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Wilco vs. Billy Bragg

In an interview with The Australian, Jeff Tweedy denies reports of a Mermaid Avenue boxed set (including unreleased recordings) and Wilco ever touring with Billy Bragg: “Billy Bragg is so full of shit, man,” he says, before pausing for a disturbingly long laugh. “That guy is full of shit,” he manages again. “I don’t know … Continue reading Wilco vs. Billy Bragg

Should Users Earn Dividends When a Site Sells Out?

A social networking site recently got bought by AOL for $850 million. That’s a whole lotta bread. Billy Bragg tells the New York Times that the musicians deserve a slice. The Royalty Scam: The musicians who posted their work on Bebo.com are no different from investors in a start-up enterprise. Their investment is the content … Continue reading Should Users Earn Dividends When a Site Sells Out?

Billy Bragg Salon Interview

3 Questions for Billy Bragg: “[T]he true enemy of those of us who wished to make a better world were not the conservatives — neo or cultural — nor the capitalists — corporate or alternative — but the cynics: Those who have given up and are trying to get everybody else to follow suit so … Continue reading Billy Bragg Salon Interview

Come Correct with Massive Firepower

Billy Bragg demands to know the Truth!Elsewhere in America, conservative coffers spill over with $2,000 checks, while on the Tell the Truth Tour, Johnny Loftus finds a ragtag group of rockers, activists, and supporters cheering their well-meaning, yet possibly meaningless heroism.