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BellRays – Third Time’s The Charm

“Third Time’s The Charm” by the BellRays from Have a Little Faith. Great soul music. The first time I ever heard Lisa Kekaula’s voice was in Paris when she was singing with the surviving members of the MC5, and she was perfect. That’s the kind of soul we’re talking about. Also: “Maniac Blues” and “Have a Little Faith In Me.”

DKT/MC5 Electrifies the City of Lights

DKT/MC5 celebrates the music of the MC5Like everyone who cares about real rock and roll, Glorious Noise loves the MC5. When it comes to good old sloppy punk rock, the MC5 pretty much wrote the book. Or at lease one of the early chapters. So when we missed the American leg of the first reunion tour of the surviving members (Wayne Kramer, Dennis Thompson and Michael Davis), we were disappointed. There was no other recourse than to fly to Europe to catch one of those dates. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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