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Pete to Carl: Let’s Be Friends!

Pete Doherty reveals to the NME that the Libertines have received multiple offers worth millions of pounds to reunite for British festivals but that co-leader Carl Barat has nixed them all. “We had some ridiculous offers to headline Reading,” he said. “Like £2 million to headline this festival, £1 million to headline that festival. I … Continue reading Pete to Carl: Let’s Be Friends!

Pete Doherty Solo Album Details Revealed

The NME claims to have the first copy of Pete Doherty‘s as-yet-unnamed solo album and they’ve posted details of what’s inside. What does it sound like? “Well, like Gorillaz. And The Coral. And The La’s. And Blur. And Bob Dylan.” OK. The album apparently features a lot of work from the recently reunited Blur guitarist … Continue reading Pete Doherty Solo Album Details Revealed

Babyshambles – Delivery (live)

With all the creepy videos, drugs, models, and jail time it’s easy to forget that Pete Doherty is still occasionally capable of kicking out some decent rock and roll. Video: Babyshambles – “Delivery” (live at SECC) Taken from the upcoming live DVD and CD Oh What A Lovely Tour!, out June 2 in the UK. … Continue reading Babyshambles – Delivery (live)

Pete Doherty Back in Jail

Pete Doherty is going back to the slammer. Judge Davinder Lachar handed him a 14 week sentence at a court hearing in west London for violating his parole and using drugs. Doherty had been given a suspended sentence last October for possession of illegal drugs and driving illegally. It appears he was unable to meet … Continue reading Pete Doherty Back in Jail

Babyshambles – Shotter’s Nation

Babyshambles - Shotter's NationBabyshamblesShotter’s Nation (Astralwerks) It seems producer Stephen Street got ahold of Pete Doherty and shook the shit out of him, and the result is a decent album from one of rock’s most poetic and broken performers.

Babyshambles – Delivery

MP3: Babyshambles – “Delivery” from Shotter’s Nation, out October 23 on Astralwerks. Pete gets his shit together enough to record a good single. Representatives deny that producer Stephen Street was forced to bring a gun into the studio to keep him in line, and to scare away the pushers… MP3 courtesy of Insound.

New Babyshambles Online

Jonesin’ for some new Babyshambles and can’t wait for the release of new gear next month? Check out Pete’s new site and the Babyshambles MySpace page for demos, ramblings, and pics. Pete’s been pretty great about posting material online, especially acoustic demos, which are too often better than the officially released stuff. Anyhow, check out … Continue reading New Babyshambles Online

New Babyshambles videos

Stream a couple of new Babyshambles videos: “The Blinding” (Win, Real) and “Love You But You’re Green” (Win, Real). From The Blinding EP, out now on Capitol Records. Also, for all the new parents out there: A Boy Called Pete, a children’s book written by Peter Robinson and illustrated by David Whittle, which apparently will … Continue reading New Babyshambles videos

Babyshambles – The Man Who Came to Stay

“The Man Who Came to Stay” by Babyshambles, the b-side to the Killamangiro single. This and eight other b-sides will be available on iTunes as part of a deluxe version of Down in Albion on August 1. Previously: What Became of the Likely Lads? and Re: Babyshambles (An Open Letter to Mick Jones).