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Axl Rose Won't Leave His House

The NY Daily News is claiming that Axl Rose has been going through a rough patch lately: The Guns N’ Roses front man, an admitted manic-depressive, has fired and rehired famed manager Irving Azoff at least three times in the last five weeks, according to a source. The reclusive rocker is said to be resisting … Continue reading Axl Rose Won't Leave His House

Axl Rose Speaks to Billboard

In his first major interview in nine years, Axl Rose talks about Guns N’ Roses, his label and finally releasing Chinese Democracy (review): I could see doing a song or so on the side with Izzy [Stradlin] or having him out [on tour] again. I’m not so comfortable with doing anything having more than one … Continue reading Axl Rose Speaks to Billboard

Chinese Democracy Disrespects Sabbath

According to Billboard, Best Buy is set to release Guns N’ Roses‘ Chinese Democracy on Sunday, November 23. Yes, on a Sunday. The Lord’s Day. As we all know, records are released on Tuesdays in America. But do you think Axl Rose gives a hoot how Americans release records? Beyond enticing pre-Thanksgiving shoppers, the move … Continue reading Chinese Democracy Disrespects Sabbath

Morrissey stalking Axl Rose

Morrissey Inks New Management Deal with Irving Azoff after being represented by Merck Mercuriadis. Curiously, six months ago, Guns N’ Roses and Axl Rose also signed up with Azoff after being managed by Mercuriadis. Coincidence? So does this mean that we should expect to see a new Moz album exclusively sold at Best Buy or … Continue reading Morrissey stalking Axl Rose

Best Buy Gets Chinese Democracy

Ho ho ho. Billboard reports that Best Buy will be the exclusive retailer for Chinese Democracy, and it’ll be out “before year’s end.” Merry Christmas, baby. You’re gonna die! Now Guns N’ Roses has fooled us before with release dates coming and going, but this time Irving Azoff is managing the b(r)and. And I can’t … Continue reading Best Buy Gets Chinese Democracy

Rose Tells Bach to Mind His Own Fucking Business

As we (and everyone else) reported, nine tracks from the forever pending Chinese Democracy leaked last week. Well, Rolling Stone went to Axl Rose buddy Sebastian Bach for reaction and got an earful. First, Bach probably doesn’t even talk to Axl about this dopey album since the last time he mentioned it the Gun N’ … Continue reading Rose Tells Bach to Mind His Own Fucking Business

AXL vs. GNR vs. EDM

Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse “The Devil” Hughes talks to the NME about the dustup with Axl Rose: “Then when he called us The Pigeons Of Shit Metal, Tommy Stinson, their bass player took his bass off and goes: ‘Fuck you, that’s it’. And then he threw his bass down. But then Axl picked up … Continue reading AXL vs. GNR vs. EDM