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Early Nineteen Seventy-Something Pt. 2

The making of Come and Get It, the last Beatles album that never was The conclusion of this descent into madness that resulted in a masterpiece mixtape and a bleeding ulcer for the author. Paging Doctor Roberts… Be sure to read Pt. 1 if you haven’t already.

Early Nineteen Seventy-Something Pt. 1

The making of Come and Get It, the last Beatles album that never was… A two-part series of the special kind of lunacy that sets in with avid mix tape/CD makers. What if the Beatles had made one more album? What would it sound like?

Please, For the Love of God, Let it Be

Paul and Yoko duke it out once more, but for what? So what’s the big stink? Paul wants to switch the order of names on the songs he mainly wrote. Who cares? Apperently, Yoko. Though I tend to see it as a lot of hot air, most media outlets have reported that Yoko Ono is … Continue reading Please, For the Love of God, Let it Be

Music By the Numbers

EMI Group announces that it will eliminate about 20% of its staff. There is a frisson of demiexcitement in the indie community as a transient feeling of “I told you so emerges.” Then the realization sets in that the 20% of the 9,400 employees who will be given their walking papers are probably individuals who … Continue reading Music By the Numbers

Yellow Matter Custard. . .

While doing a bit of research for something other than this, I chanced upon the John Lennon biography on the Rolling Stone website. Prior to reading it, I anticipated that the unsigned item would be nothing less than the most fawning hagiography imaginable. After all, of the Beatles, Lennon was evidently the most in keeping … Continue reading Yellow Matter Custard. . .

The David Caruso Factor

The Beatles are a sterling example of the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It came as something of a surprise to me—a pleasant surprise, I must say—that there was no blow-by-blow breakdown of the “tribute” to John Lennon that appeared on cable earlier this week. Although I still … Continue reading The David Caruso Factor

O Brave New World

Two points: 1. This is not one of the long, thoughtful pieces that appear below on this page. If you’re looking for that, well, simply go below 2. I am becoming somewhat disturbed that I even noticed this topic and even annoyed that I have essayed this band more than once on this site. Here’s … Continue reading O Brave New World