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Ben Blackwell on the White Stripes’ Nashville Debut

Jack White’s cousin Ben reviews their show in Nashville: “But Meg was the biggest surprise…usually when they’re jamming on some spontaneous riff she can be found to take most of her cues from Jack. But at this show Meg was running with it…throwing in accents and tempo changes in these off-the-cuff jams that occasionally turn … Continue reading Ben Blackwell on the White Stripes’ Nashville Debut

Ben Blackwell vs. Detroit

The Dirtbombs’ Ben Blackwell calls out the Detroit music scene for paying lip-service to mediocre bands and calls for honesty and straightforwardness: Lessons I Hardly Learned at the Hamtramck Blowout… “I believe a lot of people are scared to be frank for fear of how others will be honest in return. Too few a people … Continue reading Ben Blackwell vs. Detroit

Ben Blackwell: A Lifetime Worth of Self-Pity, Self-Deprecation and Self-Immolation

GLONO’s Cub reporter Nathan Walker interviews Ben Blackwell, drummer for Detroit’s Dirt Bombs, and gets an earful. Everything from vegan promoters to gear-head homos to the media’s obsession with the Detroit “scene” comes under fire from this ornery cuss. Poor Nate hasn’t been the same since.