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Music By the Numbers

EMI Group announces that it will eliminate about 20% of its staff. There is a frisson of demiexcitement in the indie community as a transient feeling of “I told you so emerges.” Then the realization sets in that the 20% of the 9,400 employees who will be given their walking papers are probably individuals who … Continue reading Music By the Numbers

Yellow Matter Custard. . .

While doing a bit of research for something other than this, I chanced upon the John Lennon biography on the Rolling Stone website. Prior to reading it, I anticipated that the unsigned item would be nothing less than the most fawning hagiography imaginable. After all, of the Beatles, Lennon was evidently the most in keeping … Continue reading Yellow Matter Custard. . .

The David Caruso Factor

The Beatles are a sterling example of the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It came as something of a surprise to me—a pleasant surprise, I must say—that there was no blow-by-blow breakdown of the “tribute” to John Lennon that appeared on cable earlier this week. Although I still … Continue reading The David Caruso Factor

O Brave New World

Two points: 1. This is not one of the long, thoughtful pieces that appear below on this page. If you’re looking for that, well, simply go below 2. I am becoming somewhat disturbed that I even noticed this topic and even annoyed that I have essayed this band more than once on this site. Here’s … Continue reading O Brave New World