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The Beatles: Dying Young

If we think back to our English 101 classes, classes that occurred so long ago, we’ll undoubtedly recall a poem by A.E. Housman, even though we have no idea who the hell A.E. Housman was, which is somewhat understandable, given that he died in 1936, and we’d be unlikely to have any reason to read … Continue reading The Beatles: Dying Young

I’m Down With Alan Thicke

I’ve mostly avoided the hullabaloo around Robin Thicke because I thought I didn’t care, but the truth is that it bugs the shit out of me. Not because I feel a need to defend him (but I will) or that I think he’s some amazing artist (who cares?) but because the hypocrisy of the whole … Continue reading I’m Down With Alan Thicke

Strange Fruit: The Beatle’s Apple Records

Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records (Sexy Intellectuals) As record companies become less and less relevant in today’s digital age, the story of The Beatles’ own foray into the record business stands to risk its own extinction. While it is exciting to watch the industry transform back into a singles-based culture with the gap between … Continue reading Strange Fruit: The Beatle’s Apple Records

Flaming Lips – I Am the Walrus

Video: Flaming Lips – “I Am the Walrus” I actually expected this to be a lot weirder than it is. It’s a surprisingly faithful rendition of the Beatles classic, considering the stripped-down nature of the effort. It’s almost entirely driven by the fuzzed out Rickenbacker bass, but Drozd fills in all the sound effects with … Continue reading Flaming Lips – I Am the Walrus