicinity like shit. … Continue reading Wayne Coyne vs. Arcade Fire

Glorious Noise Interview with Rock-afire Explosion creator, Aaron Fechter

Rock-afire Explosion creator, Aaron FechterWe chat with the guy who invented Wack-a-Mole and the Showbiz Pizza robots. Watch Fatz Geronimo, Billy Bob Brockali, and the gang cover some Arcade Fire!

Arcade Fire Respond to Sasha Frere-Jones

Perhaps they are a bit sensitive, those kids from the North who have stormed the alt.nation with their bombast and severe haircuts, but I like them. Win Will Butler, singer for member of the Arcade Fire, responds to an article from the New Yorker (and discussed at some length here) in which he takes offense … Continue reading Arcade Fire Respond to Sasha Frere-Jones

Plugged-In Takes on Neon Bible

The last time we checked in on Plugged-In, fundamentalist James Dobson’s guide to secular pop culture was warning its readers about the dangers of the Shins. This time, they’re taking on Arcade Fire: With an ELO, rock-opera vibe and a few Springsteen-esque vocals, Arcade Fire relies heavily on poetic, often biblical imagery that’s wide open … Continue reading Plugged-In Takes on Neon Bible

Still (Occasionally) Having Fun with Forkast

Anybody else notice that Forkast has recently become skimpier with the mp3s? They’ve been pointing to a lot more imeem streams than mp3 downloads. Maybe that’s fine. I rarely keep free mp3s from the web; I play them once or twice, and if I really like it I’ll either buy or download the album. Unless … Continue reading Still (Occasionally) Having Fun with Forkast